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Oracle startup parameters play a decisive role in Oracle Database startup. The following describes the Oracle startup parameters for your reference.

Common tools for Oracle Database System Management are svrmgrl .., to start the oracle database system, you usually choose not to connect to the database when starting the instance, and mount the database after starting the instance. Another method is to start the instance, the mount parameter is added to form a continuous action between the oracle startup instance and the connected database.

There are several startup methods:
1. startup nomount
Read the init. ora file and start the instance, that is, start the SGA and background processes. To start the process, you only need the init. ora file. This method is often used to start recovery databases, re-build control files, and re-build databases.

2. startup mount dbname
After Oracle is started in this way, complete the following operations:
Database Log archiving,
Database media recovery,
Online or offline data files,
Locate the data file and redo the log file.

Execute "nomount", open the control file, and confirm the location of the data file and the on-line log file,
However, data files and log files are not verified at this time.

3. startup open dbname
Run "nomount" first, then "mount", and then open all database files including the Redo log file,
In this way, you can access data in the database.

4. startup, which is equal to the following three commands
Startup nomount
Alter database mount
Alter database open

5. startup restrict
Constraint-based startup
This method can start the database, but only allow access by users with certain privileges
When a non-authorized user accesses the service, the following prompt is displayed:
ORA-01035: ORACLE only allows users with restricted session Permissions

6. startup force
Force start Mode
When the database cannot be closed, you can use startup force to close the database.
Shut down the database first, and then execute the normal database startup command

7. startup pfile = parameter file name
Startup method with initialization parameter file
Read the parameter file first, and then start the database according to the settings in the parameter file.
Example: startup pfile = E: Oracleadminoradbpfileinit. ora

8. startup EXCLUSIVE

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