Deep understanding of Oracle String Functions translate ()

TRANSLATE is a superset of the functionality provided by REPLACE.  Syntax: TRANSLATE (STRING,FROM_STR,TO_STR) parameter 1:string, original string parameter 2:from_str, string parameter  3:to_str that needs to be replaced, used to replace

Oracle SQL Tuning Database optimization steps Graphic tutorial

SQL turning is a tool in the Quest Central software produced by Quest Corporation. Quest is an integrated, graphical, Cross-platform database management solution that can manage Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server databases simultaneously. Introduction to

Oracle RAC installation PRVG-13606 NTP synchronous error resolution process

Oracle NTP check Error./ Stage-pre Crsinst-n Oracle57,oracle58-verbose[10:06:58] Verifying Network time Protocol (NTP) ... FAILED[10:06:58] prvg-1063:configuration files for more than one time synchronization service[10:06:58]were found

Oracle export times wrong exp-00011:table does not exist

ORACLE11G, when backing up the database with the EXP command, if there is no datagram EXP-00011 error in the table, the corresponding table does not exist. This causes the corresponding empty table to not be backed up.Cause: 11g Creating a table by

An array of Oracle

declare type t_indexby is table of number index by binary_integer; type t_nested is table of number; type t_varray is varray(10) of number; v_indexby t_indexby; v_nested t_nested; v_varray

Oracle 11g RAC boot error ora-01102:cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

The following error occurred while starting the Oracle 11g RAC database, only one of the nodes could be started, and the other node could not start, possibly due to a previous modification of the Cluster_database parameter. This parameter must be

Oracle PL/SQL Split function

In the software development process, programmers often encounter string splicing and splitting work.Take Java development as an example:The foreground passes in a string concatenation of a JSON data, such as: "1001,1002,1003", which may represent a

Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c in Silent Mode

This article explains how to create a database silently and how to install the OEM 13C silently.First, OEM database creation1, Oracle official download oem13c, the file list is as follows:

Java Connection Oracle Code

PackageUtil;ImportJava.sql.*; Public classDbutil { Public StaticConnection getconnection () {Connection conn=NULL; Try{class.forname ("Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver");//Load Database driverSYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Database driver loaded successfully! "

Oracle Cursor Parsing

This section explains the cursors in Oracle in detail. The example from this section is from the EMP Table Dept table under the Scott user in Oracle:First, the cursor: 1, Concept: The essence of a cursor is a result set resultset, mainly used to

All of Oracle's garbled solutions

All of Oracle's garbled solutionsis not often see a variety of garbled, see the head on the big, we do not fear, all the problems will have one or more than one solution, there is a famous saying good: million law is not away from its trace. Online

Python3 access to Oracle database with Cx_oracle

1. Installing the Oracle Client InstantclientNote that the installed version, I installed the instantclient_11_1 version of the installation of Instantclient_12_2 version of the time will be due to the system can not parse DLL error.(1) After the

Oracle Protocol Adapter Error Resolution

Create a new database in Oracle, delete it today and then log on to Sql*plus, and there is a ORA-12560:TNS: Protocol adapter error.Ora-12560:tns: Resolution of protocol Adapter errorsThere are three reasons why the Ora-12560:tns: Protocol adapter

Oracle Full Uninstall

Disable Oracle Services : Enter Computer Management, in the service, find all services at the beginning of Oracle, right-click to select Stop In the Start menu, locate Universal Installer, run Oracle Universal Installer, click Uninstall product

The left () function and the right () function in DB2 correspond to the substr () function in Oracle

DB2 left , right functionSyntax: Left (arg,length), right (Arg,length)The left and right functions return the leftmost, rightmost length string of arg, which can be a char or binary string.egSELECT Left (name,2), right (name,2) from T1ORACLE substr (

Install Oracle database under Linux

Original source to install Oracle DataGuard, so first install a single oracle11g, below is the detailed installation process of Linux under a single oracle11g.1, installation EnvironmentHardware

[Oracle] The CHR function of Oracle returns

The CHR function returns: A String that contains the characters associated with the specified character code.Chr ("0") is a 0 characterCHR ("1")CHR ("2")CHR ("3")CHR ("4")CHR ("5")CHR ("6")CHR ("7") bellsCHR ("8") back latticeCHR ("9") tab

Supplemental logs in Oracle (supplemental log)

In the configuration of DG, there are related to the knowledge of additional logs, so do to organize.The supplemental log is not a separate log, it is a supplemental information to the change vectors in the redo record, which increases the amount of Project database SQL Server migration to Oracle

Transferred from: completed a (IBATIS.NET+MVC) project database + code migration work, you can toss me ~ ~ is an ORM framework, specifically introduced can ask Niang. I didn't use

Connect Oracle Database Memos with Navicat Premium and pl\sql developer in 64-bit Win7

Recently took over a project where the server-side database is Oracle 11g 64-bit. Because the main job is not development, and do not want to install a large Oracle database on their own computers, it is thought that only through the database

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