Manually kill all CRS processes in Oracle 11.2 without causing a host reboot method

As we all know, in a RAC environment, the kill Ocssd.bin process can cause the host to reboot.But sometimes the system has been abnormal, and CRS can not shut down normally, and the host may be a few years without restarting the old system, no one

Http://localhost:5560/isqlplus Solution in Oracle

Today is going to review Oracle, Oracle was previously installed, reinstall the system, probably reinstall the system to its impact on it, in the service table found no Lister the item. Oracle was then reinstalled for insurance purposes. Configure

Deep understanding of Oracle String Functions translate ()

TRANSLATE is a superset of the functionality provided by REPLACE.  Syntax: TRANSLATE (STRING,FROM_STR,TO_STR) parameter 1:string, original string parameter 2:from_str, string parameter  3:to_str that needs to be replaced, used to replace

Oracle SQL Tuning Database optimization steps Graphic tutorial

SQL turning is a tool in the Quest Central software produced by Quest Corporation. Quest is an integrated, graphical, Cross-platform database management solution that can manage Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server databases simultaneously. Introduction to

Oracle IO exception: Got minus one from a read call

First, the problem appearance:Java.sql.SQLException:Io exception: Got minus one from a read callAt Oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException ( Oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException (

Oracle database, numbers Force 2 decimal places to display

In the banking, financial and other sensitive to the digital requirements of the system, the digital display generally have strict requirements.This is a requirement, title, which requires numbers to be displayed in two decimal places, and if there

Oracle RAC installation PRVG-13606 NTP synchronous error resolution process

Oracle NTP check Error./ Stage-pre Crsinst-n Oracle57,oracle58-verbose[10:06:58] Verifying Network time Protocol (NTP) ... FAILED[10:06:58] prvg-1063:configuration files for more than one time synchronization service[10:06:58]were found

Oracle 12c DG Standby alert error ORA-10877 full database recovery

12C Oracle Data Guard Repository Today exception2018-07-05t21:31:32.291970+08:00GEN0 (ospid:75371): Terminating the instance due to error 4722018-07-05t21:31:32.293376+08:00System State Dump requested by (Instance=1, osid=75371 (GEN0)),

ORACLE: Convert milliseconds to date, get information for one day

Milliseconds converted to dateSELECT To_char (1406538765000/(+ *) + to_date (' 1970-01-01 08:00:00 ', ' yyyy-mm-dd HH:MI:SS '), ' Yyyy-mm-dd HH24:MI:SS ') as CDATE from DUAL;Date conversion millisecondsSELECT To_number (to_date ('

Oracle Library Oci.dll could not being loaded

I do not know if everyone in the Win7 64-bit system with PB to connect to the Oracle database, have encountered "Oracle library Oci.dll could not be loaded" issue.Consulted a lot of people, (they are said to be my PB and Oracle did not install well,

The difference between a byte and char of an Oracle varchar2 or char type

Oracle defines string types VARCHAR2 and char specify the length of the usage as follows:VARCHAR2 ( ) is a number between 1~4000 that represents up to 4000 bytes of storage space.char ( ) is a number between 1~2000 that represents up to 2000 bytes

An array of Oracle

declare type t_indexby is table of number index by binary_integer; type t_nested is table of number; type t_varray is varray(10) of number; v_indexby t_indexby; v_nested t_nested; v_varray

Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c in Silent Mode

This article explains how to create a database silently and how to install the OEM 13C silently.First, OEM database creation1, Oracle official download oem13c, the file list is as follows:

Differences between for update and for update nowait in Oracle

Original source the difference between the for update and for update nowait First of all, if only select, Oracle will not add any locks, that is, Oracle to select There is no limit to the data read,

Oracle Database 11G R2 Standard Enterprise Edition download address

Transferred from: not need to register, directly copied to thunderbolt or other download software can be downloaded.Oracle x64:

The difference between the date format ' yyyy-mm-dd ' and ' YYYYMMDD ' in Oracle

For years and Days "Day" is a single-digit case, the processing is not the same, ' YYYYMMDD ' format is not a problem, and the format ' yyyy-mm-dd ' form is not, please see:Sql> alter session Set Nls_date_format = ' Yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss ';Session

[Oracle] The CHR function of Oracle returns


The CHR function returns: A String that contains the characters associated with the specified character code.Chr ("0") is a 0 characterCHR ("1")CHR ("2")CHR ("3")CHR ("4")CHR ("5")CHR ("6")CHR ("7") bellsCHR ("8") back latticeCHR ("9") tab

Connect Oracle Database Memos with Navicat Premium and pl\sql developer in 64-bit Win7

Recently took over a project where the server-side database is Oracle 11g 64-bit. Because the main job is not development, and do not want to install a large Oracle database on their own computers, it is thought that only through the database

Oracle RAC global wait event GC current block busy and GC Cr multi block request description

 1. RAC global wait Event Description In the RAC environment, the most common wait events related to global cache adjustment are global cache Cr request, global cache busy, and equeue.   When a process needs to access one or more blocks, Oracle

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