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As you know, php is a script language for creating dynamic websites based on servers. You can use PHP and HTML to generate website homepages. When a user opens the php page, the server executes the PHP command and sends the execution result to the user's browser, which is similar to ASP and CoildFusion, PHP can run on WINDOWS and multiple versions of UNIX. In addition to being able to operate on your page, PHP can also send HTTP headers. You can set cookies to manage digital signatures and redirect users, and it provides excellent connectivity to other databases (as well as ODBC ), integrate various external libraries to parse XML in PDF documents. Do you still know that you can use the powerful functions of php to do something else?
When running in an independent cgi mode, a php executable program is required. It has many command line parameters, some of which can be used for interesting purposes. Below are all the php command line parameters, [] indicates dispensable. <& gt; a table is required.
Usage: php [-q] [-h] [-s] [-v] [-I] [-f] | {[args...]}
-Q Quiet mode. No HTTP header is output.
-S converts php program files to HTML in color format (for example, the reserved words are green, the functions and variables are blue, the comments are yellow, and the strings are red.
-F reads and interprets the specified file.
-C reads the php. Ini file in
-A Interactive operation
-D foo [= bar] defines the input item foo in ini as bar.
-E outputs additional information for debugging and performance analysis
-Z: call Zend extension file
-I php-related information
-H help itself.
Haha, do you know how to use it?
By the way,
1. Use php-q file name. php to use the php program as a shell program,
2. Use-s to html your php program. Isn't that easy?
3. Use the odbc function of php to operate databases in shell commands.
There are many other ideas. Oh, don't forget to let me know.

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