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  below to share with you the use of this call_user_func_array and Call_user_func functions, plus the Func_get_args () function and Func_num_args () function, hey!!  

The Call_user_func function is used when a function needs to be called dynamically, and this function has two uses: the first is to invoke the lonely function: The     code is as follows: <?php function Funa ($b, $c) {    Echo $b;     Echo $c; } call_user_func (' Funa ', "111", "222"); Call_user_func (' Funa ', "333", "444"); Show 111 222 333 444//Have you noticed that this usage is a bit like the call method in JavaScript, hehe?> the second is to invoke a function inside the class: The   code is as follows: <?php Class A {  &NBSP ; Function B ()     {        $args = Func_get_args ();         $num = func_ Num_args ();         Print_r ($args);         echo $num;    } call_user_func (Array ("A", "B"), "a", "222");?> the above example, run it yourself to see what the result is ~ Hey, hint Func_get_args () function is to get the arguments passed into the function, return an array, and the Func_num_args () function gets the number of arguments in the passed-in function.   Let's take a look at the Call_user_func_array function, which is also used when you need to call a function dynamically, and its usage is more like the Call_user_func function, except that the arguments pass in an array.     Code as follows: <?php function A ($b, $c) {    echo $b;     echo $c; } Call_user_func_array (' A ', Array ("111", "222")); Show 222?>The   Call_user_func_array function can also invoke the   code of the method inside the class: <?php class ClassA {    function BC ($b, $c) {  &N Bsp       $BC = $b + $c;         echo $BC;    }  } call_user_func_array (Array (' ClassA ', ' BC '), Array ("111″," 222″)); Show 333?>   below to see an example of a dynamic call function: The   code is as follows: <?php function Otest1 ($a) {     echo (' one parameter '); &N Bsp function Otest2 ($a, $b) {    echo (' two parameters ')}   function Otest3 ($a, $b, $c) {    echo (' three) ' ); }   function Otest () {    $args = Func_get_args ()     $num = Func_num_args ();     CAL L_user_func_array (' otest '. $num, $args  ); } otest ("11"); Otest ("11", "22"); Otest ("One", "All", "?>");  
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