Teach you how to write a private server list thief [php html cache]

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This is because haosf.com is stolen. You can steal other sites by yourself. Generally, you only need to steal the latest list of private servers. You can steal several more sites, it becomes a private server release site that does not need to be updated. my server has sent n private server ip addresses, so I forgot to cache them during the test :(
It's useless for me now. Give it to the person you need.
You can modify the target site once every 20 hours. You can see how to get other sites.
Chuanqi. php // private server thief

Extract ($ _ GET); extract ($ _ POST );
$ Clinchurl = "http://www.haosf.com"; // target site
$ Url = $ clinchurl. $ domain;
$ Fp = @ fopen ($ url, "r") or die ("timeout"); // determine whether a webpage can be opened
$ Fcontents = file_get_contents ($ url );
// Echo $ fcontents;
If (eregi ('Legend server name </font> </B> </div> </td> (. *)> Next page </a> </div> </td> ', $ fcontents, $ regs ))
// The above (. *) is the content you want-the location of the list
$ Clinch = "<table width =" 1004 "border =" 0 "align =" center "cellpadding =" 5 "cellspacing =" 1 "bgcolor =" # CCCCCC ">
<Tr bgcolor = "#990000" type = "codeph" text = "/codeph">
<Td width = "96"> <div align = "left"> <B> <font color = "# FFFFFF"> legendary server name </font> </B> </div> </td> ". $ regs [1]. "</a> </div> </td> ";
// Complete the html of the obtained content and use it by yourself
} // END IF
$ Clinch = str_replace ('<td width = "1002" valign = "middle" align = "center"> <p> <a href = "http://www.4fid.com"> </a> </p>
<P> <a href = "http://www.agdsf.com" target = "_ blank"> </a> </p> </td> ', 'Your own ads', $ clinch );
// A series of str_replace commands to replace unwanted items, such as advertisements or images
Include "lanmu. php"; // column list
<Iframe width = 0 height = 0 frameborder = 0 scrolling = no src = http: // your website. com/make. php? File1_index.html> </iframe>
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