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Beautiful soup is a Python library that parses HTML and XML, and it can parse files in the way you like, and find and modify the parse tree. It can handle nonstandard tags well and generate parse trees (parse tree). It provides simple and commonly used navigation (navigating), searches, and modifies the parse tree operation.

Use the URLLIB2 and BS4 modules to crawl HTML page data, respectively, for title, content, stock name, stock ID, publication time, and number of onlookers.


The code is as follows

Import time
From BS4 import BeautifulSoup
Import Urllib2
Import Pymongo
Import re
Import datetime

def update ():

datas = {}

connection = Pymongo. Connection (' ', 27017)


db = Connection.test_hq


For I in Soup.find_all ("div", class_= "item"):

datas[' _id '] = str (i.h2.a[' href ']). Split ('/') [ -1].split ('. ') [0]


datas[' title ' = I.h2.get_text ()


url2 = i.h2.a[' href ']


HTML2 = Urllib2.urlopen (URL2)

html_doc2 = Html2.read ()

soup2 = BeautifulSoup (HTML_DOC2)

datas[' content ' = Soup2.find (attrs={"name": "description"}) [' Content ']


stock_name = []

stock_id = []

for name in Re.findall (U "[u4e00-u9fa5]+", I.find (class_= "Stocks"). Get_text ()):

stock_name.append (name)

#获取影响股票名称, an array of ways to save the corresponding stock ID number, MONGO support array insertion

datas[' stock_name '] = stock_name

for ID in Re.findall ("d+", I.find (class_= "Stocks"). Get_text ():

stock_id.append (ID)


datas[' stock_id '] = stock_id

datas[' update_time ' = Datetime.datetime.strptime (Re.search ("w+.*w+", I.find (class_= "FL Date"). Span.get_text (). Group (), '%y-%m-%d%h:%m ')-Datetime.timedelta (hours=8)

#获取发布时间, converted to MONGO time format

datas[' onlooker ' = Int (Re.search ("d+", I.find (class_= "Icons Ic-wg"). Get_text ()). Group ())


Db.test.save (datas)


Def get_data ():
    title = str (soup.h2.a[' href ']). Split ('/') [-1] . Split ('. ') [0]
    with open (' Update.txt ', ' R ') as F:
         time = F.readline ()
    if  title = = Time:
         print ' Currently no update ', title
   & nbsp;    with open (' Update.txt ', ' W ') as F:
             F.write (title)
        Update ()
While True:
    if __name__ = = ' __main__ ':
         url = ' http://www.ipython.me/qingbao/'
        html = Urllib2.urlopen (URL)
        html_doc = Html.read ()
        soup = BeautifulSoup (html_doc)
   & nbsp;    get_data ()
        time.sleep ()
 # Refresh once every 30 seconds

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