Zmap Scan MongoDB with multi-threaded verification scripts

Installation Environment: sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libgmp3-dev libpcap-dev gengetopt byacc flex git dwarfdump Download Zmap: git clone git:// Install Zmap: Cmake-denable_hardening=on Make && make

MongoDB query syntax (greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, etc.)

1). Greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to $GT: Greater Than $LT: Less than $gte: greater than or equal to $lte: Less than or equal to Example: Db.collection.find ({"field": {$gt: Value}}); Greater Than:field >

The maximum number of collections that can be used in MongoDB

The official website has a description of the problem (Using a Large number of collections). By default, the namespace for each database of MongoDB is saved in a 16MB. ns file, with an average of about 628 bytes per name, or about 24000 of the

JMeter via groovy script to connect MongoDB

First, the background: use JMeter to do interface testing, background is MongoDB, it is inevitable to connect access.1, JMeter itself originally has MONGODB.JMX script sample, but now is not recommended to use.2, can only think of another way,

About MongoDB and SQL Server using the self-brought tools to realize the rapid migration of data and considerations

Background introduction With the development of business and the change of demand, we pursue the use of different types of databases and give full play to their respective characteristics. If you decide to adopt a new type of database, you need to

A summary of the common issues in deployment and maintenance management of MongoDB shards

Shards (sharding is a method used by MongoDB to split large collections into different servers (or clusters), mainly for scenarios that address high throughput and large data volumes. Compared with the existing sub-database sub-table, partitioning

MongoDB Execution Mongoexport exceptions and analysis (for numeric types of queries)

Today in the use of mongoexport export to meet certain conditions of the data, encountered an error, is now recorded, and for this error on the MongoDB digital type to do further study.Background and error information Today you receive a business

C # Simple Operation MongoDB

One installation of MongoDB Download, install and one step on-demand website.Two vs Create a new project Create a. Netcore console project, and then nuget to install the driver Mongodb.driverThree Establish connections Adding code in the

How to convert BigDecimal to Double in SPRING-DATA-MONGODB framework

Problem Description: We all know that data that involves money must be stored using the BigDecimal type, and there is still a precision problem with querying MONGO today, although I used the big decimal type in my code, but I used the double type in

Remember the exception resolution in spring boot in MongoDB prematurely reached end of stream

MongoDB is used in the Spring boot project, and when MongoDB is not manipulated for a while, the next time you manipulate MongoDB there will be an exception. Exceptions are as

The download and installation of MongoDB

The recent project used the Springboot+nosql database MongoDB, because of the big difference with the traditional project, the development efficiency is higher, therefore this record.1. Download

MongoDB replica set IDs do not match

When building the replica set for MongoDB (version 3.2.9), use Rs.status () to view the state of the replica set and find a member exception: Replica set IDs do not match, details are:"Lastheartbeatmessage": "Replica set IDs does not match, ours:xxx;

MongoDB Error: Connection refused because too many open connections:819

Problem:Found MongoDB can not connect, view MongoDB log, there are a large number of errors as follows:819When the number of MONGODB connections reaches 819, it cannot be added, so it cannot be connected.Analytical Solutions:1. Maxconns LimitBy

MongoDB (6): Querying documents

Find () methodTo query data from a MongoDB collection, you need to use MongoDB's find() method.Grammarfind()The basic syntax of the command is as follows:>db.COLLECTION_NAME.find(document)Shellfind()Method will display all documents in an

How MongoDB implements Backup compression

Background and principleBackup of the database is the last barrier to disaster recovery, no matter what type of database you need to set up database backup, MongoDB is no exception. After MongoDB 3.0, the database can be used Wiredtiger storage

MongoDB (1) Introduction

I. A brief introduction of NoSQLThe structured programming provided by RDBMS (relational database) makes data modeling and application programming very simple, with very high economic benefits, and low learning costs. However, in today's data

Install MongoDB driver for PHP in XAMPP for Mac OSX

Tried a lot of methods, and finally this is the most effective.[Transfer from: HTTP://THATSIMPLECODE.COM/INSTALL-MONGODB-DRIVER-FOR-PHP-ON-XAMPP-FOR-MAC-OSX]You need to has the following installed in your MAC: Mongodb XAMPP for Mac OSX

Install MongoDB on bluehost

This article is a little more up to date with the changes made by hostmonster/bluehost, and to make the instructions a little more clear, and simplified. 1. Download The MongoDB binaries-you want to downloadLegacy-staticProduction release.

ASM disk space insufficiency-ORA-15041: disgroup data space exhausted (production database case)

ASM disk space insufficiency-ORA-15041: disgroup data space exhausted (production database case) Recently, I have handled a problem caused by insufficient space in the ASM disk. A simple record is as follows:I. Problem feedback Feedback from

How to install MongoDB and error 1053 in windows

Install MongoDBGo to find the Windows 32-bit installation program, which is actually a green program. This document uses as an example.Configure to run MongoDBDecompress the downloaded mongodb

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