Gjm:javascript Language Learning Notes

Javascript------------------------------Variable declaration: Var A;Variable assignment: var a = 12;function declaration: var mawesomefunction = function myargument) {}Function call: Mawesomefunction (something);function as a function parameter

(7) JavaScript programming structure and statements------(2) loop control statements, jump statements, using dialog boxes

First, the loop control statementThe loop statement mainly consists of executing an operation repeatedly while satisfying the condition, and the loop control statement mainly includes the while statement , thedo...while statement and the FOR

JavaScript external objects

Window Browser:-Location: Address-History: Historical-Document: Documentation-Screen: Window-Navigator: Help> 1. The external object is the browser-provided API--**bom**> 2. These objects are defined by the Internet Explorer and developed by the

---scopes in javascript

Scope:Variables also have a range of function functions.The browser's kernel has two main functions, one is the rendering page and the other is our JavaScript interpreter.We mainly talk about how the JavaScript interpreter works in parsing.At the

Scope and scope chain-javascript object-oriented advanced

# scope and scope chain ## 1. Scope # #Definition: When a function is declared, the scope of the current function is determined, so-called scopes are the scope of the action (site)Global scope:A. window is the top-level object, which is the end

Getting Started with JavaScript (9)

First, the Math objectMath object that provides a mathematical calculation of the dataUsing the properties and methods of math, the code is as follows:// operating results //3.14159265389793//Note: The Math object is an intrinsic object that you can

JavaScript function parameters

      " >         My JSP  ' test3.jsp '  starting page                                        -->                   This is my JSP page.    This article is from the "matengbing" blog, make sure to keep this source http://matengbing.blog.51cto.com/113

Javascript object-oriented-inheritance

JavaScript is not an object-oriented language, but we construct it to support object-oriented, so that we can implement object-oriented features such as inheritance, rewriting, and so on. The specific code is as follows://create a class

Section 120th, JavaScript event object

JavaScript Event ObjectLearning Essentials:1. Event Object2. Mouse events3. Keyboard events4.W3C and IEAn important aspect of JavaScript events is that they have some relatively consistent features that can provide more powerful functionality for

Read high performance JavaScript programming Chapter Two let me know why the code is written like this

Why does the code have to write like this?function Initui () {var doc = document, BD = doc.body, links = doc.getelementsbytagname_r ("A"), I = 0, len = links.length; w Hile (i And not like that?Avoidfunction Initui () {var bd = document.body, links =

The mystery of JavaScript's Object.defineproperty

Straight Cut ThemeToday we have a feature like this: Write a function that passes two parameters, the first parameter is the total amount of data returned by the object, and the second parameter is the data of the initialized object. Such

Javascript-switch-case Application-Case

12345678 the Today's Special Package + AThe end mechanism of swirch-case1, hit the end of the break2. Complete completion of executionJavascript-switch-case Application-Case

JavaScript Series article: detailed Jiu Zheng one of the expressions

Regular expressions are an ingenious tool that is often used to find and replace strings, JavaScript references Perl, and regular expression-related modules, which are very useful in development, and in some class libraries or frameworks, such as

One of the JavaScript (rolled up) reading notes you don't know----scope

You don't know. JavaScript (roll up) This book seems to me to be a good book, the book in a relatively concise language to describe the JS of those "pits", here to write some blog record notes for digestion and absorption.1 Compilation PrincipleIn

Nineth. The anonymous function of JavaScript

Analysis:1, the so-called anonymous function, from the literal meaning of understanding, is no name of the function, JS with () to replace ( note, is the English state of parentheses )2, the definition of the form:function () { //to add codes

JavaScript Deep Clone Object

/** * * @param obj * @returns {*}*///Deep CloningfunctionCloneobject (obj) {if(obj = = =NULL||typeof(obj)!== ' object ' | | ' Isactiveclone 'inchobj)returnobj; if(objinstanceofDate)vartemp =NewObj.constructor ();//or New Date (obj); Else

JavaScript-Little Kee

JS Introduction mode:  1, embedded mode  2, outer chain way   js realize slide (picture play) Common variable name: 1, Hump 2, Pascal: Capital of each word 3, Hungary: Attribute + Type + Object Description     ,g_str_w3c window: 1. alert  2. confirm3

The partial function in JavaScript--essential functional Programming + closure, return function

Unless you have used other functional programming, you may be unfamiliar with the following two concepts: "Partial function Application" and "function curry".偏函数应用,英文是partial

JavaScript variable Assignment

In JS often encounter the assignment of a variable to a new variable, which is easy to implement for the basic type, directly by the equal sign assignment is possible, for reference types can not be the Case. (note: like functions, Regular can also

Css background family, cssbackground

Css background family, cssbackground Background is an important part of css and one of the basics of css. Now let's review five attributes in css2 and three new attributes and two functions in css3.Css2_background (background) Prepass family

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