Hanshunping JavaScript Instructional Video _ Learn notes 17_js Super Mario games __js

Design Super Mario game characters with object-oriented idea How to use the key to control the position of the pictureThis small game, with object-oriented will be very convenient, do not object-oriented will be very troublesome, such as the

JavaScript error-prone operators

The https://juejin.im/post/5a91615f6fb9a0634d27c770 ' + ' operator invokes toprimitive (), except that the object type returns its default value (the calling object's internal method [ [Defaultvlaue]] See 8.12.8), and the rest returns the input

The difference between object.create and new in JavaScript

New New object is created with the constructor function. Define class var person = function (firstName) { this.firstname = firstName; }; Define method Person.prototype.sayHello = function () { console.log ("Hello, I ' m" +

The Arraylike__java of Javascript

Original from: http://www.cnblogs.com/guorange/p/6668440.html Recommended reading: Http://www.cnblogs.com/silin6/p/ArrayLike.html#muddle 1. What is a class array arraylikeHas the length property, and the other property (index) is a non-negative

javascript: Creating objects using the Object.create () method

In JavaScript, we know that there are two common ways to create objects, one is to use the object's direct volume: The object's direct quantity is a mapping table consisting of several value/key pairs, separated by a comma "," and the whole part is

The choice structure of JavaScript learning (2)--switch

Switch BASIC syntax structure: switch (expression) {case value 1: statement; Case value 2: sentence; Case Value 3: sentence; ... Default: statement; Working

A section of JavaScript alert playback code

/** * Description: * Here is the realization of playback, fast-forward and other functions of the JS file * * * * * * * * * * * * 5;//replayspeed = 1000 * 50-second playback speed of var alarmreplaytimer = null; Defines the playback timer var

The This__java in JavaScript language

This in the Java language Defining classes in Java often uses the This keyword, in most cases, to avoid naming conflicts, such as defining a point class in the example below, it is natural that you use X,y to name its attributes or member variables,

JavaScript Authority Guide Reading notes __java

JavaScript Authority Guide Reading notes The lexical structure of the first chapter JavaScript is case-sensitive, while HTML is case-insensitive The Unicode escape sequence is composed of/u as a prefix plus a 4-bit 16-digit number Identifiers must

JavaScript Authority Guide Reading notes--the 18th chapter of scripted Http__java

using XMLHttpRequest Browsers define their HTTP APIs on the XMLHttpRequest class. Each instance of this class represents a separate request/response pair, and the properties and methods of this object allow you to specify request details and

Sound constructor function of JavaScript constructor __ function

A trustworthy object is one that does not have a public property and its methods do not refer to this object. A secure object function follows a pattern similar to a parasitic constructor, but has two different points: one is that the instance

JavaScript function _ function scope __ Block chain

function in JavaScript functions are an object, and function names are references to objects. You can call it in a way var fun = new Function ("parameter", "Return value", "function Body"); So if this is the case, it's well understood. The second

JavaScript Advanced Programming Learning Notes--chapter fourth variables, scopes, and memory issues

The nature of the loosely typed JavaScript variable determines that it is only a name used to hold a particular value at a particular time. Because there is no provision that defines what data type values A variable must hold, the value of a

Teach you a day to play JavaScript (eight)--use JavaScript to complete the effect of provincial and municipal linkage __java

using JavaScript to complete the city-province linkage effect The actual development will probably always encounter such a demand: on the registration page there are two Drop-down list boxes, the left province of the Drop-down list box in the value

10 things that are puzzling about JavaScript __java

JavaScript, the world's most popular programming language, has been labeled as a nightmare for Web development designers, and while the real nightmare is the DOM API, the scripting language that has been exploited by a large number of developers and

The splice () method of the Javascript--array array deletes, inserts, replaces __java

The splice () method of array arrays is also a very powerful way to delete, insert, replace It should be noted that the splice () method modifies the original array directly I. The use of deletion Grammar: Array.splice (starti,n); Starti refers to

The execution environment and scope in JavaScript

Execution Environment (execution context) is the most important concept in JS, the execution environment defines the variables or other data that the function has access to, which determines their respective behavior. Each execution environment has

There are several ways to encode URL strings in JavaScript. __ Encoding

There are several ways to encode URL strings in javascript: Escape (), encodeURI (), and encodeURIComponent (). These encodings play a different role. Escape () Method: The specified string is encoded using the ISO Latin character set. All spaces,

7 ways native JavaScript implements Asynchrony

Native JavaScript implements Asynchrony in far less than 7 different ways,Can be divided into 3 categories,Delay type: settimeout (SetInterval is also available), Requestanimationframe, Setimmediate (IE10 and above)Type of listener event

JavaScript and jquery Gets the value and text selected by the Select Drop-down box __java

Ps:js can only use getElementById () to get the value of the Drop-down list box. **** Now there is a id=test drop-down box, how to get the selected value. Using JavaScript native methods and jquery methods separately text1text2 Code One: JavaScript

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