An in-depth analysis of JavaScript _javascript techniques for immediate execution of functions

JavaScript is more casual than other programming languages, so the JavaScript code is full of exotic flowers and sometimes mirrors;Of course, understanding the various types of writing is also a further in-depth understanding of JavaScript language

On the _javascript technique of replace () method in JavaScript

Definitions and usageThe replace () method replaces some characters in a string with some other characters, or replaces a substring that matches a regular expression.Grammar stringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement) return valueA new

A day of JavaScript learning Summary (function object) _javascript tips

Small series two days have not updated the article, the small partners are not waiting for a hurry, today began to continue our "Everyday JavaScript Learning Summary" series of articles, I hope you continue to pay attention to. 1 function calls

JavaScript is suitable for moving end date time picker _javascript tips

This is a date and time picker for mobile device Web applications, in the desktop version of the date picker we typically use the jquery UI DatePicker plug-in, while the mobile phone version of the date picker can be selected according to the

Common JavaScript Form validation Rollup _javascript tips

Example: Verify that the input is a number, whether to meet the number of digits, if the error, and a friendly reminder. Effect Chart: My first paragraph javascript please enter a number. If the input value is not a number, the

A sort processing method for JavaScript object array _javascript tips

The example in this article describes the sorting method for the JavaScript object array. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The array sort function of JavaScript is sorted by default in ascending order of ASCII

Comparison of common JavaScript-defined functions in _javascript techniques

More common JavaScript definition of the difference between functions mainly through the following three aspects to explain to you, need a friend to refer to the next bar 1: Call the keyword function to construct the Such as: function

Explain the unescape () and string () functions in JavaScript _javascript tips

The Unescape () and string () functions in JavaScript are detailed in the following sections: Definitions and usage The JavaScript unescape () function decodes a string encoded by escape (). Grammar Unescape (String) Parameters

The use of ToString () and valueof () in JavaScript and the difference between the two _javascript techniques

Basically, all JS data types have both valueof and ToString methods, except NULL. Both of them solve the problem of JavaScript value operation and display. 1. The usage is as follows: ToString () Method: Returns a string representation of an

Illustration of this keyword in JavaScript _javascript tips

JavaScript is a scripting language that supports advanced features such as functional programming, closures, and prototype based inheritance. JavaScript initially looks like it's easy to get started, but with the depth of use, you'll find that

Delete and delete operators in JavaScript _javascript tips

So, why can we delete an object's properties: var x = {a:1}; Delete x.a; True x.a;//undefined But you cannot delete a variable: var x = 1; Delete x; false; X 1 You cannot delete a function: function X () {}; Delete

Talk about JavaScript Custom callback functions _javascript Tips

No more nonsense to say, directly to everyone paste code. Background analysis First look at a paragraph of JS code, the main implementation of the time to add the first through the asynchronous request to determine whether there is, if it does not

The construction function constructor of JavaScript refinement and the _javascript techniques of constructor attributes

In addition to creating objects, the constructor (constructor) does another useful thing-automatically sets the prototype object (prototype objects) for the new object created. The prototype object is stored in the Constructorfunction.prototype

Easily implement bidirectional binding _javascript techniques for JavaScript data

bidirectional data binding refers to the ability to change the corresponding UI at the same time as the object's properties change, and vice versa. In other words, if we have a user object, this object has a Name property, and whenever you set a new

JavaScript implements dynamic tagging cloud _javascript techniques

Today on the school library, saw a fun thing, deliberately Baidu, found called "tag ball", the effect of the picture is: The direct code is as follows: Css: #div1 {position:relative; width:350px; height:350px; border:1px solid #000;

A day of JavaScript learning Summary (basic knowledge) _javascript skills

1. Character conversion var S1 = "a"; var s2 = "1.1"; var s3 = "Z";//letter ' Z ' cannot be converted to a number, so or return nan var b = false; var f = 1.1; var o = { valueof:function () { return-1; } }; S1

JavaScript implements scalable display area effect code _javascript tips

This example describes the JavaScript implementation scalable display area effect code. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: This shows a scalable display area, the use of JS code to achieve, the mouse hold down the area of

A day of JavaScript learning Summary (RegExp object) _javascript Tips

1. Test method of regular expression var text = "Cat, bat, Sat, fat"; var pattern =/.at/; if (pattern.test (text)) { alert ("The pattern is matched."); } 2, regular ToString () method var pattern = new RegExp ("\\[

JavaScript implementation of tween algorithm and buffer effects instance code _javascript skills

This article illustrates the tween algorithm of JavaScript implementation and the buffering effect. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: This shows the tween algorithm and the JavaScript code for buffering effects, use it to

How to implement the _javascript technique of making lyrics roll play based on JavaScript

A variety of music players have an automatic scrolling function of the lyrics, the current scroll to the lyrics will be highlighted in the center, even if the lyrics are changed lines can be normal center, then this function based on JavaScript how

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