Native JavaScript Learning JS variable Comprehensive understanding of the basics

1. Name of variable Name of method (hump naming method) All lowercase: All underscores between words and words (my_namespace) Mixed case: First letter lowercase other words in uppercase. Rules First character English letter or underline Make

JavaScript basic knowledge Point Induction (recommended) _ Basics

A variable defined outside a function must be a global variable, a variable defined within a function, and if Var is declared, the variable is a local variable, and if it is not declared Var, then the variable is a global variable. 1, global

A good Web page tab _ navigation menu with JavaScript

This tab effect, I have seen a good tab effect, not the best, but also very good javascript tab (tab) browsing control referral: domtab-javascript, Domtab, tab, tab, PHP/MySQL (X) html/css Ajax -DIV+CSS Small

About JavaScript defining classes and objects in several ways _js object-oriented

Take a look at this example: Copy Code code as follows: var a = ' global '; (function () { alert (a); var a = ' local '; })(); The first thing you see in this example is what does the output look like? ' Global '? or

A good article about Javascript-prototype inheritance _prototype

1. The most basic usage assigns an instance of ClassA to ClassB, CLASSB inherits all the attributes of the ClassA. Code in: [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] 2. From

Javascript Object-Oriented inheritance _js object-oriented

Copy Code code as follows: var jsobject = {} | | New Object (); Jsobject.extend = function (subclass, superclass) { First, determine if the subclass subclass is already defined, or redefine the class if it is undefined. if (typeof subclass =

From prototype_1.3.1 into the hall of JavaScript--a preliminary study of class _prototype

Or to decide on the title of Ajax, after all, many people will use this keyword search. Although I think this is just a hype concept, but have to admit that Ajax is more convenient to call. I'm not going to elaborate on the meaning of Ajax. The

Combination mode parsing of JavaScript design Patterns _js Object-oriented

What do you say?! Like an animal (a combination of objects), when it has a descendant (a leaf object), its descendants have some function (such as digging a hole, hearing well, etc.); it's like a tree, It has a root (a combination of objects) and

Old fish talking about JavaScript object-oriented programming _js object oriented

Sigh is to ease the seriousness of the atmosphere and lead to today's topic, "JavaScript object-oriented programming," Next, we are around the object-oriented several major keywords: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, expand. Encapsulation:

Classes and closures in Javascript _js object oriented

Some people say that JavaScript is also object-oriented, but it is prototype based, of course, this is only the conceptual difference, I do not want to discuss JS is object-oriented, the key is to show that although JavaScript classes behave like

JavaScript Common object class creation code and pros and Cons analysis _js object-oriented

There are several ways to build a class in javascript: 1.Factory Mode Copy Code code as follows: function Createcar () { var car = new Object (); Car.color= "B"; car.length=1; () {alert ("Run");} return car;

Nice JavaScript Simple Introduction to object-oriented Introduction 1th/2 page _js Object-oriented

1 How to create an object: 1. Use constructor, for example: var obj = new Object ()//var can be omitted var obj = new Date () 2. Use object literal value (literals),For example: Program code var obj = "123"//Create a String object var obj

JavaScript Ext JS State default storage time _extjs

Copy Code code as follows: Ext.state.CookieProvider = function (config) { (this); This.path = "/"; This.expires = new Date (new Date (). GetTime () + (1000*60*60*24*7)); 7 days

JavaScript parsing JSON string Performance comparison analysis code _json

The method used in parsing is typically an eval or new function, and the current IE8 and Firefox3.1 are built with native JSON objects (supposedly a certain performance boost). So how do we choose from these three methods (because of the performance

JavaScript Create Object _json

First: JSON mode/object Direct quantity Format: var object name = { Variable 1: The value of the variable 1, Variable 1: The value of the variable 1, ......, function 1:function () { function body }, function 2:function () { function body }//note:

JavaScript implements formatting string functions String.format_javascript Tips

In JS Development, we may encounter such a problem When you need to dynamically insert HTML tags through JS In particular, when encountered a large number of variable stitching, quotation marks layer nesting situation, there will be escape

JavaScript's IE and Firefox compatibility Assembly _javascript Tips

Following IE instead of Internet Explorer, MF replaces Mozzila Firefox 1. Document.form.item question(1) Existing problems:There are many Document.formName.item ("itemname") statements in existing code that cannot be run under MF(2) Solution:Switch

On the automatic garbage collection mechanism of JavaScript _javascript skills

The execution environment is responsible for managing the memory used during code execution, when writing JavaScript programs, the allocation of required memory, and the recovery of unwanted memory fully implemented automatically. Principle:

JavaScript array method to analyze _javascript techniques

The example in this article describes the method of JavaScript array to weight. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Method one. Idea: Create a new empty array, loop through the old array, and use the indexof () method to get

JavaScript regular expressions and string regexp and string (i) _ Regular expressions

Objective Regular expressions are a very important and commonly used feature of JavaScript and are used very frequently in large frameworks such as jquery, recently taking time to learn about relevant knowledge, and to share it with friends who

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