Android JSON parsing

JSON parsing is one of the technologies that Android developers must master. This article is about my understanding and use of JSON parsing.1. IntroductionWhen we convert objects to JSON, we name-value them into strings in accordance with certain

iOS Development Learning Record the 4th day of C language learning

(a), today we have to learn the main include the content:  1. Symbol concept and its naming principleIn c language, symbolic constants, variables, arrays, functions, etc. all need a certain name, we call this name an identifier.Identifier

Common design pattern Concepts for Android

Design PatternsSingle-Case modeDefinition: Ensure that a class has only one instance, and that it instantiates itself and provides this instance to the system as a whole.Description: You can only use the methods provided by the Singleton class to

Android through the app to set the system's date and time in the

Android through the app to set the system's date and time in theAndroid 2.3Android 4.0Test is possible, just need root permission.Import;import;import;import Java.util.Calendar;import Android.

iOS design mode-appearance

iOS design mode-appearanceSchematic diagramDescription1. When the customer service side needs to use a complex subsystem (the relationship between subsystems is complex), but do not want to have a relationship with them, we need to write a separate

The simplest mobile-based FFmpeg example: IOS streaming

This document records the FFmpeg-based streaming device under the iOS platform. The source code for the example C language comes from the simplest ffmpeg-based push-to-flow device. The related concepts are no longer duplicated.SourceThe directory

iOS Development-44: Merging, formatting output, macro variables, using arrays to store data dictionaries, and using plist final knowledge

Our case today is the first example of the following 5一来 by toggling the previous page on the next page:(1) The first step, basically is in a very silly very direct way to create. The main points to be used here are:--Set the object variable to a

An analysis of Android Hwui hardware acceleration Module

Key words: Rendernode,threadedrenderer,displaylist,uvmapper,fontrendererOriginal: Https:// is hardware acceleration (what)The traditional software UI drawing is done by CPU, and hardware acceleration is the

Mobile Security defender------show the operation of the caller's place of ownership

Ideas:1. Since we are not sure when there will be a call, we should use the service to listen for incoming calls.2. Cancel the monitoring when the service is closed3. Set the checkbox status on the page by opening and closing the service.Listening

Android (Java) Learning Note 134:handler Usage summary and stopwatch case

First, the definition of handler: The handler mainly receives the data sent by the child threads and updates the UI with the main thread to interact with the UI main thread。 For example, you can use handler to send a message, and then in the handler

Android Typical interface design (3)--Visit NetEase News realize double navigation tab switch

First, the problem description Double navigation tab Toggle (bottom chunk + area head navigation), implement the bottom area of the scheme using Fragmenttabhost+fragment, the area of the head navigation using Viewpager+fragment, Can be in

"iOS development objective-c" homemade English-Chinese Dictionary Project

1. PrefaceWrite these words, just because yesterday tangled up the most days of the day to how to separate the strings in the file, in terms of English words and translation. Finally, it was done, but the efficiency of the code execution was so low

In-app Purchases Verification


What is IOS Uikit_extern, __attribute__ ((Visibility ("Default"))?

Questions raisedWhen learning iOS, you encounter a function nsstringfromcgpoint (UIGeometry.h)Its prototype is Uikit_extern NSString *nsstringfromcgpoint (cgpoint point);Prototype analysisnsstring*, Cgpoint good understanding, the former is the

Use of handler in Android

In Android development, we often encounter a situation where a time-consuming code is executed after doing something on the UI interface, such as when we click on a "download" button on the interface, then we need to execute a network request, which

Desiredcapabilities content--appium Service Keywords

last learned some desiredcapabilities usage, some still not very clear, go to Appium official website to look for documents, feel write very full:# # Appium Service keywords | keywords | description | instance | | ----|-----------|-------|| '

"Android Tool class" Common tool class (METHOD) Daquan

To collect commonly used tool classes or methods:1. Get phone resolution/** * Get phone Resolution * /public static String Getdisplaymetrix (context Context) {if (Constant. screen. screen_width = =0|| Constant. screen. screen_height = =0) {if

IOS Video Live/smart Home (line of code, zero-based) lesson:1 overall architecture

Some time ago due to work need to do a video Live/smart home class Application. A summary of streaming media processing for iOS audio and video columns. Here want to record the entire development process, on the one hand, and everyone to explore the

Agent mode proxy for Android design mode

I. OverviewProxy mode is also one of the most commonly used design patterns, proxy mode is to provide a new object, the implementation of the real object of the operation, or become the real object of the Double. in daily life is also very common.

Android Performance optimization

one, the Android Code specificationChinese is not present in code, the maximum number of comments can appear in Chinese2. Local variable naming, static member variable namingCan only contain letters, the first letter of a word, all uppercase,

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