DF Flag and string move instruction (MOVSB/MOVSW)

1.10th bit DF of the flag register, direction sign bit. In the string processing instruction, control the increment and decrement of si,di after each operationDf=0, after each operation, Si, di increasesDf=1, after each operation, Si, di decreasesWe

Android 4.4 Full set of source code and sub-module source code download method

Blog "android source download-a single directory download with Git clone" describes the use of Git clone method to download android single directory source code, this article has four years of history, during which Google's source code management

In-app Purchase----(b)----designing Your App ' s products

Designing Your App ' s productsA Product is something your want to sell in your app ' s store. You create and configure products in ITunes Connect, and your apps interacts with products using the SKProduct and SKProductsRequest classe S.A product is

Android BLE developed Android phone search ibeacon base Station

This article is from http://blog.csdn.net/hellogv/ , the citation must be noted! The last time we talked about the communication between the Android phone and the BLE terminal, the most common ble terminal should be the ibeacon base station

Android/C + + development

The standard practice is to put SRC into the/android/develop/directory and then build the Android.mk file,Then make modue ..., but this way is too cumbersome.Here's a way to quickly compile C libraries,As in the previous article, you first set up

Scaling issues with Android image resources

1 . Image Scaling after alignment problem in the Android development, how to use pictures is a headache for many developers. The most common problem is debugging a good UI on a phone , which can deform on a different dpi phone. A Ndroid

Cocos2d-x (CCSprite)

    01 // CCSprite0203 // release all loaded images so far04 CCTextureCache: sharedTextureCache ()-> removeAllTextures ();05 // load the image06 CCSprite * sprite = CCSprite: spriteWithFile ("yy.png", CCRectMake (112*0, 64*0,112, 64 ));07 // stop

IOS study 10: organize and share learning materials.

Developer forums and data sites1. http://www.cocoachina.com/I basically classify him as common class as eoe.2. http://www.apple.com.cn/developer/ this does not explain, good English can remove cn, but at present I still use less, official documents

Custom map example: map world (1)

In addition to more than 20 built-in map types, the Guide bee map development kit also supports custom map types. To support custom map types, first understand the sharding method of the map server you need to support. Currently, several mainstream

Cocos2d-x and ios memory management analysis (reduces memory pressure in the game)

I. IOS and image memoryOn IOS, the image is automatically scaled to the Npower of 2. For example, a 1024*1025 image occupies the same memory as a 1024*2048 image. The formula for calculating the memory used by the image is: length * width * 4. In

Cocos2d-x beginner's Guide (1): A drag Image Based on helloworld

The main character is our cute Angry Bird. Haha. Today, we are entangled in this issue, mainly using event listening. This listening should be noted in many places, first with the code. [Cpp]CC_BREAK_IF (! CCLayer: init ());// Build a birdCCSprite *

Cocos2d sets the default screen direction

The running result screens of new projects created in cocos2d are both horizontal and control code. [Cpp]-(BOOL) shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation :( UIInterfaceOrientation) interfaceOrientation{Return UIInterfaceOrientationIsLandscape

Notes for cocos2d-x 1

1. During cygwin compilation, resources in the resource will be automatically copied to the assert directory of the android Project (android extracts resources from the assert directory) and overwrite the original resources. 2. the array created

Cocos2d-x server time to local time

During online games, the server time is converted to the local time when it is locally displayed, and the system function conversion can be used. [Cpp] long int timeSec = "1353735416"; // assume this is the server timeChar str [64] = {0 };Time_t

Display cocos2d-x in MFC

There is a problem: the resolution is not changed dynamically immediately, but the window size is changed by scaling:Void CAnimateMakerView: OnSize (UINT nType, int cx, int cy){CFormView: OnSize (nType, cx, cy );# If 1If (: IsWindow

DFSORT -- the first three digits are not equal to 0 (COMP-3, COMP)

Requirement: The first 3 not equal to 0 (1) 01 WS-A PIC S9 (09) COMP-3.Analysis:S9 (09) COMP-3, X '000000', range is 000000-and 999999999 +Check the 3 leftmost digits, then the range will be 000000999-and 000000999 + There are 2 solutions here:1.

[Ocos2d-x Game Engine Development Notes] Tiled Map Editor

1. Add enemies to the object Layer and add enemies,Note that a key-value pair is added. The key is n and the value is 1. This key-value pair is mainly used to distinguish between enemies and heroes. Draw enemies on the map. [Cpp] for (int I = 0; I

[Cocos2d-x from c ++ to js] 02: Fixed invalid modification of js source files in

Previously we talked about how to import the cocos2d-x engine's built-in MoonWarriors example project into the source code, and then you can easily learn and edit. However, I found that if I modified the js Code and click debug, the runtime will

Cocos2d-x cainiao intern study win32 program porting to Android

1. First, you must know what you want to download !!! 1. eclipse download 32-bit (Official Website) Eclipse c ++ Version Download file =/technology/epp/downloads/release/indigo/SR2/eclipse-cpp-indigo-SR2-incubation-win32.zip 3. android SDK directly

In-depth analysis of CurlTest in Cocos2d-x

An in-depth analysis of CurlTest in the Cocos2d-x and the Cocos2d-x version used in this chapter is: Cocos2d-html5-v2.1.1 http://cn.cocos2d-x.org/download Curl definition: curl is a command line tool fortransferring data with URL syntax, supporting

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