Web page optimization Strategy

Page optimization is the Web page optimization is the Web page of the program, content, plate, layout and other aspects of the optimization adjustment, so that it is suitable for search engine retrieval, to meet the index of search engine rankings, t

CSS3 reference manuals and CSS3 code generation tools to accelerate your learning web making

Article Introduction: the effects of creating new features such as box-sizing, boundary radii, text shadows, gradients, and so on CSS3 are already exciting to the front-end developers. Using CSS3 for front-end design is the future development trend.

How to use DHTML to prepare Web pages

dhtml| Web page 1 Preface With the continuous popularization and development of internet/intranet, more and more companies, enterprises and individuals are starting to build their own web sites, write Web pages and publish information to the outside

XHTML Day 6th: XHTML code Specification

xhtml| specification Before we start the formal content production, we must first look at the specifications of the Web standards Code. Understanding these specifications can help you take fewer detours and pass code verification as

jquery Plugin Download Resource Encyclopedia (more than 200)

Overview JQuery is another good Javascript framework after prototype. Its purpose is to write less code and do more things. It is a lightweight JS library (only 21k after compression), which is not the other JS library, it is compatible with CSS3, b

Learn Web metrics to choose the right type of document for your Web page

Web|web Standard | Web page You do everything you think is right, but the page does not behave correctly in the latest browsers. That's what you wrote. Invalid XHTML and CSS. You use the standard Document Object Model (DOM) of the consortium to manip

Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Properties and methods

1, what is the XMLHttpRequest object?2, create the XMLHttpRequest object.3, XMLHttpRequest properties and methods. 1, what is the XMLHttpRequest object? The most common definition is: XMLHTTP is a set of APIs that can be routed through HTTP protoco

XML attributes in Ado.net

Ado|xml There is no doubt that XML and some of its related technologies (including XPath, XSL transformation, and XML schemas) are the foundation of Ado.net. Compared with ADO, the interoperability of the Ado.net object model is greatly improved, but

Summary of some relevant technical data of XMLHTTP

XMLHTTP Technology:----------------------------------------------------------Remote management technology of database an important link in the modern application of Internet based WAN is the remote monitoring of database. First of all, a brief review

HTML Beginner's Guide (6)

Beginner Logic Style Logical Styles <DFN> Used for the defined word. It is usually shown in italics. (NCSA Mosaic is a world Wide Web browser.) <EM> Used to emphasize. Usually shown in italics. (Consultants cannot reset your password unle

AspJpeg2.0 Component Tutorials full version AspJpeg tutorial

AspJpeg is a powerful image processing component based on the Microsoft IIS environment, and there are not many Chinese articles on the network for detailed and in-depth introduction, even if there is a general only involves picture thumbnails and im

Dynamic operation of tables in HTML

Dynamic Because in the project, you need to implement such a function, in the HTML page of the table row, the request can be adjusted by the user to the order of the upper and lower. It is not known whether the existing technology can achieve this fu

HTML5 History API implementation without refresh jump

in the HTML5 , 1. Added the function of adding items through JS in the browser history. 2. Display changes to the URL in the browser's address bar without refreshing the page. 3. Added the event that is triggered when the user clicks the browser's

Vb. NET verify the legality of the email address code

First, ask questions Now, for the email address that the user gives on the Web page or on the phone, we are increasingly not sure if it really works. In today's era of spam, there is every reason to be reluctant to disclose the email address easily.

Efficient exchange of XML documents

XML XML documents tend to be verbose because of their inherent descriptive nature. The result is that the document becomes very long as the data being described increases, and this large document has problems when it needs to exchange with other enti

Five mistakes HTML often make in web design

Error | design | Web page design 1. Setting of background color of web page The odds of making a mistake: big Universality: Broader The possibility of making mistakes: lazy/Don't know About 2 years ago I found out that there was no background color

Web page making, using HTML Chang Fan five errors

Error | Web page 1. Web page background color settings The odds of making a mistake: bigUniversality: BroaderThe possibility of making mistakes: lazy/Don't know About 2 years ago I found out that there was no background color on the 21CN, and I info

Strongly recommended for beginners: good XHTML tutorials

xhtml| Beginners | tutorials   Preface: (Nonsense) Now all pay attention to the standard station, and the standard station uses the technology mainly is xhtml+css, but now we commonly use is the HTML code, then how should I transform? And what is the

Methods for using an infinite lifetime session

Session in PHP4.0 added to the session support, convenient for us a lot of programs, such as shopping carts and so on! In many forums, session is also used to deal with user login, record user name and password, so that users do not have to enter the

Extend Spring's JMX support (1)

The Spring framework minimizes architectural dependencies and materializes the components in the application, but the application is still managed. Fortunately, Spring 1.2 includes advanced JMX integration support, and JMX provides a practical manage

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