SQL-query for records with the same field value and the highest value of another field

Tags: app same version sel div join record Group STS1.Select A.*fromWHERE= (SELECTMAXfrom WHERE B.app_name= A.app_nameORDERby A.app_name;2.Select A.* from app aWHEREnotEXISTS(Select 1 from WHERE B.app_name= A.app_nameand> a.app_ Version)ORDER

The problem of "NULL" and "no" irritability in SQL

Tags: space PAC arc ICT Technology class database single table filesVery irritable, irritable very, summed up a bit.The first simple:NULL: Something that is not sureNone: nothing.Complex see below ..... One, null valueIn the simplest case, the usual


Tags: client ROM data order ice related off size databaseOne, database backup1. Test system Environment: WIN10 64-bit Enterprise EditionTest your database environment: ORACLE11GR22. Steps:I, first to log in to the database with SYSDBA rights user,

Build an ETL Pipeline with Kafka Connect via JDBC connectors

Tags: Reading Park test OVA Oracle album Kafka Connect PACThis article is a in-depth tutorial for using Kafka to move data from PostgreSQL to Hadoop HDFS via JDBC connections.Read this eguide to discover the fundamental differences between IPaaS and

Sqlsever Base Cast converts the time returned by GetDate to a string

Tags: time conversion today content Date Arc Code class program VarTown Field Poem:——— Dream who feel, the water month Build blog. Baiqian tribulation, only know the vicissitudes of the world.——— today holds the Buddhist language, the technology is

Access restriction:the type QName isn't accessible due to restriction on required library

Tags: cli tin eclips His ACK href add name ProjectThere ' s another solution that also works. I found it on the This forum: Go to the Build Path settings in the project properties. Remove the JRE System Library Add it back; Select "Add

Swift3.0 language Tutorial comparison, judging string

Tags: operation judgment ASP txt Nsrange Mask Order tutorial StandardSwift3.0 language Tutorial comparison, judging stringSwift3.0 Language Tutorials Compare and judge strings, and in a program a lot of strings, often do is to compare and judge

Rabin-karp Fingerprint string Lookup algorithm

Tags: RAC authentication rom ble pointer long open string lookup valueThe hash function of the pattern string is computed first, and if a substring of the same hash value as the pattern string is found, continue to verify that the two match.This

What is an API

Tags: win Sina Weibo mobile phone execution map calculation mic-friendly systemHttp://www.cnblogs.com/I-am-Betty/archive/2014/03/06/3584696.htmlAs a beginner of programming, API functions may be something that is often heard but feels mysterious. It'

KVM platform deployment and simple application of virtualization technology

Tags: Israel     solutions     source code     virtual machines     processors      preface   KVM, kernel Virtual machine, was originally developed by Israeli

North American cable Fault test U-mail the superiority of mail relay communications

Tags: Mail relay mail back letterLet's look at two news:News : media reports: June 9, 2016, 8 o'clock in the morning China Telecom to North America submarine cable failure, resulting in large areas of telecommunications users can not connect to the


Tags: put core date logic XML request Xtend Form PrivateStruts 2 was developed on the basis of WEBWORK2.Note: Struts 2 and struts 1 are almost different in code style.Struts 2 has advantages over struts 1:1. In software design, struts 2 is not

Design a secure account system

Tags: rfc simple har data ant operation using one nbspA very important aspect of designing a secure account system is how to protect the user's password. The simplest way to protect a user's password is to use a password hash with salt (salted

Entrar en su zapatilla de deporte en este lugar

Tags: Oda bar bre rar Tor das gen Sam PueMientras que yo apareciósu campo usando nuestro Nike Glide wildhorse Sólo dos ($) Zapatillas de Deporte, mi esposo y Yo terminósiendo complacido por simplemente sus apariciones. Soy un nuevo lechón

IBM to announce UK data center as world-class AI Camp

Tags: mobile internet AI Facebook data center Amazonnan Bambu  "Read the original"Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon, almost all of the major U.S. technology companies have built data centers in the UK or Ireland, stick, claiming to help

Kerberos Learning Notes

Tags: Kerberosrecently debugging the SSO feature of the VMware Identity Manager product at Work , there is an opportunity to gain insight into how Kerberos works, and to document the essays for future review. What is Kerberos, see

Mahout_local is not set; Adding Hadoop_conf_dir to Classpath.

Tags: exp   first   fusion   like   directory    text   test   ice   tput    [[email protected] hadoop-2.6.4]$

NPM start function

Tags: ror ret installation operability help shell provider Simple masterWhen you configure a Phonecat project, you need to run NPM start to configure a server environment locally, NPM start will first install a series of necessary programs that

$(...). Live is not function

Tags: not ons. com return BSP ... remove stop findA plug-in was introduced into the project, but the call was reported as $ (...). Live is not functionInternet search on the live method in 1.9 was deleted, because usually their own use on the method,

IE embedded Google Chrome frame to solve browser compatibility issues

Tags: web HTML common info to determine the automatic use of scriptReference documents:http://www.pseudowired.com/2012/12/04/tomcat-http-header-manipulation/(automatically add the header using Chrome in

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