Spring Core source code interpretation one of the ASM4 User manual translations ASM Introduction

Label:Chapter One: ASM introduces 1.1 asm motives:Program analysis, generation, and conversion techniques can be applied to many scenarios:1. Program analysis, from simple syntax parsing to complete semantic analysis, can be applied to find

Algorithm problem of 2-channel factorial

Tags: algorithmsTo the 51nod new UI to do the problem, by the way, here are 2 factorial questions,1003 factorial back 0 of the numberHow many 0 are behind the factorial of n? The factorial of 6 = 1*2*3*4*5*6 = 720,720 is followed by a 0. InputA

The daily walkthrough of the classic Algorithm problem--the 11th problem bitmap algorithm

Label:The original: A daily walkthrough of the classic Algorithm--the 11th bitmap algorithmIn all the performance-optimized data structures, I think the most used is the hash table, yes, there is a fixed-position lookup with O (1) constant time, how

Installation configuration for win2003+iis6+fastcgi+php5.4.30

Label:Original: win2003+iis6+fastcgi+php5.4.30 Installation configurationNote: PHP5.5 has not supported Win2003, Win2003 can install PHP5.4.30.Install the system properly and install the IIS6.Specific installation methods can be viewed:

About binding IP address and port number Insights

Label:"Port", popularly speaking is a communication channel "door", all kinds of computer services and communications are through a specific port and external computer communication, like the common www, FTP, telnet service.With the development of

OOC, generics, bad design.

Label:Although most of the talk about OOC compiler design, but more content lies in the idea of programming, complexity, maintenance above. I hope this article will help the reader even a little.This article follows CC-BY-NC.= OOC, generics, with

Guilty Gear Xrd Resource Rip (1)

Label:Resource CrackingFirst of all to download GGXRD PS3 game, with Psarc.exe first to unpack the game http://files.cnblogs.com/TracePlus/psarc.exe.zip download UModel, the resources to unpack HTTP// Www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel Export All

Introduction to the Counter attack

Label:"Introduction to the Background"15 years ago, graph King only made thousands of pictures a day to hook up to the Internet to attract traffic.15 years later, Graph King has retired early and has become an investor.15 years ago, Guo Jijun in

Physics Engine Havok Tutorial (i) Building the development environment

Label:Physics Engine Havok Tutorial (i)Build the development environmentOnline about Havok's tutorial is not much, and Havok learning up or have a certain difficulty, so here wrote a series of tutorials, hope can help readers. This is the first

Constant pointer, pointer constant, pointer constant pointing to constant

Label:The three nouns, though very raozui, are very accurate. The semantic analysis of Chinese language can easily separate the three conceptual areas.A) constant pointer.Constants are adjectives, pointers are nouns, and pointers are the center of a

General Audio Protocol Introduction && knowledge and technical parameters of audio coding

Label:(reprint) Common Audio Protocol IntroductionIntroduction and comparison of common audio protocols for conference TV white PaperFirst, the digital audio principle: The sound is actually a kind of energy wave, therefore also has the frequency

Custom View Implementation Ring Seekbar

Tags: ring seekbar Custom ViewThe Seekbar provided by the Android system are straight-line. But sometimes we need to use the seekbar of other shapes, then we need to customize the view to implement. Here just implements a ring-shaped, similar to the

Open source Distributed version control tool--git Tour

Label:Transferred from: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/opensource/os-cn-tourofgit/The design idea of the distributed code base and file snapshot, which is advocated by Git, is a challenge and subversion relative to the traditional CVS, SVN and

Take a look at this super practical type of--anonymous type

Label:In the original: Look at this super practical one type--anonymous typeNow that the anonymous type is super practical, you have to find a scene to persuade, if you have played PHP, there is a universal associative array of arrays, any of you in

tab swipe tab, comprehensive viewpager+fragment+ custom Tab+actionbar content

Tags: tab tab viewpager move Sliding tab UI1.The second menu tab1,tab2,tab3 is a reference to the online example, the first menu is based on its change.2. MenuThe menu here is implemented in two ways, one through the layout file and one through the

[Leetcode] Valid number to confirm whether it is a numeric value

Label:Validate if a given string is numeric.Some Examples:"0"=true" 0.1 "=true"abc"=false"1 a"=false"2e10"=trueNote:it is intended for the problem statement to be ambiguous. You should gather all requirements up front before implementing one.Click

Printf () Output format control

Label:int printf (const char *format,[argument]);Format parameter output, defined in the format:  %[FLAGS][WIDTH][.PERC] [f| N|h|l]typeSpecify the data output mode, as follows:  1.type meanings are as follows: integers      

The difference between a pointer function and a function pointer

Label:OneThis "pointer function" and "function pointer" are easy to mistake in learning arm, so today, I want to make it clear at once and find some information, first of all, the definition between them:1, pointer function refers to a function with

How to use ArrayList

Label:1 , what is ArrayListArrayList is the legendary dynamic array, which, in MSDN parlance, is a complex version of array that provides some of the following benefits: Dynamic increase and decrease of elements Implements the

Summary of December Summary and 2014

Label:New Year's Day after the holiday, has been out of the poor, leading to their December summary and 2014 summary did not leave the curtain, until now to do a small summary of their own, can not say that they are busy, just to find excuses for

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