WebLogic Tuning __web

Server TuningThe core component of WebLogic server consists of a listening thread, a socket multiplexer, and an execution queue of executable threads. When a server receives a connection request from a listener thread, its connection control is hande

Hibernate how to make a database automatically created time (time stamp) __ Database

hibernate how to make a database automatically created time (timestamp) My own project needs to have a function, that is, every time the user changes the data in the database, I want the database to automatically record the time of the change, I use

Struts2 Validator Framework Use method detailed

Original source: http://www.cnblogs.com/eggbucket/archive/2012/02/06/2339591.html STRUTS2 Validation Framework The input return page must be set in the action configuration Add validation just create the validated XML file 1. Create XML file name Ve

Use shared memory to restore player data

It sounds like shared memory and games are not very much, but using shared memory on game servers is not a new thing, and swimming and pixel in the Dragon Eight and the quest for fairy on the implementation of this application (but not necessarily as

Using Squid reverse proxy to improve website performance

Turn from: Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/linux/l-cn-squid/ On the basis of introducing the working principle of squid Reverse proxy, this paper points out that reverse proxy technology has a good use in improving Web site access speed and en

Incorrect datetime value

Incorrect datetime value How 00:00:00 was inserted into the database in the 0000-00-00, does the application have this requirement? For the first question, it is still necessary to return to the definition of date time in MySQL, stating in the of

ADODB Introduction and simple use

1, ADODB Database class Introduction Although PHP is a powerful tool for building WEB systems, PHP's ability to access databases has not been standardized, and each database uses a different and incompatible application interface (API). In order to f

Database sub-table __ Database

first, the basic idea The basic idea of sharding is to divide a database into several parts and put it on a different database (server) to alleviate the performance problem of a single database. For a database of massive data, if it is because of mo

Analysis of TCP state migration diagram

I. Introduction to TCPTCP provides a connection-oriented, reliable byte-throttling service. Facing a connection means that two applications that use TCP must first establish a connection before exchanging data with each other. TCP provides reliabilit

"Common Commands" "SSH" SCP

In general, the local network with the remote network data transfer, or data migration, there are three commonly used methods, one is FTP, the second is Wget/fetch, rsync large-scale data migration with Rysync, followed by Fetch/wget, the most times

MX record and MX record priority

MX record and MX record priorityMX mx (Mail exchanger) recordis a mail exchange record that points to a mail server that is used to locate a mail server based on the recipient's address suffix when the e-mail system sends a message. For example, when

How do I use the nslookup command to query MX records? and mail related records

Nslookup is a command-line tool that monitors whether DNS servers in the network can correctly implement domain name resolution. It is available in Windows nt/2000/xp. This article is mainly for the mailbox MX records and related query methods to do

Cache Management

<!--[If!supportlists]--> One,<!--[endif]--> Output Caching Output caching is a cache of all or part of the page that is output to the client, which requires the developer to use the OutputCache directive or the HttpCachePolicy class menu

Slow query Log detailed

MySQL's slow query log is a log record provided by MySQL, which is used to record statements in MySQL that have a response time exceeding the threshold, specifically the SQL that runs longer than the Long_query_time value, and is recorded in the slow

Normal query log and slow query log

5.2 MySQL server log---------------------mysql log types: 1. Error log: Problems encountered when starting, running, stopping mysqld 2, common query log: establishing client connections and receiving from clients Received statements 3, binary log: Ch

Five I/O models under UNIX

1. I/O modelThere are five kinds of I/O models under UNIXA. Blocking I/OB. Non-blocking I/OC. I/O multiplexing (SELECT and poll)D. Signal-driven I/O (Sigio)E. Asynchronous I/O (posix.1 aio_ series functions)1). blocking I/O modelThe application calls

INSERT into select and select INTO two table copy statements

Insert is a common statement in SQL, insert into table (AAA,BBB,...) VALUES (value1,value2,...) Use a lot. We encounter situations in development where table replication is required, such as copying part of a Table1 data to table2, or copying the ent

The usage of case when and SELECT case, the numeric parameter in the SUM function (turn) __ function

Case has two formats. Simple case function and case search function.  Simple case function Case sex when ' 1 ' THEN ' man ' when ' 2 ' THEN ' Else ' other ' end--case search function case when sex = ' 1 ' THEN ' man ' when sex = ' 2 ' THEN ' wom

Differences and connections between transaction isolation and locks

The transaction isolation level is the overall solution for concurrency control, which is actually a combination of various types of lock and row versioning to solve concurrency problems. The lock is the internal mechanism of database concurrency c

The working principle of nginx and fastcgi, and dynamic language coordination

One, what is FastCGIFastCGI is a scalable, high-speed interface for communicating between HTTP server and dynamic scripting languages. Most popular HTTP servers support FASTCGI, including Apache, Nginx, and lighttpd, and fastcgi are supported by a nu

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