Lucene3.5 Custom scoring and custom scoring settings based on a field

first, to review the Lucene custom scoring steps:1. Create a scoring fieldFieldscorequery fd = new Fieldscorequery ("Score",;2. Create a custom query object based on the scoring field and the original queryMycustomscorequery query = new

Install Ubuntu and build a PHP development environment (LAMP)

One. Install Ubuntu1. Install the virtual machine: because I am the MAC system virtual machine Select VMware Fusion, can be downloaded directly online, and then find a registration code on the Internet, or only 30 days trial.2. Install the operating

Bulk download of files in HTTP directory using wget

Principle: Download the index.html that you need to down the directory page, perhaps the name is not so!!!Then use wget to download all the links contained in the file!Example: Wget-ve-rlnp-nh--tries=20--timeout=40--wait=5

Blocking download of external JS

Reproduced in: browsers in the download JS, will block all other activities, such as the download of other resources, content rendering and so on. Until JS is downloaded, parsed,

HTML Learning Notes

Frame Label Frame labelInline frame label Scolling scroll bar no Autuo Yes table single Forms two Baidu network Mailbox Framework">Your browser does not support frame labelsFram-2.html Code Writing Baidu network Form 1 Form 2 Picture effects 5555

"Node. JS Basics" (v) using MIME modules to respond to requests for CSS, JS files

1. OverviewIn the previous article, we implemented the client's routing request, including the direct use of JS to return the content response and use the HTML file response, but the last display in the previous article is only a very ordinary HTML

Performance comparison of using File_get_content series functions and using Curl series functions to capture pictures

As the company's car site backstage car content is mainly from the Autohome, editorial colleagues must be manually to the Autohome to add cars every day, it is too painful. So, in order to change this situation, as a development code farming, my

About the HTTP protocol and TCP, IP protocol in the end in the network protocol hierarchy.

Let's look at what happens when we enter the browser, behind the scenes.First HTTP is an application layer of protocol, in this layer of protocol, is just a communication specification, that is,

example demonstrates the definition of a business process using the workflow component of the framework-leave application process-web

Example Demo using Framework's Workflow componentmake business process definition - Leave application process-webReference on. NET rapid Information System development Framework-Series

Perfect use of Curl under Linux to access Web pages

First of all, you have to learn the function of the various parameters under curl, can help you to a large extent, often need dozens of lines or even hundreds of lines of code, really only need two or three lines of command code to get everything

Apache + Tomcat + mod_jk for Cluster service

The cluster principle in Tomcat is to find the nodes in a multicast manner and use a TCP connection for session replication.Implementation effect: Distribute requests to the corresponding project in Tomcat with ApacheEnvironment

Using SetInterval and settimeout in jquery prompts for errors with missing objects, and the workaround is as follows:

Calling other methods directly in Ready will prompt for missing object errors, and the workaround is as follows:Method 1. The extension of jquery can be used to solve this problem.$ (document). Ready (function () {$.extend ({Show:function () {Alert (

What are the ways to defend against CSRF (i) Custom attributes in HTTP headers and verifying csrf cross-site domain request forgery attacks

CSRF (Cross site request forgery) is a network attack that can be sent to a compromised site without the victim's knowledge of the victim's name forgery request, thereby performing a rights-protected operation with no authorization. There is a lot

JS in the Exit statement break,continue and return comparison

In Break,continue and return three keywords, break,continue is together, return is a function return statement, but also return the function to stopFirst of all: break and continue two discussion togetherThe scope of these two applications is to

PHP Experiment One

Experiment PreparationExperiment One: PHP development environment Configuration, learning to install and use the integrated PHP development environment.First, respectively download and install Wamp, appserv,xampp,phpstudy and other software, and

(VIDEO) "Quick Create Site" 4.2 End – Application operations vs. launch satellites, telemetry (Telemetry) technology

This article is the 10th (end) of the Quick Create website series, and if you have not read the previous content, it is recommended that you click on the chapters in the following directory to read the other content before returning to this article.

Classification of HTTP status codes

Status Code classificationHTTP status code is divided into five categories, currently we use the HTTP protocol version is 1.1, support the following status code. As the protocol progresses, more status codes are defined in the HTTP specification.Tip:

Introduction and Getting Started with TFS (Team Foundation Server)

In the two sections of this article, I'll cover some of the core features of Team Foundation server, highlighting how these features are used together in everyday applications of this product.As a software developer, in my career, I often use a

geoip+php Example: Obtaining a country name and code via IP

GeoIP + PHP UsageMethod One:Download GeoIP PHP file, save as uses codeNote: If you test locally because $_server[' remote_addr ' and $_server[' REMOTE_ADDR '] may be, the

A good memory is better than a rotten pen. Meta attribute and meaning in 62-html

Recently want to understand some of the HTML meta in some things, a lot of things are not clear, in the Internet search, found a lot of is wrong, I simply tidy up a bit.Meta is the response header message used to simulate an HTTP protocol in an HTML

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