JS Template engine Handlebars Learning (i)

1. Handlebars is a front-end JS template engine that has its own syntax like other template engines such as PHP templates{$foo} object) PHP smarty template engine div (class//Pug template engine // handlebars's template engine2. Basic

What are the common security vulnerabilities in the Web site and how to modify them?

With the development of the Internet, network security issues more and more attention, a company's website if there is a security problem, the brand image of the enterprise and User Trust has a very large impact, how to protect the security of the

Rabbitmq.net Applications (1)

OverviewMQ is all called the message queue, and Message Queuing (MQ) is an application-to-application communication method. RABBITMQ is a complete, reusable enterprise messaging system based on AMQP. He follows the Mozilla Public License open source

Jspacker Compression and decompression research (JS eval)

Cause: In the study of the crawler found a lot of Web sites have appeared in the same way of JS confusion, and the name is Pde.js, the suspicion is the use of the same obfuscation tool, so study a bit. This tool is called JS Packer, is not a special

HTTP long connections and short connections (RPM)

This article transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/0201zcr/p/4694945.html1. The relationship between the HTTP protocol and the TCP/IP protocolLong connections and short connections to HTTP are essentially TCP long connections and short

Meta tags and usage understanding in HTML

I have always wanted to become a senior front-end development engineer, and self-study. The recent feeling of self-study has little effect, once confused.Destroy nothing, intending to change such a state.The first day of work after spring, this year

Learning PHP design mode PDF

: Network Disk DownloadContent IntroductionThe editor "Learning PHP design Mode" was published by China Power Press. Author Profile Editor (US) sound (William Sanders) Translator: Soukhan King Yu Fei    Dr. William Sanders, professor of Multimedia

Comparison of use of Array_map and Array_walk in PHP

First, Array_map ()1 array_map() . The function functions the user-defined function to each value in the array, and returns an array with the new value after the function of the user-defined function, and if there is no return value after functions,

"Notes" NetEase micro-professional-web security Engineer -04.web Security Combat-2. Brute force

KP June before bought a trolley box, in the initial setup password is not familiar with the steps, a moment hand shake, password has been set, but do not know what password set, want to cry without tears. Want to retrieve the password, only a test,

Web File Upload size limit

最近在项目中遇到上传文件,对上传文件的大小需要进行限制,这里学习和整理了一下一些常规的文件大小限制的方法。 Generally divided into two ways, one is the server-side to determine the size of the file limit, the existence of obvious defects, when the user too much, after the data uploaded


http-2.41) new features (1) MPM support Run as DSO mechanism; load on demand as a module (2) Event MPM production environment available (3) asynchronous read-write mechanism (4) supports individual log level definitions per module and per directory (

Object-oriented programming of JS

First, what is the "non-constructor" inheritance?For example, there is now an object called "Chinese". var Chinese = {Nation: ' China '}; There is also an object called "Doctor". var Doctor ={Career: ' Doctor '} How can I

On the scope chain of JS (Ii.)

The previous article describes three important parts of execution context: Vo/ao,scope chain and this, and details Vo/ao's performance in JavaScript code execution.This article looks at the scope chain in execution context.ScopeBefore you start

PHP Learning notes-Super global variables

Super global variable, where is super? There is no limit to the scope of the Super global variable relative to the global type, and the Super global variable can be referenced outside the function, within the function, or any PHP file. There are a

Try to clarify the GC of. NET (1)

What is a GC?GC (garbage Collection) is a mechanism for recovering unused memory in memory management, and our well-known Java and. NET have their own GC mechanism, which is part of memory management.Why do you have a GC? Because dynamic memory

In layman's way: HTTP request mode

HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Hypertext Transfer Protocol), the HTTP protocol is located in the application layer, consisting of requests and responses. is the transport protocol used to transfer hypertext to the local browser from the

NET USER Command Collection

NET USER Command CollectionNET use \\ip\ipc$ ""/user: "" to establish an IPC NULL linkNET use \\ip\ipc$ "password"/user: "username" establishes IPC non-null linkNET use h: \\ip\c$ "password"/user: "User name" mapping the other side after direct

Error handling mechanism in PHP

Common three types of errors:1.Notice: Notification error, minimum error, when a notification error occurs, a message pops up. Execution of code is not interrupted.Error code:#例如inch 22.Warning: Warning error, when a warning error occurs, a warning

Install Apache under Debian

Installing Apache today is encountering a pit, so write a record.Native environmentSystem: Personal PC debian/deepin-15.5, this tutorial is for the Debian systemInstalling the SoftwareTarget software: apache-httpd, Apache Server Software, currently (

Install nginx+php and configure PHP-FPM module under Linux

The following is a CentOS 7.2 example, starting with PHP installation:Install PHP running environment, first open the downloads page of the PHP official website: http://php.net/downloads.phpAfter downloading the installation package, upload it to

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