HTTP Review Notes Summary

1, Status code: 1XX information Prompt 2xx response Success 3xx redirect 4xx client error 5xx server-side error200 response succeeded 201 created 204 not content succeeded, no resource returned302 http/1.0 Found client uses the URL of the location

JS Create object

JS Create object

The difference between the button and the input button in HTML

The difference between the button and the input buttonA word summarizing the subject: has the same effect but more powerful in terms of maneuverability.The forms section of the HTML 4.01 specification has the following types of controls: Buttons,

PHP-CGI process consumes too much CPU

In general, php-cgi only consumes CPU resources when the user accesses it, but recently colleagues have reported that the php-cgi process on the server consumes a lot of CPU, but the traffic is very small. This is obviously an anomaly, saying that

CentOS7 Yum Install PHP 5.6.24

Configuring the Yum SourceAdditional CentOS 6.5 Epel and Remi sources are added.# RPM-UVH RPM-UVH

Jwt--json WEB TOKEN

Transfer from simple book Http:// is Jwtjson Web token (JWT) is a JSON-based open standard (RFC 7519) that executes in order to pass claims across a network application environment. The token is designed to be

PHP Object-Oriented-----Magic method

1, __sleep and __wakeupThe serialize () function checks to see if there is a magic method __sleep () in the class. If present, the method is called first before the serialization operation is performed. This feature can be used to clean up an object

[Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi)] 01, in the Linux environment to the Raspberry Pi installation system and the introduction of various materials

1. Pre-preparationEnter the help page, you can directly see get START with Paspberry PI, click Enter;Next will guide you to check whether the accessories are complete: Raspberry Pi, monitor, hdmi line, mouse,

Soft Work (4): User experience analysis--taking "Division road Nantong Website" as an example

User Experience Analysis: taking "Division road Nantong Website" As an example First, the goal(1) for the Division road, the implementation of UX points PS: Comparison of 2 other learning sites (student safety education platform, Umu learning

Basic application of Linux--apache

First, ApacheCommonly used Web services in the enterprise to provide HTTP//(Hypertext Transfer Protocol)II. installation and deployment of ApacheYum Install Httpd-yYum Install Httpd-manualSystemctl Start httpdSystemctl Enable httpddiagram:

Laravel using Phpword Instructions

laravel using Phpword instructions1. Installation EnvironmentMust be installed "=php 5.3.3 + xml Parser  extension Zend\escaper  component zend\stdlib component Span style= "Color:rgb (155,89,182);

Website front-End JS Encryption method RAS encryption can be PHP decryption

For data encryption and decryption problems, there are many ways to encrypt the clock. Here I'll talk about two of the methods I've used recently.First, the first is the RAS encryption form, I use this encryption form the most fancy his 16 binary

Common Http/ftp/websocket error code Daquan-Go

HTTP1XX messageThis type of status code, on behalf of which the request has been accepted, needs to be processed. This type of response is a temporary response that contains only the status line and some optional response header information and ends

. NET face question Summary

Directory This is to introduce me to the collection and my own personal preservation some. NET face questions Brief introduction 1.c# the difference between a value type and a reference type 2. How to enable a type to

Why PHP runs mkdir () Permission Denied

With lamp, PHP executes mkdir ($path) when uploading a file, and There are no permissions errors. Solve:This time using the YII framework, so first make sure that the Apache user has permissions to the Web directory, and then add rw permissions to

S2h-http Status 404-no result defined for action and result input error resolved

Doing a small project today, using SSH, results in HTTP Status 404-no result defined for action and result input error at run time.First, carefully check all the configuration files, namespaces, paths, names are no problem.So a variety of search

Detail WebSocket--node. JS Chapter

In the previous article, there were various ways to improve web communication, including polling, long connections, and the means mentioned in various HTML5. This article will describe in detail the implementation of the WebSocket protocol in Web

Understanding of define (' Discuz_root ', substr (DirName (__file__), 0,-7));

About define (' Discuz_root ', substr (DirName (__file__), 0,-7)); Understanding define (' Discuz_root ', substr (DirName (__file__), 0,-7)) ;Get site root directoryFor the above statement has not understood what is meant to check the relevant

Build a simple Django service and implement Get/post request submission form via Httprequester

When debugging a service written by the Django framework, you need to impersonate the client to send a POST request, but the browser can only simulate a simple GET request (write the parameters in the URL), and the web search gets the Httprequester

PHP advanced, how to use interactive mode for rapid test experiment?

Well, what, PHP is very strong, we all know ha. However, in the people who engage in PHP, naturally also to compete. Of course, I prefer to use fun to describe.What is fast development? I think, quickly to write a few words, you can let the code run

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