Constant Const property, static property, static function method in PHP

Constants in PHPDefine (' MYNUM ', 2000);echo MYNUM. ' ';if (!defined (' MYNUM ')) {Define (' MYNUM ', 4000);}Echo MYNUM;In-class declaration and useClass Testconst {Const COUNTRY = ' China '; Const cannot be public, static does not need $,

Php Method overloading

/** PHP Object-oriented overrides and overloadsRewrite:That is, when a subclass inherits some of the methods of the parent class, and the subclass defines the same method within it, the newly defined method overrides the inherited method of the

The application of Ajax in Shopping cart

The code is as follows:Shopping Cart Page: easy to buy network-home Shopping cart x Pieces Login Register Message Admin Home Books Department store Brand Promotions Music Film Kids Anime Fiction Foreign Languages Digital camera

PHP APC Cache and comparison with Redis

APC caches user data This will be used, Apc_store () and Apc_fetch () functions.That APC caches PHP code, how does this work?Original:

Php Method overloading

/** PHP Object-oriented overrides and overloadsRewrite:That is, when a subclass inherits some of the methods of the parent class, and the subclass defines the same method within it, the newly defined method overrides the inherited method of the

JSON Quick Start QuickStart (Java edition) from: Ruan Yi Feng Great god's "data type and JSON format"

PHP Template engine Smarty

First, The characteristics of SmartySpeed: Faster compared to other template enginescompiled: Direct access to the compilation file the next time the template is accessed, no more template recompilationCaching Technology: you can cache HTML files

PHP folder and file directory operations

PHP folder operation functionString basename (String path [, string suffix])Give a string containing a full path to a file, this function returns the base file name. If the file name ends in suffix, then this part will be removed as well.In Windows,

A brief talk on Bind (), Live (), delegate (), on () binding event mode in jquery

First, On (), Live (), bind ()  On () adds one or more event handlers for the specified element, and specifies the function to run when these events occur. Event handlers that use the on () method apply to current or future elements, such as new

Real understanding of referencing & in PHP-variable reference, function reference, object reference

PHP references (that is, the variables or functions, objects, etc. with the & symbol)//The most important is to delete the referenced variable, but the reference variable can not access, but the content is not destroyed in PHP refers to the meaning

How to install Nginx and PHP-FPM (RPM) via Yum on CentOS 6

Prepare the article:1, configure the firewall, open 80 ports, 3306 portsVi/etc/sysconfig/iptables-A input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 80-j ACCEPT (allow 80 ports via firewall)-A input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 3306-j ACCEPT

How to use PHP interface class interface correctly

1, the definition of the interface:Interface: A special abstract class in which the member attribute is abstract, which is the function of the norm in the program.2, in fact, their role is very simple, when there are a lot of people to develop a

Php--static usage

The static keyword declares that a property or method is related to a class and not to a particular instance of a class, so such a property or method is also referred to as a class property or class method.If the access Control permission allows,

Uploadify uploading Files (2)--Basic syntax

Separated for a long time, because recently moved, left the city of small life, came to Hangzhou. Looking for a job, looking for a house and many other issues delayed this article for a long time. It's a rare day in a hotel. Complete the Uploadify

About embedded Web servers

Configuration file for 1.boa boa.conf  Port 80//service access portsUser 0Group 0Errorlog/var/log/boa/error_log//error log AddressAccesslog/var/log/boa/access_log//Access log fileDocumentroot/var/www//html Document's home directoryUserdir

Why I like Google Chrome as a web Developer

Before Google Chrome came out, I always used Firefox, because Firefox has a very rich plugin, and because Firefox has a strong firebug, for the front-end development can be described as artifact.When I came out of Chrome, I liked the simplicity and

CURL PHP Analog Browser get and post

A class that simulates a browser get and post data that needs to be used frequently,Here are some good ways to collect.Method OneMethod Twoexec (); *// Send post Data * $curl->post (Array (' username ' = ' username '))->exec ();

Format differences between request.setcharacterencoding () and Request.setcontenttype ("Html/css;charset")

1, request.setcharacterencoding () is the setting of the value taken from the request or the value taken from the databaseOnce specified, the correct string can be obtained directly through GetParameter (), and if not specified, the ISO8859-1

Experimental bar web question (26/26) Full writeup! Super Detail:)

#简单的SQL注入 Try to id=1, no errors.2) Try to id=1 ', error, there is echo, indicating that there are injection points:You have a error in your SQL syntax; Check the manual-corresponds to your MySQL server version for

How does the Format function of a Python string work?

This article and we share the main is the Python string in the Format function related content, a look at it, hope to learn Python to help you.From python2.6, the string in Python has a powerful tool for the format control of the Str.format ()

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