jquery in the table of the full selection, not selected, the following all selected, select All tick, the following is not selected, the select tick unchecked, and bring out the request value.

  School number name age add 1 Zhang San 19 add 2 small Lei 20 add 3 Xiao Yue 21 add 4 Xiao Zhang 20 add 5 Xiao Li 20 add 6 Xiao Wang 21 add 7 Little Li 22 added 8 Little Red 19 add 9 Xiaoming 18 Add 10 small Sea 20 adds   The method $.prop

The difference between Die,die (), Exit,exit (), Return,return () in PHP

Die: Stop when you encounter an errorDie (): Stop program run, output contentExit: Is the stop program running, is directly stopped, and does not run subsequent code, does not output contentExit (): content can be displayed.Exit (0): Run the program

Three ways to receive URL parameters in HTML

1. Use Window.location.search to obtain the following parametersThe name of the param parameterfunction GetParameter (param){var query = Window.location.search;var ilen = param.length;var iStart = query.indexof (param);if (IStart = =-1)Return

[Turn] traditional Ajax is dead, Fetch eternal life

Forgive me for doing it once title party, Ajax will not die, traditional Ajax refers to XMLHttpRequest (XHR), the future is now replaced by the Fetch.Recently, Ali a TENS PV data products all moved by the JQuery $.ajax , the Fetch online one months

Linux under Apache deployment

Linux under Apache deployment1. Build Users[root]# Groupadd Apache[root]# useradd apache-g Apache[root]# passwd Apache[root]# Su-apache2. Download openssl-1.0.2g.tar.gz to User directory ~ (/home/apache/)[Apache] #tar-ZXVF

(basic) The difference between PHP 0 and null null FALSE

PHP$test=0;if($test= = "'){ Echo' In php, 0 is empty ';//is output}if($test= = = ""){ Echo' In php, 0 is empty ';//not be output}if($test==NULL){ Echo' In php, 0 is empty ';//is output}if($test===NULL){ Echo' In php, 0 is empty ';//not be output}

Goto: Hibernate lazy load in-depth analysis

can lazy loading improve performance ?Can not simply say "can", because Hibernate's relational mapping dragged down the performance of SQL, so think of lazy loading to compensate. Just make up and not go beyond. So let's not think about the use of

Describes the specific contents of the Say_hello function, and calls the zend_printf system function to print the string in PHP

Download a PHP source code package, the use of PHP 4.0.5 version, the decompression will see the root directory of PHP will have readme.ext_skel such a file, open the detailed reading, found a very useful tool, this tool can help you build an empty

A single line ellipsis is displayed in an HTML page

content out of display ellipsis . cont{ width:200px; overflow:hidden;/* content Beyond hidden * / text-overflow:ellipsis;/* out content as ellipsis * / white-space:nowrap;/* text does not wrap in line * /}  Order of Top Top top top top top top

Summary of common functions of phpcms2008


{$head [title]} page title, usage: {$head [title]}-{$PHPCMS [sitename]}{$PHPCMS [sitename]} Site name usage:{$head [title]}-{$PHPCMS [sitename]}{$head [keywords]} keyword usage:{$head [description]} page description usage:{$PHPCMS [version]} phpcms

About the Quartz.net job scheduling framework of a small package, implementation of pseudo-AOP write log function

Quartz.net is a very powerful job scheduling framework, suitable for a variety of scheduled execution of business processing, similar to the Windows comes with the Task Scheduler, where the use of cron expressions to implement a variety of timing

Discuz the best way to transcode UTF-8 from GBK

Recently due to the integration of the Forum account needs, had to convert the original Blue Card forum GBK code to UTF-8, because the Discuz official did not provide conversion tools, online and there is no reliable tutorial, and the forum data

jquery dynamically adds or removes TR and TD "actual project"

Difficulties:(1) dynamically add, delete TR and TD(2) every day TR and TD have subscript, and the subscript to dynamic change,(3) TR and TD why subscript can not be casually written, the reason is that all the data in the TR will be sent in the form

The evolution of high concurrency Web services

An increasing number of concurrent connectionsThe number of concurrent connections faced by Web systems has increased exponentially in recent years, and high concurrency has become the norm, bringing great challenges to web systems. The simplest and

An analysis of Ajax grammar

Ajax is a very common technology, it is also worth exploring and studying a technology. This article will focus on the development process of Ajax and its use in different library frameworks to share with you the new and old Grammar of Ajax. An

The main functions of PHP header function

First look at the definition of official documents(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)header- Sending native HTTP headers1 Header string $string $replace true $http _response_code ]] )Parameters:  StringThere are two kinds of special heads. The first type of "http/

Using Jmeter to do Web interface testing

Interface Test Overview definitionAPI testing is a type of software testing that involves testing application programming interfaces (APIs) directly and as Part of integration testing to determine if they meet expectations for functionality,

HTTP Layer--csrf Protection

IntroductionCross-site request forgery is a malicious vulnerability that exploits a trusted website by disguising a request from an authorized user. Laravel makes it easy to prevent applications from being spoofed by cross-site requests.Laravel

Lamp Compile and install (i)--install Apache2.4

Background introductionLamp is the LNMP structure before the popular long-lasting structure, this series on from scratch a little bit about the installation of lamp compilation. First, this series of topology diagram 650) this.width=650; "Src=" http:

HTTP Layer--Request

1. VisitRequest Instance To get the current HTTP request instance through dependency injection, you need to type-prompt the class in the Controller's constructor or method so that the Illuminate\Http\Request current request instance is automatically

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