Resolve PHP using CVS to export Excel garbled problem

after using PHP to generate CVS files through Excel Open find Chinese all become garbled, before my local win08 through WPs Normal, but uploaded to server Linux on the server test has appeared garbledafter the start of the Linux problem but later

5 Linux command-line-based file downloads and web browsing tools

command line is the most magical part of Gnu/linux, it is a very powerful tool; the command line itself is versatile, and multiple built-in or third-party command-line applications make Linux more robust and powerful. Linux Shell supports a variety

Common HTTP Error Codes Daquan HTTP common status codes

Some of the common status codes are:200-Server successfully returned to Web page404-The requested page does not exist503-Service Not availableDetailed decomposition:1XX (Temporary response)A status code that represents a temporary response and

. Net of bad reviews

. NET platform is great. It's really great. Until it's no longer so great. Why am I no longer using. NET? In short, it limits our ability to choose (which is important to me), diverting our attention and making us aware of its security, instead of

Apache Log configuration detailed (Rotatelogs Logformat)

Logs/error_logCustomlog Logs/access_log Common--The default is that the above section is modified as follows:Errorlog "|/usr/sbin/rotatelogs/var/log/httpd/ 7200 480"Customlog "|/usr/sbin/rotatelogs/var/log/httpd/10

thinkphp Source Learning to_guid_string function generates a unique identification number based on PHP various types of variables

/*** Generate unique identification numbers based on PHP various types of variables* @param mixed $mix variables* @return String*/Function to_guid_string ($mix)  {    if  (Is_object ($mix))  {         return spl_object_hash ($mix);//spl_object_hash -

Automatic switching of background color of CSS3 animation

Browser compatibility issues arise because of different browser cores1 DOCTYPE HTML>2 HTML>3 Head>4 MetaCharSet= ' Utf-8 '/>5 title>The transformation of the background colortitle>6 styletype= "Text/css">7 Div{8 width:200px;9

jquery File Upload plugin ajaxfileupload used in ASP.

0 Ajaxfileupload IntroductionAjaxfileupload plugin is a very simple jquery-based asynchronous upload file plug-in, using the process found many with the same name, based on the original version of the modified plug-in, the file version is more, I

PHP after installation php-config command what to do

Php-config is a simple command-line script to view information about the installed PHP configuration.We execute php-config at the command line to output all configuration informationUsage:/usr/Local/php/bin/php-Config [option]options:--prefix

HttpClient Post Get Request method, left in the future may be used

/// ///POST request returns entity/// /// Request Address /// Request Data /// Entity Public StaticT postresponse (stringUrlObjectobj) {HttpClient HttpClient=NewHttpClient (NewHttpclienthandler ()

CSS differences in IE6, IE7, and IE8////////////////z

The difference between CSS in IE6, IE7, and IE8 one of the most bizarre statistical results about browsers is that internet Explorer versions 6,7 and 8 coexist. As of this article, each version of Internet Explorer occupies a total of approximately 6

JS Create object

Splice (subscript, delete number, add Item ...) )Slice (begin,end) does not change the meta-arrayIterative Every,filter,foreach,map,someMerge reduce (function (Pre,cur,index,arr), a)Reduceright (IBID.) (THIS,A,B,C)Func.apply

js-keywords and reserved words

ECMA-262 describes a set of keywords that have a specific purpose. These keywords can be used to represent the start or end of a control statement, or to perform a specific operation. By rule, keywords are also language-reserved and cannot be used

Four client-side Web storage solutions with the ability to replace cookies

There are several existing standards that are required to store large amounts of data in a user's Web browser, each with its own advantages, short board, unique standardization status, and browser support levels. However, the actual performance of

Implementing a linked list with PHP

For reference, the code can also continue to be polishedand put it on my github: = $this->_tail = null; $this->_length = 0; } function Makenode ($data) {$node =

Any file download vulnerability aspx site

1) Leverage SQL Server penetrationFor ASPX sites, the general background is a SQL Server database, so the simplest way to exploit this vulnerability is to get the database password directly, log in directly to the database, and complete the

How do I debug PHP code in Sublime+chrome?

1. Build PHP Local running environment specific click How to use phpstudy local build multi-site (each site corresponds to a different port)2. Download php_xdebug.dll,"PHP version 5.3 or above"Http://"PHP version 5.3 and

JS Supplemental trivia point (Continue,break,ruturn)

1.continue,break,ruturnThe eg:1-100 and$ (function () { $ ("#hello"). Click (function () { var iNum = 0; for (var i = 1; i ) { + = i; } alert (iNum) ;});The result is: 5050Change to break

NET in the IL instruction detailed

Name Description Add Adds two values and pushes the result onto the evaluation stack. add.ovf Adds two integers, performs an overflow check, and pushes the result onto the evaluation stack.

PHP in Curl Analog post sends JSON and receives JSON

The local impersonation Request Server data, the request data format is json, the server returns the data is also Json.  Due to the specificity of the requirements, such as synchronizing the Client's bulk data to the cloud, the data submitted to the

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