The number of characters and occurrences of the most occurrences in a string are judged in JS

  1The note is still quite clear the pure hand dozen, the mistake please raise. Salute Silent Classmate!The number of characters and occurrences of the most occurrences in a string are judged in JS

About Angularjs (seven) filter-Lydda Leopard

time 2013-12-15 16:22:00 Blog Park-Original essence Area Original ThemeAngularJSFilters (filter), as its name, is to receive an input, process it through a rule, and return the processed results. It is

JQUERY+CSS3 achieve 404 background animation effects

Effect: Download:Http:// follows:The code is as follows:DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head>Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8" />title>JQUERY+CSS3

JS calculates a distance of two points based on latitude and longitude

Calculate distance based on two-point latitude and longitudeHow are these longitude determined? The earth is constantly spinning around its axis (the earth's axis is a center of the north-south poles and the Earth.Imaginary line), in the Earth's

Read "Daily request million-level QQ member AMS platform PHP7 upgrade Practice" blog Experience notes


Because the original article from the CSDN without permission cannot be reproduced, so only record the great God's experience and the most worthy of reference to the place, for future references, PHP7 version has not yet popularized, for the

Pseudo "multiple Inheritance"--trait syntax updated above PHP5.4

In the low version of PHP, the class is not able to implement multiple inheritance, so we want to achieve multi-inheritance effect should consider "chain inheritance", in the high version of PHP updated trait syntax, in order to achieve "so-called

HTML Multiple Select option group

Select sort/display mode by price from low to high by price from high to low by time remaining from less to more by the time remaining from the many to less List Mode Image

[. NET domain driven design Combat Series] topic two: Building an online bookstore with a service-oriented architecture based on domain-driven design

Original address:, prefaceIn the previous topic I, I have already introduced my intention to write this series of articles. Since the DDD framework in and the Byteart retail case do

[Json] 1-Data format (RPM)

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format. JSON takes a completely language-independent text format, which makes JSON an ideal data exchange language. Easy to read and write, but also easy to machine parse and

JS Create object

ECMA-262 defines an object that is a collection of unordered attributes, whose properties can contain basic values, objects, or functionsIt's plain to wrap a specific set of variables and methods.So let's start by creating an objectvar person=new

. NET WCF Return string string with backslash handling

应该是:{"Message":"Hello World"}The result is:"{\"Message\":\"Hello World\"}"The correct wording is:[WebGet(UriTemplate = "hello")]public void SayHello(){ SimpleMessage message = new SimpleMessage() {Message = "Hello World"}; string json =

PHP command line script run PHP file simple demo

Controversial is well known, PHP has a very important role in the Web server field, but it is not only in the web domain, but in the web domain performance is more excellent!It basically has three kinds of uses: Writing Web server-side

PHP-Division takes integers

Solution Objective: Division of a number to take an integer 1.round-rounding of floating-point numbers float Round (float $val [, int $precision])Returns the result of rounding Val based on the specified precision precision (number of digits

Send HTML content to email

CSS cannot be used in HTML, JS. You send a piece just fine, without having to write the entire HTML page, because even if it is written, the mail client will delete the contents of the body (including the tag), leaving only the inside of the

HTTPS Learning Summary

Overview of HTTPS Learning SummaryHTTPS vs. HTTP has a security layer of SSL/TLS, specifically verifying the server's certificate and encrypting the content.Let's take a look at the difference between HTTP and HTTPSI use AFN to access the

thinkphp 3.2.3 Plus minus multiplication verification code class

Thinkphp 3.2.3 comes with a code class in/thinkphp/library/think/verify.class.php, and the font file is located in/thinkphp/library/think/verify/Can be modified within the Verify.class.php file, or you can write a class that inherits its own code. study notes (23) re-knowledge entrusted

First, call the static method1. StatementA delegate must use a pre-declaration definition, which can have parameters (one or more), and can have a return value. ' is located in the Declaration section of a module or class Delegate Sub

Nodejs's mean stack development (i)----routing and controller

Because of the job needs, recently learned node again, the last time to learn node is 2014, purely personal interest, after learning the introduction of no use, coupled with other projects to the End. Just pick it up this Time. Needless to say, the

Five-level address linkage effect (js) in the project

When I first started, I wrote a SQL statement, but I wrote 5 functions to link the address. Later consulted the former section of the master, with JS to write an address linkage.I'm using the Easyui frame!Address linkage part HTML code! TR>

php file upload and download source code

  first, File UploadFront page:DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head> MetaCharSet= "utf-8"> title>File Uploadtitle>Head>Body>Div> formMethod= "post"Action= "upload.php"enctype= "multipart/form-data" >User nameinputtype= "text"name= "username">input>

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