Lnmp encountered PHP can only download unable to open processing

Build Lnmp in the normal access, but PHP files can only download unable to open the problem handling methodFirst of all, we first understand the following installation of Nginx

JS Create object

First, the factory modelfunction Createperson (name,age,job) {var o=new Object ();O.name=name;O.age=age;O.job=job;O.sayname=function () {alert (this.name);};return o;}var person1=createperson (' Nicholas ', $, ' software Engineer ');var

Meta tag usage Daquan

Meta is a functional label that describes a document as defined in the head tag of an HTML documentThe META tag has the following effects:1. Search engine Optimization (SEO)2. Define the language used for the page3. Automatically refresh and point

PhpStorm10.0 shortcut keys Daquan PhpStorm10.0 common shortcut keys and configuration

  Set shortcut keys:Settings, IDE Settings, File------select "Eclipse" and then "copy" a copy--Re-personalize (your own custom) shortcut keys frequently used shortcuts (keymaps :D Efault case)  Common shortcut keysESC key Editor (from tool window)F1

How hackers have hacked into your site

The question is difficult to answer, in simple terms ,, there are many ways to invade a website. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the techniques that hackers commonly use to scan and invade websites. Suppose your site is:

Perfect scan PHP Special one word back door

-1 | | strpos ($name, '%00 ') >-1 | | strpos ($name, '/') >-1) {E Cho ' features ". $path. ' '; Flush (); Ob_flush (); } else {if (!preg_match ($exs, $name)) continue; if (filesize ($path)

JS gets the current time and assigns the time to the input form

....Also how to customize the date format as follows:Select Date:InputType=The date"Value="2011-01-04"/> Select time:InputType=The time" value=" 22:52" /> Select week:input type=" Week" /> Select Month:input type="month" />The results are as follows:

Tips and experience sharing for front-end graph + page layout

Now in the school, there are many courses inside the training organization is the front-end cut graph this aspect, simply is to learn div+css page layout. A lot of people after this round of study found that they are very familiar with the layout of

YII2 Series Tutorial II: Mvc,forms and layouts


In the previous article we simply implemented the Yii2 framework installation and Hello World , in this article, we will be curious to explore a few important elements in the Yii2 composition: MVC , Forms and Layouts .The goal of this article is to

Build your own Web pages with GitHub pages, the easiest way to do it for beginners

I self-study front-end one months, write a few web pages want to apply for, online search all kinds of ways to build a website, found not to charge is very troublesome. Finally Huang Tian not negative, let me find the GitHub pages, not only free,

Thinkphp,jquery,ajax Asynchronous Publishing

1. Define a variable in the of the HTML page that submits the form for jquery to useCreate a Handleurl variable for use with Index.js (this is the jquery file that was introduced), because the template syntax is not available in the referenced JS

Get request sent by session, POST request, upload, download

http Method: The difference between a GET request and a POST requestGet is a request to send data to the server, and post is a request to submit data to the server get is to get information, not modify information, like database query function, the

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP protocol is used to pass information between a Web browser and a Web server, the HTTP protocol sends content in plaintext, does not provide data encryption in any way, and if an attacker intercepts a transmission

What did the computer do when you browsed the Web page?

What did the computer do when you browsed my blogTechnical considerations, Computer principlesWhen I was in college, I always had a lot of questions about computers, especially how computers worked, and why it was so powerful that it changed our

NGINX_PHP_PHP-FPM Website Environment Deployment Manual

1. Download the stable version of the source code installation files:Nginx-1.6.2.tar.gzhttp://nginx.org/download/Php-5.5.23.tar.gzhttp://php.net/downloads.phpPCRE (make Nginx support HTTP rewrite module):

php-cgi remote Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability (cve-2012-1823) fix scenario


The first introduction to this vulnerability, in fact, when Apache calls the PHP interpreter to explain the. php file, the URL parameter will be passed to the PHP interpreter, if the URL after the command line switch (such as-s,-D,-C

Summary of comment types in HTML, CSS, and JS

Adding the necessary annotations is a good habit that good programmers must have, which can greatly improve the maintainability and readability of the code. 1. HTML annotations Note the place (depending on your personal habits may vary)

Top Ten tips for PHP developers to do more

What happens if you use a big mirror as a surfboard? Perhaps you will conquer the waves in a short time, but you must know from the bottom of your heart that this is not the right choice for surfing. The same applies to PHP programming, although

Use WordPress to build a website to remove the domain name of WordPress

we set up a good site when the WordPress program in the form of a folder in the root directory of the space, access to add the folder name, access to the address is: http://www.xxx.com/wordpress , direct with domain name is inaccessible, workaround:1

Summary of Xdebug Usage of PHP debug tracking

PHP Debug Tracking Xdebug Use summary:Xdebug is an open source PHP program debugging tool that you can use to debug, track, and analyze program running status. Of course, Xdebug need to combine PHP's editing tools to break point, tracking, debugging

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