Java founder James Gosling joined Cloud computing start-up company

After only a few months of joining Google, Java founder James Gosling chose to leave the search engine giant and join the unmanned marine equipment maker and cloud data service provider Liquid Robotics. And as Liquid robotics Chief Software architect. On James Gosling's blog He did not show any dissatisfaction with Google. He was also surprised by his choice to leave Google. "My time at Google was very open ..." he said.

Tianjin subsidies actively encourage enterprises to use "cloud computing"

To speed up the construction of the airport to become a smart airport, to encourage enterprises in the region to use cloud computing related business, yesterday, the airport economic Zone announced the relevant support policy. According to the policy, for the use of cloud computing business enterprises and units, the first year will be given 80% financial subsidies. In order to encourage companies to use the "> Cloud Computing Center, the airport Economic zone is currently in place to include taxes," said Jilin, the director of the Airport Economic Development Bureau.

China Telecom to accelerate cloud computing process will bring in overseas top technicians

August 29 Evening News (Sangyu) at the founding ceremony of China's "" > Cloud Computing Development and Policy Forum held today, Zhang Jiping, deputy general manager of Chinese telecommunications, said China Telecom has been committed to the development of cloud computing, is actively introducing the top talent in cloud computing. According to Zhang Jiping, China Telecom will hold the relevant forum on cloud computing this week, "We hope that through this release, the system summarizes China Telecom in the cloud ...

Virtual Cloud computing rings a new era of security prudent choice cloud provider

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISOs) are under pressure to redesign their information security policies to suit the new business model: Virtual Cloud computing environments. In this environment, resources are shared and transferable. These technical executives are setting new policies and investing in new technologies to take into account the resilience of public and private clouds, the provisioning of services, and the infrastructure for sharing data. New policies and systems for identity management are being designed as users develop third-party services for use outside the firewall, even within the firewall, to collaborate in a real-world shared environment. In addition, the need for certainty ...

VMware CEO: Cloud computing will end desktop PC era

The August 31 news, VMware CEO Paul Marize ( ">paul Maritz") urged users to consider the future of desktop computers. Marize insists that desktop computers are not suitable for the current workforce. In his speech at the opening ceremony of the VMworld 2011 conference, he said the PC was no longer the only animal in the zoo. Users will increasingly hold other devices in their hands ...

Jobs left mobile cloud computing came

Apple's share price fell more than 5% after Mr. Jobs stopped being CEO of Apple. It was Steve Jobs who created and made Apple the first company to market capitalisation. People are worried about whether Apple will continue to be brilliant without jobs. Some analysts point out that the key to Apple's success is not to inherit Apple's consistent product beauty, but its App store, which completely changes the entire industry's rules of the game. For example, mobile phone, before the advent of the iphone, many mobile phones can also be online, but because the content is not aimed at "mobile" characteristics and design, Internet behavior has not been universal, and appst ...

Li: Security is the basic rule of the cloud computing age

"Http://" > Cloud Computing Security • High-end CIO Summit "and 2011 Enterprise Cloud Computing and virtualization Security Strategy launch August 24 in Beijing," IT manager World " Li Tie, the magazine's president, said at the summit that security is the basic rule of the cloud computing era and the protector of the cloud computing era. The following is a transcript of Li's statement: Li: At the opening of such a very important summit, give me a few minutes ...

Dell and VMware combine to make enterprise-class cloud computing

US-East Time August 29 news, according to Http:// ">marketwatch reported that Dell and VMware will be combined to make enterprise-class cloud computing." reported that the cloud computing services will be launched in the United States in the fourth quarter of this year, launched in Europe and Asia in 2012. (Responsible editor: The good of the Legacy)

Tianjin encourages enterprises to use "cloud computing" airport economic zone to subsidize

To speed up the construction of the airport to become a smart airport, to encourage enterprises in the region to use cloud computing related business, yesterday, the airport economic Zone announced the relevant support policy. According to the policy, for the use of cloud computing business enterprises and units, the first year will be given 80% financial subsidies. In order to encourage companies to use the "> Cloud Computing Center, the airport Economic zone is currently in place to include taxes," said Jilin, the director of the Airport Economic Development Bureau.

Cloud Age: Five cloud computing CRM system with high usage rate

The advent of cloud computing provides a possibility for CRM to meet a variety of requirements. Both in business costs and business agility have been greatly met, and created a new business model and market opportunities. It can be said that cloud computing will lead to a series of new changes in the CRM industry, CRM service providers will break through the traditional concept of CRM products, and actively to SaaS, online, hosting, SNS and other new areas of expansion.   Online CRM is an online marketing management, sales management and integrated Customer lifecycle management tool tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises based on Internet mode. Make a move on.

Jichuan: Cloud computing development lacks strategic development planning and legal norms

August 29 Morning News, in today's "" > Cloud Computing Development and Policy Forum set up a conference, the former Ministry of Information industry minister Jichuan said,   The current cloud computing short board is mainly in strategic development planning, strategic development policy and legal norms are still very backward. At today's "cloud computing development and Policy Forum" set up a conference, Jichuan was selected as the Forum honorary chairman. For this appointment, Jichuan also don't forget to tease ...

The Giant's cloud experience: The fog of cloud computing

In fact, cloud computing can solve many of the most embarrassing problems in our lives: when we want to listen to our favorite songs on the way to travel and forget to download our tapes, when we have to practice tomorrow's demo at home, but the demo files are still on the office computer. When we took pictures on our cell phone and couldn't send e-mail because the file exceeded the size limit. According to Http:// ">forrester in the UK ...

Cloud Computing's Razor: rapid deployment of Hadoop clusters

Cloud computing has been seen as a new trend in the IT industry recently. Cloud computing can be roughly defined as a scalable computing resource that is provided with a service outside of its own environment and paid for by usage. You can access any resource in the cloud over the Internet without having to worry about computing power, bandwidth, storage, security, and reliability. From an enterprise perspective, growing information is hard to store in standard relational databases or even data warehouses. These questions refer to some problems that have existed for many years in practice. For example: How to query a ...

Nanjing Police launches research and construction of "Police Cloud computing Center"

In order to promote the wisdom of Nanjing construction level, to build Nanjing Police Science and Technology strong police brand, the construction of new scientific and technological innovation of modern policing mechanism, recently, Nanjing Police Cloud Computing Center project Construction Leadership Group office in Nanjing City Public Security Bureau, which marks the Nanjing police "Police Cloud computing Center" of the Research and construction work officially launched. Nanjing deputy mayor, municipal Public Security Bureau director Xu Zhubao attended the unveiling ceremony and made important speech. Current global cloud computing "surging", more and more High-tech enterprises, research institutions are committed to cloud computing research and construction work, the country's largest cloud computing center and production ...

Xiaodong: East soft into cloud computing difficult in PAAs

August 1 News, for the East soft layout of cloud computing, senior industry observers in the acceptance of ">it Business News Network interview, said The company's software advantages make it a SaaS-level base, but the PAAs layer is where the east is in need of improvement. Recently, software outsourcing industry giant Neusoft Group chairman and CEO Jiren said that China's health care sector growth space is very large, Neusoft group is very looking ...

Revan: Why cloud computing is hard to understand

But why use cloud computing? It originates from the easy to develop use of consumer it (Web2.0) work and differs from the already existing difficult to use "> Enterprise IT System." A Web2.0 page allows its users to change content in interactions with other users, and web1.0 users are restricted from interacting with Web1.0, only passively browsing information. Despite the Web2.0 ...

17 units jointly launched "Cloud Computing development and Policy forum" set up

August 29 News, after more than half a year of preparation, by the Ministry of Industry and Information technology telecommunications operators in the United Nations, Internet service providers and equipment manufacturers and related research institutes, jointly formed the "cloud Computing development and Policy Forum" was formally established in Beijing today.     Director of China Electronics Association, former minister of information Industry, Jichuan, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information technology Yang Xueshan, Shenzhen Mayor Xu, and the national information and communication field, the leading experts, the Ministry of the relevant department of leadership and other departments to participate in the establishment of the General Assembly. Cloud computing is information communication ...

How to achieve the supremacy of cloud computing

Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NEC) and its NEC (China) Limited (hereinafter referred to as NEC (China)) and "> Neusoft Group Co., Ltd. (600718. SH, hereinafter referred to as Neusoft Group, and its Neusoft Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Neusoft) have signed a cooperation agreement to launch cloud computing services in the Chinese market. Based on this cooperation ...

Breaking information island pervasive in China to help boxing cloud computing

With the help of cloud computing, China's information industry will gain an opportunity to upgrade from "Made in China" to "create in China".  But for most small and medium-sized enterprises, how to break the information island and realize the internal data circulation is a more realistic problem. "Although China's rapid economic development, but some enterprises within the lack of IT support, creating bottlenecks." "China's globalization, breaking the island of information, needs customization," said Bill Humphrey, Pervasive international market and global customer service Director of the US data integration platform manufacturer.

Cost-induced soft profit decline Jiren transformation Cloud computing reservoir crisis

Software outsourcing industry, the highest human cost, high enough to make industry leader "> Neusoft group profit fell nearly 1/4." Transforming into cloud computing does not relieve the cost of the company. Neusoft's cloud computing is facing problems, and its products can be put to use for a long time. But the intensive reduction of management and major shareholders has heralded a poor close-up of the company. The labor cost affects the Profit software outsourcing industry, the manpower cost is most ...

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