Wantong Real Estate net profit increases 51% to 10 shares to send 1.7 yuan

Wantong Real Estate (600246) March 9 Night Notice, the company 2010 annual operating income of 3.568 billion yuan, the growth of 45% per cent, attributable to the listed company shareholders of the net profit of 413 million yuan, the year-on-year increase of 51%, the basic earnings of 0.34 yuan, the year-on-year increase of 51%.  The company intends to distribute a cash dividend of 1.7 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares of all shareholders. Responsible Editor: NF054

Founder Science and technology to implement rights issue

Founder Technology announced today, the company received the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission on May 24, the company to the original shareholders placing no more than 518 million shares of new shares of China Securities Regulatory Commission approved. The company's board of directors will, in accordance with the requirements of the above approved documents, implement the allotment as soon as possible within 6 months of validity.

Broad hundred shares set 21.35 million shares raise 523 million

Guang Hundred shares (002187) March 9 Evening announcement, the company's private offering of the new shares of 21.3514 million shares, will be listed on March 11.  According to the issue price of 24.50 yuan/unit calculation, the total amount of fund-raising is 523 million yuan. Responsible Editor: NF054

WO-wheel view: Hong Kong stocks re-exhibition rally pay attention to Hang Seng Index Bull Bear Certificate

The Hang Seng index rebounded further, following a 248-point rise in the Asia-Pacific stock market, which continued to expand, rising 18,341 points, and hovering around 18,200 in the afternoon, closed at 18,275, or 2.14%, and the market turnover continued to decrease to HK $60.2 billion. U.S. stocks, buoyed by a 5.5% per cent contraction in the first quarter of US GDP, surged in the three major indices, with the Dow rising 2.08% to 8,472 points, with a rise of 2.08% to 1830 points and an increase of 500 to 2.14% points for the S & P 920. In addition, Hong Kong blue chips in the United States ...

Executives dump into valuations "killer" Bollywood high-tech blockbuster huge amount of cloudy

Has the bottom overweight, also will have the high position reduction. When the market rebounded yesterday, only 3 stocks fell, including the early trend of the contrarian high-tech.  The reporter found that the company's stock this "alternative trend", perhaps with the company's senior executives of the "language of behavior" given the signal. According to the information disclosed by Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the director and general manager of Li Shaozong, the director of the company Hanqing tree through bidding transactions in May 19, 20, 21st total reduction of the company about 429,300 shares, of which Li Shaozong in three days respectively reduce 109,435 shares, 200,000 shares and 8.489 ...

China Sea oil service subsidiary signs new contract for marine services

Recently, CNOOC's wholly-owned subsidiary COSL Drilling Europe as (CDE) signed a new service contract with customers on the marine life support Platform COSL rival, which began in August 2011 with a fixed period of 14 months plus 1-6 months ' option. COSL rival is a semi-submarine life support platform, can provide life support for 358 people at the same time. Currently operating in the North Sea Norwegian waters, will be in August 2011 after the end of the contract directly to the British Sea in the North Sea to start a new round of operations.

China resources Power has dropped 4% because of 6.1 billion yuan in capital raising

The next Monday Jin Hang Seng index component shares of China Resources Power Market this morning, because of its 14 yuan per share of the stock to raise nearly 6.1 billion yuan, the low see 17.22 Yuan, has fallen 3.91%, the latest reported 17.88 Yuan, down 0.22%, turnover 110 million yuan. China Resources Power announces that by $14 per share, by 10 to 1, it will raise up to 6.05 billion yuan for the unit, with an estimated net value of 5.923 billion yuan, and a discount of 17.92 yuan on the closing price of the shares.

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to high 160, 10,734.

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to 160 points high, 10,734 points.

In advance or into the stock price pushing funds to the first quarter of potential performance waves

Near the end of the two quarter, the "interim report performance" concept to help push the broader market on the other catalyst. The reporter noted that in the announcement of the interim results of the company, nearly 20% listed companies issued earnings forecasts, which more to the June market to bring more vision. According to wind data, as of June 1, the A-share market has 585 listed companies announced the 2009 interim results, of which 141 companies in advance, compared with the same period last year, the forecast net profit growth of more than 50% of 55. Among them, the largest number of listed companies from the petrochemical sector, a total of ...

China's gold mining complex licensing is up 19.8%

China gold Mining (00462-HK) to buy milk business, to join the concept of consumption; The deal was up 19.8% this morning, at HK $1.21 and HK $5.3226 million. The stock was suspended for HK $1.01 before its suspension.  The Company believes acquisitions can expand the business and profitability base and diversify existing business risks. With a $100 million New Zealand dollar (HK $480 million), UBNZ Trustee Limited acquired 20% rights and liabilities for UBNZ Assets Holdings Limited, and was awarded the cost of 400 million ...

Hang Seng 172 Open 18674

The index opened 172 points early, opened a 18674, the state-owned enterprises high 119 points, opened 10,859 points. Chinese stocks stronger than the market. HSBC Holdings fell 0.75%. China Mobile Rose 1.72%. China resources power to become an upstart, and share rights raise 6.1 billion, down 0.89%.

"Five Great Power" new energy sources in China

May 25, China Electric Power Investment Northwest Branch and Gansu Wuwei 100,000-kilowatt Solar Power Project investment Cooperation agreement signing ceremony held in Wuwei.  This is the second solar power project signed by CLP in two months. Similar to the CLP, the other four of the "five-strong power" have recently accelerated their foray into new energy fields such as solar power.  At the end of May, Datang New energy company and Hebei province Guyuan County Cooperation development of new energy projects formally signed, the project total investment of about 7 billion yuan, the total installed capacity of solar power 200,000-kilowatt, wind power total installed capacity of 300,000-kilowatt. Huaneng Group 、...

SASAC: Operating rules on state-owned property transactions to be implemented next month

Xinhua Beijing, June 25, as a unified standard of enterprise State-owned property transactions, the State Council of State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee 25th issued the "Enterprise State-owned property transaction operation Rules", which also marks the domestic property market towards the rule of unification of the era.  The rules are divided into eight chapters, mainly determine the basic content of the six major trading links, including the transfer of state-owned property applications, transfer information, the registration of the intention to register, the organization of transfer contracts, settlement of transaction funds and the issuance of transaction vouchers and other specific links. This March, SASAC issued a draft of the rules for soliciting opinions. The opinion draft is organized by the SASAC ...

Period of 18319 liters 369 points

PM refers to 18164 low for no reason, from 18160 liters on 18309, back to 18128 and then up to 18346, close to 18319, 369 points, than the spot high water 44, deal 115188.

Multi-gold holdings now down 17.72% due to large discount rights

Under the influence of the big discount, 00628-HK Holdings is now down 17.72%, offering HK $0.66 and a deal of HK $13.3725 million.  More than HK $0.3 per share or discount of 62%, placing up to 600 million new shares (64.61% per cent of enlarged equity), net fund-raising of HK $177.5 million for future investments and general operations; If no investors subscribe to new shares, Jin Li Fung will become a large shareholder.

Standing at the door of the "savage Money": The global surge of liquidity hit a shares again?

According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, June 5, the early release of the "on the further reform and improve the new issue system guidance (draft)" of the request for comment time is coming to an end.  And after the official release of the document, the silent one-year issue of the IPO is about to begin. However, the recent trend of the market is showing a different style. In the first 4 trading days of June, the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 index even pulled 4 yang lines, the cumulative increase has reached 7.03%. And in supporting the market expansion of key volume indicators, the four trading days of China's a-share Shanghai and Shenzhen cities daily turnover of up to 245.14 billion yuan, reclusive has ...

EU to deal with the crisis fiscal spending or up to 16.5% of GDP

Brussels, June 23 (Reuters)-The European Commission reported 23rd that direct fiscal spending on EU countries to deal with the financial crisis would be a 2.75%~16.5% of GDP. The European Commission issued its annual report on public finances the same day.  The report says fiscal spending on the crisis as a share of GDP will be between 2.75%~16.5%, depending on how governments recycle Bank aid funds. The report pointed out that countries to deal with the crisis led to a huge increase in public debt, coupled with the slowdown in economic growth, the aging of society, which led to European countries public ...

Hong Kong, Guangdong to jointly develop financial cooperation planning Securities Bank Joint shareholding can be expanded to 50%

This reporter Zhaopeng, Chao Jian, Liuyang Guangdong Province in charge of the deputy Governor of finance song Hai Pingyu yesterday in the Guangdong-Hong Kong Financial cooperation Conference revealed that the financial sector between Hong Kong and Guangdong is being? A kind of poor-mail? A special cooperative planning or planning framework for regional financial cooperation to refine the contents of the financial cooperation between the two places and clarify the arrangements for cooperation matters. The reporter was informed that the plan was being led by the Guangdong Provincial Finance office and the Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury Bureau, Materials will use the "Pearl River Delta Reform and development planning outline" financial first Test opportunity, the two sides jointly to the central struggle for financial cooperation system arrangements have a new breakthrough, including the reduction of the threshold for cooperation, exploration ...

Wenzhou Purchase door Responsible person arrested

Alleged dereliction of duty, dereliction of duty and other economic problems "Xinhua news agency, Wenzhou, June 24," Reporters from Zhejiang province Wenzhou prosecutors learned that June 22, Wenzhou Procuratorate to the crime of alleged abuse of power, arrested in accordance with the law of Wenzhou "home purchase Door" The main responsible person, Wenzhou Old City Reconstruction Headquarters original party secretary,  Wu Guanxi, former chairman of Wenzhou Real Estate Co., Ltd. Earlier, April 14, 2009 Wu Guanxi was Wenzhou City Discipline Commission "double regulation" case investigation. According to the investigation of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Wu Guanxi's main problem is, in Wenzhou Old City reconstruction headquarters ...

Daofu: It is still normal for the 5-10% to adjust the capital outflow from the Hong Kong stock market

"The newspaper" (reporter Lindfing) the recent increase in Hong Kong stock has slowed down, Alistair Lowe, executive vice president of global Investment Management and global asset allocation and money investment, said yesterday that the adjustment of 5% to 10% per cent of Hong Kong equities was normal and there were no signs of capital outflows in the near future, and that there was no bubble in the Hong Kong property market,   It is expected that the future will be followed by a rebound in the dance, which is also bullish on Hong Kong's economic prospects. Big adjustment 5-10% is normal he added that while the World Bank had lowered its global economic forecasts, the investment market had been too negative in the last year because of the sharp decline in the markets, coupled with ...

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