上載者:User The SQL Server DAL Helper is a utility application that generates Data Access Layer (DAL) functions from stored procedures in a SQL Server database. The only characteristic of the stored procedure that the application does not automagically detect is whether or not information is returned. So, if the stored procedure does not return a result set then you must manually select the 'INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE' radiobutton and hit the 'Update Code' button. All code that is generated is Beta 2 compliant and you can use Steve Smith's pMaker function to make the parameter code more efficient. The source code for this application can be found here. Follow these steps to setup the DAL Helper on your system: 1) Place the contents of [url]DALHelper.txt [/url]in a .aspx file 2) Modify the GlobalDBConnection variable (connection string) to point at the database you wish to use to build the DAL functions 3) Call up the newly created .aspx page in a browser and pick a stored procedure to generate a DAL function Feel free to make modifications to this code (send me a copy so I can use your neat features =)! Please send any bugs to me. 


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