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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hardware Certification Program Policy Guide The Policies and Procedures of Hardware Certification

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Abstract The Red Hat Hardware Certification Program Policy Guide covers the procedural, technical and policy requirements for achieving a Red Hat Hardware Certification. 1. Introduction 1.1. Audience 1.2. Program Overview 1.3. Certification Prerequisites 2. The Certification Process 2.1. Process Overview 2.2. The Certification Process 2.2.1. Creating Accounts 2.2.2. Creating a Certification 2.2.3. Reviewing the Test Plan 2.2.4. Testing the Hardware 2.2.5. Sample Hardware 2.2.6. GSS Support Approval 2.3. Giving Feedback and Getting Help 3. Hardware Certification Policies 3.1. Program Policies 3.1.1. Policy Changes 3.1.2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.1.3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Compute (optional) 3.1.4. Red Hat Enterprise MRG for Realtime (RHEL6) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time (RHEL7) 3.1.5. Red Hat Gluster Storage for On-Premise 3.1.6. Certification Life-cycle 3.1.7. Submission Window 3.1.8. Original Certifications 3.1.9. Unpublished Certifications 3.1.10. Component Leveraging 3.1.11. Component Leverage Pools 3.1.12. System Pass-Through Certifications 3.1.13. Component Pass-Through Certifications 3.1.14. Re-Certification 3.1.15. Known Issues 3.2. Software Policies 3.2.1. Test Suite Versions 3.2.2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Versions 3.2.3. Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time Versions 3.2.4. Unmodified Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.2.5. Kernel Boot Parameters 3.2.6. Drivers 3.2.7. SELinux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7) 3.2.8. Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a Host 3.2.9. Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a Guest (Special Partnerships only) 3.3. BIOS/Firmware Policies 3.3.1. Production Level 3.3.2. Changes 3.3.3. Settings 3.3.4. OS Loaded 3.4. Hardware Policies 3.4.1. Stand-Alone 3.4.2. Components and Peripherals 3.4.3. Production Level 3.4.4. Changes 3.4.5. Configuration Limits 3.4.6. Performance Minimums 4. Creating the Test Plan 4.1. Test Plan Overview 4.2. Models 4.3. Options 4.4. Non-OS Features and Unintentional Features 4.5. Minimum Test Set 4.6. Installation, Boot, and Kdump Requirements 4.7. Hardware Class Requirements 4.8. Additional Manual Testing 4.8.1. External Storage and Multipath HBAs Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1. Audience 1.2. Program Overview 1.3. Certification Prerequisites This guide explains the certification process, the policies pertaining to hardware certification, and the process followed by the Red Hat Hardware Certification Team to create hardware test plans. 1.1. Audience The Red Hat Hardware Certification Policy Guide is intended for hardware vendors interested in certifying hardware with Red Hat. A strong working knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is required. A Red Hat Certified Engineer accreditation is preferred and suggested before participating. 1.2. Program Overview The Red Hat Hardware Certification Program provides a formal means for you to work with Red Hat to establish official support for your hardware. Certified hardware is supported by Red Hat's Global Support Services (GSS) and is published in the Red Hat Certification Catalog. The certification process is described in Chapter 2, The Certification Process. During the certification process Red Hat engineers create a test plan that defines the hardware criteria required to achieve certification. Red Hat engineers follow the process described in Chapter 4, Creating the Test Plan to create a test plan suitable for your hardware specifications. 1.3. Certification Prerequisites To ensure you are eligible to join the Hardware Certification Program, a summary of the most important polices is listed below. Chapter 3, Hardware Certification Policies describes each of the hardware certification policies in detail. Red Hat certifies hardware models and not specific configurations of a model. All optional hardware configurations designated as part of the same model must be tested. Testing must be performed with a standard installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux without special configuration or additional software, including drivers which are not provided by Red Hat. Certifications are currently available for: Red Hat Enterprise Linux  6 and 7. Also, optionally for: Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Compute 8 and 9 Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime 2 Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time 7 Chapter 2. The Certification Process 2.1. Process Overview


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