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when the webmaster has a lot of site site, not through the Control Panel management of various sites will be very difficult. But in order to meet different needs, we need a personalized solution.
The Web site console is a full web interface that allows you to manage your network services through a single URL. The console program can manage email accounts, FTP accounts, file management and create sub-stations, monitor disk space and bandwidth, create backups, and more.
The website Control Panel is a great solution for Linux novices. It can be used to manage many sites on a virtual host or dedicated host. This site Control Panel allows site management management to become less knowledgeable.
The most famous and powerful control Panel is CPanelAnd Plesk. These two popular control panels are paid monthly. Fortunately, there are a lot of open source control panels that have similar features and are free of charge.
Now let's introduce the 18 open source/commercial Control Panel. For your reference, I will attach the link to the article.
1. Cpanelcpanel 10 Unix-top control panel. The graphical interface helps to manage sites and accounts easily and quickly. Automation tools greatly improve the flow of website management.
Cpanel gives you a lot of site management features through a standard Web browser, such as creating a database, creating email accounts, automatic replies, and website management. CPanel Home
2. Plesk
Plesk and cpanel are similar and are websites that have been used to manage Web pages. You can manage virtual hosts, professional hosts, shared hosts, etc. through it. It also allows you to manage thousands of virtual sites through a single machine. Control Panel allows you to automate a lot of tasks and reduce expenses. can also increase efficiency, so that customers more satisfied.
    • Create an FTP account
    • Create databases, such as MySQL and psotgresql, email accounts
    • Add Sites and subwebs
    • Saving and backing up files
    • Managing DNS and other resources
Pleask Home
3. Ispconfigispconfig is an open source Control panel that helps you manage multiple sites through a single panel. Ispconfig is an open source software that is released through BSD. This open source Control Panel can also help you manage ftp,sql,dns bindings, databases and virtual hosts.
    • Manage multiple sites with one control panel
    • Web interface to manage users ' logins
    • can tube the ideal Apache and Nginx server
    • Cluster configuration
    • Manage Email and FTP accounts
    • Other
Ispconfig Home
4. Ajentiajentishi is a small console with an excellent interface and rich content. This is best for controlling virtual hosts and dedicated hosts. It installs a lot of default plug-ins and services, such as: Apache,nginx,mysql,ftp,firewall, File system, scheduled tasks, Munin,samba,squid and other services. It also provides a control interface for software such as File Manager,code Editor.
    1. Ajenti Home
    2. Ajenti Installation
5. Kloxokloxo is an advanced free control panel designed for Red Hat and cent OS systems. It integrates management functions such as Ftp,spam Filter,php,perl, CGI, and so on. Like detailed automatic backup, ticketing system and other modules are the default among them. He can help users manage/run a set of Apache and bind, switch interfaces without losing data.
    1. KLOXO Home
    2. KLOXO Installation
6. Openpanelopenpanel is inGNU general publicsoftware issued under the framework of the Agreement. It has an easy-to-understand user interface. Can manage such as apache,awsstats,dns bindings, Pureftpd,postfix, MySQL database, iptables firewall and Courier-imap email. Openpanel Home
7. ZpanelZpanel is a free, easy-to-use enterprise Control Panel that manages systems such as Linux,unix,macos and Windows. Zpanel uses the PHP language to run on the apache,php locale and MySQL database. Its core is a set of Web site management services. Core functioncan include Apache Server,hmailserver,filezillaserver,mysqlwebalizer,roundcube,phpmyadmin,phpsysinfo,ftpjailing and other services. Zpanel Home8. ehcpehcp (Simple site Control Panel) is a web-based Web site management software. can help you to manage MySQL database, email account, site account, FTP account and so on.
He is the only one with the default support Nginx and PHP-FPM, completely abandon Apache, for the low configuration server performance is a good control panel.
    1. EHCP Home
    2. EHCP Installation
9. ISPCPISPCP is a free/open source project. Contains a variety of server management, without any restrictions. It runs on Linux/unix and provides the functionality of the commercial version Control Panel. It allows you to manage sites, email accounts, FTP accounts and databases. ISPCP Home
Ten. VhcsVhcs is also an open source control panel designed for Linux. Especially for IT pros and service providers. Vhcs is written in php,perl,c language and gives you full control over your agents and end users. You can set up your site and create a good user in a few minutes. You can also manage e-mail, FTP and Apache virtual hosting. Vhcs Home
Ravencore.The Ravencore is a simple control panel designed for Linux and UNIX. The original intention was to avoid the same rigidity as commercial software like Cpanel and Plesk. The interface is written in the PHP language, and the background is written by Perl and bash. It also includes modules such as Mysql,apache,phpmyadmin,postfix and Awstats. Ravencore Home
Virtualmin.Virtulamin is one of the most popular web site management platforms on Linux and UNIX platforms. The system is specially designed for Apache virtual host, MYSLQ database, DNS site binding, e-mail and whole server design, and has a good user interface. Virtualmin HomeWebMin.Webmin has a super-powerful control management function. Software to Linux and Unix design, easy to use. It is compatible with a variety of Web services, including FTP and email.
    • Create Apache Virtual Host
    • Manage, install, and remove packages. (RPM format)
    • Firewalls can be installed for security reasons
    • Modify DNS settings, IP address and routing settings
    • Manage MySQL Database
    1. Webmin Home
    2. WebMin Installation
DTCDTC is a Web site control panel that follows the GPL protocol. Through the graphical interface on the Web page DTC can directly manage the creation of e-mail, FTP accounts, sub-stations and databases and so on. You can manage the MySQL database to show all of its information. DTC Home
Directadmindirectadmin is a graphical management tool that manages Web sites, email accounts, and other functions. It can automate many tasks. Characteristics:
    • Manage and create mailbox accounts and databases
    • Create an FTP account
    • Managing extensions, DNS and data statistics
    • Bring your own File Manager
    • Setting error pages and site passwords
DirectAdmin Home
Interworxinterworx is a Linux server management system and also a control panel. It provides a range of tools to make it easier for administrators to administer a site, or to let end users see the site. The tool is divided into two modes of operation
    • Nodeworx: Administrator mode
    • Siteworx: User mode, user can manage account and function.
Interworx Home
SYSCPSYSCP is a control panel written in the PHP language that uses the MySQL database. It is an open source tool that helps users manage many settings such as their subsites, e-mail addresses, and address. SYSCP Home
Blueonyxblueonyx is a model based onCentOS 5.8, CentOS 6.3 ,Scientific Linux 6.3Control Panel of the systemthe user interface gives you the ability to manage e-mail, FTP and website clients. Its release complies with theSun modified BSD licenseagreement. Blueonyx Home
These are the most popular control Panel tools on the Web. Choose the one that best fits your Linux server with a list. If you know other tools not listed above, please tell us.
Original address: http://www.tecmint.com/web-control-panels-to-manage-linux-servers/

18 Open Source/Commercial Linux server Control Panel

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