Linux under the PS command Usage summary

The estimation of Linux under the commonly used commands in the high usage of PS, today to translate this article PS related articles Linux PS Command The PS command on Linux are one of the most basic commands for viewing the processes running on

The difference between Mdelay () and Msleep () in Linux __linux

In Linux driver development, delay functions are often used: Msleep,mdelay/udelay. Although both Msleep and Mdelay have a delaying effect, they are different. 1.) for the module itself Mdelay is a busy wait function and cannot run other tasks during

Linux Desktop Player B Guide: 03. Landscaping for Gnome 3 Linux desktops

Special Instructions For those of you who want to write a review after my essay, please note that my blog is written using Markdown, and support for Mathjax mathematical formulas is enabled. If there are two in a comment $ , Mathjax will think that

Linux Ugo Permissions

The UGO permission of files in Linux system is the basic way for Linux to manage rights. This article describes the basic concepts of UGO permissions.Description: The demo environment for this article is Ubuntu 16.04. the owner and group of the file

Understanding Linux processes, threads, Pid,lwp,tid,tgid

In the Linux top and PS commands, the default is to see the PID (Process id), perhaps you can see the LWP (thread id) and Tgid (thread group ID for the thread group leader), and so on, while the Li Nux library functions and system calls maybe you

Linux kernel Parameters Arp_ignore & arp_announce Detailed

Arp_ignore defines the different response modes for ARP queries that target addresses to native IP.Arp_announce the source IP address in the ARP Request packet sent on the network interface (NIC), the host chooses the IP address of the source IP or

Finding and solving the problem of high Iowait Linux


Linux has a number of simple tools that you can use to find problems, and many are more advancedI/O Wait is a problem that requires the use of advanced tools to debug, and of course there are many advanced uses of the basic tools. The reason I/O

The difference between the Linux kernel tuning tcp_max_syn_backlog and Somaxconn

The behavior of the backlog argument on TCP sockets changed with Linux 2.2. Now it specifies the queue length for completely established sockets waiting to be accepted, instead of the number of incomplete connection requests. The maximum length of

Linux Kernel Coding Style

Linux Kernel Coding Style | Linux kernel coding StyleThis was a short document describing the preferred coding style for the Linux kernel. Coding style is very personal, and I won ' t Force My views on anybody, it's what the goes for anything that

Analysis of UDP packet loss problem in Linux system

Transferred from: Source=toutiao.ioRecent work encountered a server application UDP packet loss, in the process of reviewing a lot of information,

"Linux error"-bash:xhost:command not found

Reference from:, thank the original author for solving my problem.Execute Xhost + to report the following error because no related packages have been installed (other command not found commands

VI is failed with error "E382:cannot write, ' buftype ' option was set" in Linux

Build jar file under Linux encountered coding problem, so want VI T.jar, in Save is error: E382:cannot write, ' buftype ' option is setWorkaround:You can use the following name to view Buftype settings, when Buftype=nofile, cannot save the file,

The difference between Linux Memfree and memavailable

Recently in doing Prometheus monitoring, combined with Grafana to do front-end display, which involves memory time, there are many people on the memories of free and memory avaliable These two parameters are more confused, Here I use the Linux under

Linux DNS detailed

DNS ServiceDNS: Domain Nsme ServiceRole: Resolving the domain name to IP (forward parsing) or resolving IP to a domain name (reverse parsing)Classification of DNS top-level domains:Organization domain:. com. net. org .....Country domain:. CN. tw. JP

Linux System log __ratelimit:n callbacks suppressed

ErrorToday, the line encountered a fault, PHP because of the paragraph error exited, the system log kernel error is as follows:22:25:11 web_server_01 kernel: __ratelimit:250 callbacks Suppressedfeb 22:25:11 web_server_01 kernel:php-fpm[2 5942]:

Linux error--->export ' = ' not a valid identifier for general reasons

general reason for export ' = ' not a valid identifierThe reason is that you modified the/etc/profile file .you added a space.My Code is as follows:Export Java_home =/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_75Export PATH = $JAVA _home/bin: $PATHExport CLASSPATH =.: $JAVA

Linux: How to Use the shutdown command

-S: shut down the computer -R: Disable and restart the computer. -F: forces running applicationsProgramDisable without warning the user beforehand -T xxx: Set the timeout to XXX seconds before closing. The default value is 30.

Linux: VI Enter command Summary

VI filename: open or create a file and place the cursor at the beginning of the first lineVi + N filename: open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of line NVi + filename: open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of the last

Linux: VI shortcut

(1) flip the page to the first part of the file A) Ctrl + B; open the first screen of the file B) Ctrl + u: Flip the half screen to the first part of the file (2) Turning to the end of a file A) Ctrl + F: Turn a screen at the end of the file

How to check the SSH version on Linux

How to check the SSH version on Linux Question: I think SSH has two versions (SSH1 and SSH2 ). What is the difference between the two? Also, how can I check the SSH protocol version on Linux? Secure Shell (SSH) uses an encrypted secure communication

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