Modify the Linux kernel Boot logo and center full screen display

1. Prepare the picture Using Ubuntu's own drawing software GIMP is the quickest way to use a command to convert a picture in a real-world test with a command to convert an old hint to an error, so it is handled in a GIMP way. The specific process

Linux prompts " ' glibc_2.14 ' not Found" system's GLIBC version is too low

Linux prompts " ' glibc_2.14 ' not Found" system's GLIBC version is too low 0. The following is operated on the system CentOS 6.3 x86_64 1. An attempt was made to run the program, prompting " ' glibc_2.14 ' not

Linux (RHEL) 5.4/5.5/5.8/6.0/6.3 iso image file-download address __linux

Version has Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.4/5.5/5.8/6.0/6.3 iso image file download address: RHEL 5.4 iso Download Http:// Http:// RHEL 5.5

Modifying TCP MSS values in the Linux kernel __linux

Mtu:maxitum Transmission Unit Maximum transmission units Mss:maxitum Segment Size Maximum segment sizes The acronym for the maximum transmission size of MSS is a concept within the TCP protocol.MSS is the maximum data fragment that TCP packets can

Install the IBUs pinyin input method in Kali Linux __linux

IBus, known as intelligent input bus, is the open source free multi-language input framework under the Gnu/linux and Unix-like operating systems. In Kali Linux default is not installed in Chinese input method, in order to facilitate the

Sleep and wake-up of Linux processes

1 sleep and wake-up of Linux processes In Linux, wait only for the CPUThe process of time is called the ready process, they are placed in a run queue, and the status flag bit for a ready process is task_running. Once a running process time slice is

Linux Cut:invalid Byte, character or field list Try ' Cut--help ' for more information.

1. OverviewCentOS Execute simple Shell pin this report wrongCut:invalid byte, character or field listTry ' Cut--help ' for more information.2. CodeVim!/bin/bash#program# use ID, finger command to check the systemaccount's

About Nohup.out logs in Linux is too big a problem

About Nohup.out logs in Linux is too big a problemBackground, Java project, generally run Java program need to use the Nohup command to implement the background boot log, the default is saved in the current Nohup.out file. However, some programs

Introduction to Linux-eth0 eth0:1 and eth0.1 relationships, Ifconfig, and virtual IP implementations

The relationship between eth0 eth0:1 and eth0.1 corresponds to the relationship between the physical network card, the sub-network card, and the virtual VLAN NIC:Physical network card : Physical network card here refers to the actual network

Linux Wireless basic knowledge MAC80211 CFG80211

Ext.: Basic Conceptscfg80211: Used for configuration management of wireless devices. Work with Fullmac, mac80211 and nl80211. (Kernel State)mac80211: is a framework (kernel state) that driver

Modify the maximum number of files and processes that Linux users can open (Fork:retry:Resource temporarily unavailable)

today, whenJenkins released the app, it encountered an error, as follows:/etc/profile:fork:retry:resource temporarily unavailableGoogle , most people on the internet say that the reason may be that the number of user processes or the number of open

Tenda U1 USB Wireless device install driver for Kali Linux kernal Debian 4.3.3-7kali2 (2016-01-27) x86_64 Gnu/linux

Because the kernel compared to the new relationship, Tenda official website above the U1 wireless card provided to the driver is not able to compile the use of normal, compile time to report a similar

SCP silent mode under Linux

When the SCP transmits many small files, you do not want to see the list of transmitted files, you can use the silent way of SCP.[Email protected] soft]# SCP-RPQ s001[email protected] ' s password:which-r means the entire

Linux multicast problem (No such device) workaround

The test code for multicasting is as follows:#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include int main (int argc, char*argv[]) {int sockfd;//Socket file descriptor struct SOCKADDR_IN local_a Ddr

Linux server is implanted DDGs, qw3xt.2 mining virus processing records

The phenomenon after being invaded:Found that there are qw3xt.2 and DDGs two abnormal processes, consuming a higher cpu,kill off after a while will be re-appear.After killing the two exception processes, we see the following process over time:The

The difference between wait and waitpid in "Turn" Linux

Original URL: Zombie does not consume memory or CPU, and on the surface we can not care about their existence, but in fact the UNIX system limits the maximum number of

Suse and Linux Telnet service configuration

The simplest way to remotely control the Linux operating system is to use the telnet service to log on, Then, you can execute some column operations, such as the VI editor. For SuSE Linux, add one more You can use Telnet to log on to the system to

Installation of camera driver for Linux operating system

Installation of camera driver for Linux operating system A) Please refer to the kernel version and camera type from to download the latest driver, which supports most cameras on the market.B) Compile,

JProfiler installation and use on Linux

The JProfiler tool was used during the test several months ago. Although I had some experiences, I kept it in my mind. I also gave my colleagues an entry-level training course, but I was unable to sort it out. Later I wrote it in a hurry with the

Install Oracle 10g R2 in CentOS 6.3 (x86_64)

I. Hardware requirementsIi. SoftwareIii. System Installation notes4. system preparation before Oracle Installation5. install and configure Oracle6. Upgrade Oracle to patchset Use rlwrap to call historical commands in sqlplus I. Hardware

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