2009 the five major technology development trend: Cloud computing is the biggest

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Beijing Time January 3, according to foreign media reports, the United States famous It magazine "EWEEK" website has selected the 2009 five major technology development trends, including cloud computing services, other trends also include virtualization technology, notebooks, open source software and network community.

The following is the "2009 5 major science and technology development trend" of the "EWEEK" Summary:

1. Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services can help small and medium sized enterprises to achieve enterprise-level technical standards with minimal cost and the most convenient way. Cloud computing services allow a large number of network systems to share the IT infrastructure and will continue to grow over the next three years. Because of the savings in the basic investment, and the enterprise only use the amount of money to pay, so cloud services attract many enterprises eyes.

2, Virtualization Technology

As a cost-saving technology, virtualization technology is widely used. Virtualization technology can help a host to complete multiple-host work tasks. Virtual services and virtual hosts enable you to implement multiple systems complex applications locally and remotely, free from geographical and human constraints. In addition, virtual technology helps to conserve energy consumption and reduce hardware equipment expenditures. The virtual platform usually becomes an efficient running platform, has the good management way, the security can increase greatly, the recovery ability is obviously improved after the damage.

3. Notebook

2008 Notebook sales surpassed desktops for the first time. The market appeal of laptops and netbooks has increased as battery life has grown and structural designs have become more durable. Notes have ample memory space and core processing capabilities, and have the ability to operate anywhere, so it is widely assumed that desktops will be replaced in the future. Netbooks are different, it lacks the complex computational power of notebooks, and is often considered a big smartphone, not a laptop. It should be pointed out that the notebook has limitations. When you work in an office, you usually need to configure an external device such as a separate keyboard, a single mouse, or a larger monitor. In addition, the notebook is easy to lose and easy to damage. (Programming Entry network: www.bianceng.cn)

4. Open Source Software

Most small and medium-sized industries still do not use Open-source software. Enterprises should consider open source software as the best way to save costs. Open source software is completely free and does not need to be purchased. At present, open source software does not occupy the dominant position in the market, some enterprises only use open source technology in Non-core application. But small and medium-sized enterprises should recognize the potential cost advantages of open source technology.

5. Network Community

The first thing you need to know is what the web community will do for your company. Set a clear policy for your purpose so that you can better choose the network community users and their platforms. In addition, you can ask your employees to see what mode of network community they recognize? What kind of internet community would make them sick? The network community is free, and small and medium-sized enterprises can use it to expand operating space.

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