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Build VS Purchase: Does the vendor meet the needs of cloud providers?

is out of the service provider (OSS ), BSS and even hypervisor and hypervisor management tools are not extended, "he said. "They are designed for enterprises but sold to operators ." Douglas Smith is the Chief Information Security Officer and VP of the NTT U.S. IT system. He did not complain about the vendor, but admitted that the operating support system and business support system products need to be updated to support cloud

Who should be responsible for the security of cloud providers?

Foreign media reported on July 15, May 13, US east time. A new study found that once you hand over data to the cloud for storage, it means you will find many basic data-related things. For example, where the data is actually stored, and how data is copied. According to Chenxi Wang, an analyst at Forrester Research in the United States, the most recent name is "How secure is your cloud game?". The report, w

Relationship between Spring Cloud Eureka Registry Service consumer service providers and high availability

Registration Center: Service Registration and Enquiry (discovery)Service provider: The provider of the service, the party providing the service.Service consumer: The consumer of the service, the party using the service.We do not have a registration center, and service providers and service consumers can also call through the resttemplate in spring. Use the method to search the Internet.If through the registry, register with the discovery service.Then

Exploring the five major Information Security bottlenecks of cloud computing

tag: Use the OS file data issue code Div To Work With the development of enterprise Cloud technology, cloud computing has become an investment for most enterprise employees. What is cloud computing? There are multiple definitions of cloud computing. There are at least 100 explanations for what

Focus on three major cloud security areas, you know?

Faced with the complexities of information security, manufacturers are inevitably overwhelmed. The information security of the * * * for manufacturing enterprises, the consequences of unimaginable. So far there is no indication that the environment for information security will improve or become more secure in a short period of time.As a result, more and more manufacturing industries are starting to strengthen their information security strategies, focusing on the efficient implementation of str

Spring Cloud Finchley is officially released with 4 major updates!

Spring Cloud Finchley was officially released on June 19 on the official spring blog, and we also saw the latest version of the update in the Maven Central warehouse.Finchley official version of the release seems to have experienced a considerable amount of time, is really stuffy sound big wealth, this major release has brought the following 4 major updates.Major

Seven major features of cloud computing

"cloud" can construct the ever-changing application, the same "cloud" can support different applications at the same time to run.(5) High scalabilityThe scale of the cloud can be scaled dynamically to meet the needs of applications and user size growth.(6) On-demand service"Cloud" is a huge pool of resources that you

Cloud computing has four major problems hindering enterprise application

a week, and no restrictions on scalability. For businesses, this is the cost of hard money: The company does not need to buy and maintain servers, the company does not need to purchase licenses for the database, free storage, backup and disaster recovery services. All this means that the company does not need to hire IT personnel, and does not need to pay the salaries and medical expenses of such personnel. Most hosting companies also provide infrastructure for development. Common applications

Cisco fixes a major vulnerability to cloud service platforms

, Nexus, multilayer switches, and some computing systems products.The first cve-2017-12260 vulnerability affects the Process Initiation Protocol (SIP) in Cisco Small Business spa50x, spa51x, and spa52x series IP phones, and the second vulnerability cve-2017-12259 only affects spa51x system Related protocols in the phone.With the above vulnerability, an unauthorized attacker could send a special SIP request to a target device, thereby initiating a DoS attack.Many Cisco products have also been aff

Beihang mobile cloud computing Major

Master's Degree in China was set up, striving to turn Beihang software College into a "Whampoa Military Academy" in the China Mobile Application development field ". Students will learn cloud computing, mobile development, software services, software engineering related theories and technologies, and must participate in the design and development of at least one commercial application software service product. The goal of this

OpenStack Building Enterprise Private cloud to solve five major problems

good. With the use and development of OpenStack in the enterprise, it will promote and accelerate its maturity.Finally, operation and maintenance automation, in the large-scale cloud operation and maintenance scenarios, the need to be high-repetition, based on intelligent decision-making monitoring data trigger, to achieve unattended automatic operation of the operational capacity, which is still to be explored by OpenStack.ConclusionThe process of b

Counting the Cloud computing industry: 3 major marketing vulnerabilities during the melee

everyone, but if the customer doesn't want to talk to the sales first about "demand" and wants to simply try out the software, why not? After all, some customers need guidance, and some customers already know exactly what they want. Previously, the software needed to be downloaded and installed, so it did not provide the user with a trial, too cumbersome, and could lead to piracy. But now that the software is online and not allowed to be tried by potential users, one might ask, do you have enou

2009 the five major technology development trend: Cloud computing is the biggest

Beijing Time January 3, according to foreign media reports, the United States famous It magazine "EWEEK" website has selected the 2009 five major technology development trends, including cloud computing services, other trends also include virtualization technology, notebooks, open source software and network community. The following is the "2009 5 major science

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