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ASP Call MySQL 5.1 Chinese garbled

There is a small program with a MySQL database, in the Chinese garbled this piece made the day more confused, the result was put down. These two days there is a dream in research, the results are also made right, hehe. Previous steps after

PHP add mysqli Extension

Any PHP extensions can be compiled separately in the PHP source code package here because phpMyAdmin need to mysqli expansion, compile the module installation, process and some problems recorded as follows: PHP compile installation best practices across platforms

Objective Eight years of perseverance but the leadership of the stubborn, eventually had to be separated from my second language has become a C #, into the Java camp. There has been a brief loss and confusion, but the technology transformation is

How to build a Java EE development environment under Windows?

Because the company project needs the participation of Java EE, in recent days concentrate on studying the Java EE. Today, I have a hard time to make a summary of the work and learning of these days: Based on Java Web application Development (EE),

MySQL C API programming: The MySQL programming interface written in C language

In software development, we often have access to the database, access to data, before there have been friends to Peck Rice to tell the knowledge of the database programming, this article explains how to use the MySQL C language API for database

MySQL backup: MySQL incremental backup with binary logging enabled

A small number of databases we can make a full backup every day because it won't take much time, but when the database is large, we are less likely to make a full backup every day and change it to a weekly full backup, an incremental backup like

MySQL learning: varchar Maximum length limit rule

This is not a fixed number. This article briefly describes the restriction rules. Strlen calculates string length, one Chinese when 2 characters Mb_strlen according to its character encoding mode, the statistic character quot Count the number of

MySQL pattern matching: regexp and like usage

Like requires that the entire data be matched, and regexp only needs to be partially matched.That is, with like, all the content of this field must satisfy the condition, and regexp only needs to have any one fragment to satisfy. MySQL provides

MY.CNF file: my.cnf parameter configuration

PS: This profile is for Dell R710, dual Xeon E5620, 16G memory hardware configuration. CentOS 5.6 64-bit system, MySQL 5.5.x stable version. Applies to the day IP 50-100W,PV 100-300w site, mainly uses the InnoDB storage engine. For other application

Administrative Tools Sqlyogent: Simple to create a MySQL database

If you choose PHP to build the site, you must understand that PHP to build a database, it is necessary to use MySQL data. Just contact with a friend of PHP may be unfamiliar to this MySQL database, but if there is a very useful database management

Using sqlyogent to transfer MySQL database

If your PHP site changed space, it is necessary to transfer the MySQL database, the general transfer method, is a backup and restore, a bit cumbersome, and because the database version of the different will lead to data loss or garbled and so on.

The experience of the maintenance work summary of MySQL database production environment

From the previous MySQL database production environment maintenance work, summary of some of the small experience and knowledge, may not be more esoteric, but for us to eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that the MySQL database production

MySQL database backup and restore common commands

MysqlDatabase backup and restore common commands are the key to MySQL database backup and restore, there is no command, WhatDo not have to do, not to mention what backup restore, only to the system this command, let it to execute, in order to

Master-slave configuration of MySQL database

Requires two hosts, respectively, as the primary server and from the serverPrimary server ip: from serverFirst of all, configure the MySQL service on two services, see HTTP://WWW.178-GO.COM/ARCHIVES/76On the primary server:#

Configuring Servers from scratch

Configuring Servers from scratch (i) Hardware preparation One hp ProLiant DL160 G5 Server (hard drive extends to 480G) A personal computer (Windows operating system) One Lenovo 4G Flash memory (FAT32 format) (b) The production of Guide U disk

Cloud host environment set up a course to build the Universal mainframe

Many owners in the purchase of virtual host, will look at the virtual host some of the parameters, the most important is the support of the program language. Now many IDC businesses are claiming the almighty host. The most funny thing is that I just

Analysis of LNMP website architecture scheme

LNMP (linux-nginx-mysql-php) Web architecture is currently the international popular web framework, the framework includes: Linux operating system, Nginx network server, MySQL database, PHP programming language, all components are free open source

Using Ajax to implement an infinite-level directory tree (. NET)

Ajax Using the Ajaxpro frame, the feeling is still relatively easy to use. More in line with their own habits, the whole code is not difficult. is implemented using CSS.The computer on the home can not install Ms SQL, simply use MySQL. On the way to

Realization of real-time data transmission with AJAX integrated database technology

ajax| Data | Database One, INTRODUCTION Today, there are quite a few web applications, such as Backpack,blinksale and Gmail, that integrate database technology with Ajax. This integration has a huge impact on Web applications and the user

Use Ajax in the registration page to remind users instantly if they can register successfully

Ajax| page Dizzy to see the 2-Day Ajax Beginner tutorial, for the Forum will do the registration page added technology to go in ...Ajax actually sends a message in JavaScript to a servlet in the background, and then gets the message from the servlet'

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