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JQuery 1.4:15 new features and optimization enhancements

JQuery 1.4 has recently been released . Beyond everyone's expectations, this is not a simple tinkering, 1.4 contains a lot of new features, enhancements and performance improvements! This article introduces you to these new features and enhancements

Javascript+xml production of random lottery program source code

javascript|xml| Program | random | source code | lottery Javascript+xml production of random lottery program source code The following index.html source code: Number of Participants: people The following is the

ASP Call MySQL 5.1 Chinese garbled

There is a small program with a MySQL database, in the Chinese garbled this piece made the day more confused, the result was put down. These two days there is a dream in research, the results are also made right, hehe. Previous steps after

IIS6 and IIS7 for static file gzip compression mode

Explain why you're writing this article, and how to get tangled up in this "little problem". First of all, open the static file gzip compression is very advantageous to improve the site's access speed, and effectively reduce the spider crawling

PHP add mysqli Extension

Any PHP extensions can be compiled separately in the PHP source code package here because phpMyAdmin need to mysqli expansion, compile the module installation, process and some problems recorded as follows: PHP compile installation

Using OData in the Web API

A. What is ODataOData is an Open Data protocol (open Protocol)In the Web API,For CRUD (Create, read, update, and delete) applications add a lot more flexibility than traditional WEBAPIAs long as the relevant protocols are used correctly, the

Tuning servlet and JSP program performance

This article describes some of the most useful ways to adjust the JSP and servlet to make your servlet and JSP pages respond faster and more scalable. And in the case of increasing the number of users, the system load will show a trend of smooth and

Building banner ad system with Java servlet

For a business website, the advertising system is essential. A good advertising system is the basis for a website to stabilize revenue. and banner Advertising (banner) is the site advertising accounted for the vast majority of advertising, so the

Java Servlet Programming and application of the three

Genericservlet class can be said to be the most important class in Jsdk, and also the most basic class. Programmers want to write servlet applications, typically inheriting JSDK-provided Genericservlet classes or its subclass HttpServlet

Ajax Counters (PHP)

Ajax| counter These days just touch Ajax, write a very simple counter.The client file counter.htm is used as a template, counter.php calls the counter.htm template.When accessing counter.php, the database records IP, time, counter plus

Do not use mode=legacy in ajax

Ajax| Recently, I've helped a few developers, who have encountered some weird javascript problems that can occur when using AJAX and some of their custom JavaScript scripts. The main reason for the problem is that they are

Compile tool Codekit: Compile the sass into a good CSS

Article Introduction: the use of the Sass Interface compiler tool--codekit. In theSass compilation andnodejs+grunt configuration Sass Project Automatic compilation tutorial, we detail the translation tasks that use sass and the grunt

Graphical interface compiler tool Koala to compile sass files into CSS files

Article Introduction: This article mainly through the creation of a SASS project as an example, to lead you to use koala such a graphical interface compiler tool to your SASS project, sass file compiled into a CSS file. The "codekit"

JavaScript modular Programming (III): the use of require.js

Today we'll explain how to use them in combat. I'm using a very popular library require.js. One, why should use Require.js? At the earliest, all of the JavaScript code was written in a file, and it was enough to load the file. Later, more and

JS full selection function code optimization

JS full selection function code optimization Recently looking at JavaScript MVC that book, also feel that their own writing code is not elegant, so have been thinking of another mode to write JS code, so for the previous simple JS full selection

Web front-end development, introduction to slow loading for pictures

Technical background Now the web system, for some of the picture resources are more, and once unable to browse through the entire page, picture slow loading can improve the client experience, such as it Big Head: Taobao, NetEase, Sina and so on ...

Jquery.imglazyload Picture Lazy Load Component

First, the preface When too many pictures are requested in a page, and the picture is too large, the speed of the page access is very slow, the user experience is very unfriendly; use the picture lazy load, you can reduce the pressure on the server,

JS imitation Taobao details page menu bar Intelligent Positioning effect

Similar to Taobao details page menu bar Smart positioning for everyone is not unfamiliar! As shown in the screenshot below: That part of the red box! Basic principle:is to use JS to listen for scrolling events, when the page's scrolling distance (

JSP gets the parameters defined in the Web.xml

Js|web|xml set the parameters in the Web.xml file: myjsp /myjsp.jsp firstparam firstparamvalue myjsp /myurl/* The following program cannot take out the value of the parameter Firstparam defined in Web.xml firstparamvalue

XML Serialization Data Base

xml| data The use of XML documents is more and more common, we often put some system settings such as files with config or XML documents stored in the program directory. NET serialization data is a very exciting technology, can easily read a certain

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