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IIS6 and IIS7 for static file gzip compression mode

Explain why you're writing this article, and how to get tangled up in this "little problem". First of all, open the static file gzip compression is very advantageous to improve the site's access speed, and effectively reduce the spider crawling 5 (vnext) Linux deployment

Introduction 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. First, let's first clarify the following basic concepts Linux related Ubuntu Ubuntu is a free open source desktop PC operating system based on Linux that fits Intel's hyper-positioning support

Java Servlet Programming and application (i)

  I. Overview A servlet is a platform-and protocol-independent, server-side Java application that generates dynamic Web pages. A servlet is a server-side Java application located inside a Web server, unlike a traditional Java application that starts

Using IIS to erect an FTP server novice tutorial and precautions

Teach you step-by-step use of IIS to build a powerful FTP server to support multi-user landing and management. Using IIS to erect an FTP server1. Install FTP serverStep: Start--Control Panel--Add or Remove Programs--Add/Remove Windows

The top ten features of Windows Server 2008 that are ignored

A fully redesigned network protocol stack in Windows Server 2008 includes a new technology that allows a large number of packets to enter the network. It can also quickly readjust the size of packets on the network, making it more efficient. Windows

Block denial of Service attacks

Since last July or August, denial of service attacks have been popular on the internet, and are now on the rise a year later. In addition to the use of blocking software, is there any other way? Service overload Service overload occurs when a large

Configuration of firewall firewall under Linux

Recently in the study of Linux firewall configuration, found that the firewall after the deployment of a problem, has been unable to filezilla and CuteFTP login, in the list of directories will always fail. But under the command line, if you first

Add a protection net: Win2008 advanced Firewall

The functionality of Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 firewall is so shabby that many system administrators see it as a chicken, and it has always been a simple, inbound-only, host-based State firewall. And as Windows Server 2008 gets closer to us,

Novice knows Linux system

A typical Linux distribution contains a Linux kernel, but it also contains many applications and tools. In general, many of the system-level and user-level tools that appear in the Linux distribution come from the GNU project of the Free Software

Ajax-driven Web sites

ajax|web| site recently, many Web sites began to attract attention in the developer community. The uniqueness of these sites is that they are more like desktop applications than Web applications. When you interact with them, they can quickly display

Using Nodejs and grunt to implement automatic compilation of sass

Article Introduction: I heard earlier that Nodejs and grunt are very powerful, especially used to build automated front-end development, but also powerful and incomparable. But has been due to their own mastery of the technology is limited, dare not

Compile tool Codekit: Compile the sass into a good CSS

Article Introduction: the use of the Sass Interface compiler tool--codekit. In theSass compilation andnodejs+grunt configuration Sass Project Automatic compilation tutorial, we detail the translation tasks that use sass and the grunt

Sass Installation Tutorial: Ruby installation Steps and Sass installation steps

Article Introduction: because SASS relies on the ruby environment, make sure Ruby is installed before installing SASS. The pilot website downloads a ruby. Ruby InstallationBecause SASS relies on the ruby environment, make sure Ruby is

Dynamic style sheet Lesscss: Simple Learning lesscss Grammar

Article Introduction: Lesscss is a dynamic stylesheet language, and he lets CSS add variables, combinations, functions, operations, and more. This project's website is not accessible in the country, everybody understands. Lesscss is a

Learn CSS Preprocessor: compare sass and less

Article Introduction: The only thing that you really need to learn with CSS preprocessor is the syntax, Sass is written in Ruby, but the syntax of both is not related. Do not know Ruby, still can use. All you need is an application like Cudekit to

Comparison of JavaScript test tools

When writing JS code, a validation tool can help me avoid stupid mistakes. Although I have many years of experience, I still have variable naming incorrect, resulting in syntax errors, and forgetting to handle errors correctly. A good calibration

Grunt Installation Configuration Tutorial: Front-End Automation Workflows

Article Introduction: Grunt to build a front-end automation workflow. Grunt, what's this stuff?Recently very hot front-end automation gadgets, task-based command-line build tools What can grunt do for us? Before you

Paip:paip. Command line Execution JS

Paip. Command line Execution JSAuthor Attilax,,112237553@qq.comUse JS to do project, need to solve two problems ... GUI interfaces can be solved using HTML technology. command-line programs require the use of WSH technology ..

Java API for XML glimpse

XML is a brief introduction to Java's XML API so that you know what to do when you see the abbreviation. The level is limited, a lot of excuse.   1. JAXP (Java API for XML parsing) 2. JAXB (Java API for XML Binding) 3, JAXM (Java API for XML

The solution of full-text search based on Lucene/xml in station

xml| Solution | full-Text Search Copyright NOTICE: You can reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original source of the article and author information and this statementHttp:// Content

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