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Using jquery to select Traversal functions for complex HTML

10 very useful traversal functions in jquery With jquery, you can easily select HTML elements. But sometimes, when the HTML structure is more complex, refining the elements we choose is a hassle. In this tutorial, we'll explore 10 ways to refine

jquery Template: jquery templates Proposal

Introduction (Introduction) This proposal describes how to add template support in the core library of jquery. More specifically, this proposal describes a new jquery method called Render (), which allows you to render a JavaScript object and

jquery Tutorial: Data () method to avoid memory leak problem

In the official jQuery document, it is a low-level method to prompt the user that the . Data () method should be used instead. $.data (element, key, value) can append any type of data to a DOM element, but avoid memory leaks caused by circular

jquery Framework Instance Code analysis

With the development of the time, there are more and more excellent frameworks in the JavaScript camp, which greatly simplifies our development work, should we think about how they are built when we use these frameworks drink from? If you're not

jquery Implementation search keyword automatic matching hint method

In the current web design, improving the user experience is one of the most important content of enterprise. In the search form, according to the input of some of the content of the keyword matching hints function, is the most intuitive and commonly

The solution to the problem of jquery under IE

The first step to solve the IE coding problem: DataType: ($.browser.msie)? "Text": "xml" first lets IE recognize whether the text or XML is returned The first step to solve the IE coding problem: DataType: ($.browser.msie)? "Text": "xml" first lets

Ajax Getting Started Guide (vi)

An introductory guide to Ajax learning is believed to be helpful to Ajax beginners. Prototype frameworkEnumeration object (enumerable object)1.enumerable.each (iterator)The parameter of each method is a JavaScript function that can accept two

Ajax Getting Started Guide (v)

An introductory guide to Ajax learning should help Ajax beginners. Prototype base class:1. Class.create ()Example:var myClass = Class.create (); 2. Object.extend (Destination,source)Example:var myClass = Class.create ();Myclass.prototype =

Ajax Getting Started Guide (iv)

An introductory guide to Ajax learning should help Ajax beginners. Prototype support for Ajax     ajax.request class     The following code is an example:                                                                 

Ajax Getting Started Guide (ii)

Ajax starter Guide, which is believed to be helpful to Ajax beginners. JavaScript Object-oriented programming implementation:1. Declaration of class:function Test1 () {THIS.P1 = "P1";THIS.P2 = "P2";THIS.F1 = function () {alert ("F1");}THIS.F2 =

Ajax Getting Started Guide (i)

Ajax Getting Started Guide, it should be helpful for the friends who start to learn Ajax. 1. Ajax compatible with IE and Firefox two big browsers, there is an AJAX development framework.2. Key Technologies for AJAX development: XMLHttpRequest

Ten rules for AJAX development

Introducing the ten Code of AJAX development is believed to be useful to developers. 1. Before and after the end to do a good job of security checksCan not rely on the front-end to do security verification work, the back end must have a filtration

HTML Special Effects Code

1. Ignore right button Or 2. Add background music Ie: ns: Embed> *.MID MIDI format file for your background music 3. A simple window.open method onclick= "Javascript:window.open (file path/filename, NewWindow,

JS determines whether the array and common type judgments

ObjectiveThis article is the basic knowledge of the popular article, JS judge data types. We all know that PHP has the Is_array () function, but not in JS, we determine whether the data type is an array, usually for the sake of insurance, you can

With keyword in javascript

Talking about the WITH keyword in JS, the first impression of many small partners may be that the WITH keyword is used to change the scope, and then the most critical point is not recommended using the WITH keyword. When you hear that the WITH

JS operator type conversion encyclopedia (front side of the question operator)

operator operators, in the front-end interview topics often appear, many friends in their operations often error. Description of the operator operation is not fully understood, I earlier in an article, JavaScript double equals type conversion,

JS PostMessage Cross-domain request solution

Today I saw a very good article, can not help but want to reprint, personally tested, to solve the web development we often encountered the most headache cross-domain request problem. The article is mainly introduced HTML5 postMessage and OnMessage

Analysis of the attribute and property of JavaScript

1, Attribute Attributes are properties that are set on HTML, explicitly set in HTML, or set by the SetAttribute () method. For example such a section of HTML code, in fact it has three attribute attributes, we can print out to see: var a = document.

jquery Custom Events

In JS, the notification of the message is expressed through the event, when the code base grows to a certain scale will need to consider the behavior and custom events to decouple, through the event mechanism can be designed as a stand-alone module,

Ajax synchronization of JavaScript

A XMLHttpRequest The core of Ajax technology is the XMLHttpRequest object (referred to as XHR), a feature introduced by Microsoft in the first place, which later provided the same implementation by other browser providers. Prior to the advent of XHR,

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