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Advanced application Techniques for PHP date-time functions

A detailed explanation of the date and time function of PHP date ()Introduces the simple use of the PHP date-time function, which will introduce more functions to enrich our application. checkdate ($month, $date, $year) If the value that is

Ajax synchronization of JavaScript

A XMLHttpRequest The core of Ajax technology is the XMLHttpRequest object (referred to as XHR), a feature introduced by Microsoft in the first place, which later provided the same implementation by other browser providers. Prior to the advent of XHR,

PHP to implement the week X Transform time stamp function

  ? function Gettimefromweek ($dayNum) {   //$dayNum: 0-6     $curDayNum =date ("w");     if ($ Daynum> $curDayNum) $timeFlag = "Last";     ElseIf ($dayNum = = $curDayNum) $timeFlag = "";    //If you want to use week x else $timeFlag = "Next" on

A summary of the problem of PHP time calculation

Recently learning PHP, a friend asked the time of the calculation, at this time I thought of the Delphi and MSSQL computing functions, they are very convenient to use, but check the PHP manual did not find a similar time calculation function,

Php+ajax Dynamic loading data technology without refreshing

No refresh function We use a lot of many, the following I will give you an example, is to achieve the php+ajax to achieve no refreshing scrolling load data, examples of very simple everyone as long as the process to operate on the OH. When we

"PHP Programming Fastest understand" Fourth: date, form receive, session, cookie

Instance 11: Date Stamp, date display Copy CodeThe code is as follows: echo time ();//Returns a string of timestamp in seconds echo ""; echo Date ("Y-m-d h:i:s", Time () +8*3600),//formatting times, +8*3600 changed to China time zone echo ""; $str =

Beginner PHP's 18 basic routines

Beginner Site original content, reproduced please indicate the source Web page teaching network . How do we create our first PHP page? It's very simple! Choose one of the best design tools we use, and of course you can just use Notepad. After you

How to bring a date to the ping command

Linux: While:;d o ping-c 1|awk '/ttl=/' |sed ' s/^/' date +%y-%m-%d\|%t '/'; sleep 1;done See more highlights of this column: http://www.bianceng.cn Execution results 2011-03-08|15:55:49 bytes

[PHP] about the time calculation of the knot total

Calculating the time difference in PHP is sometimes a hassle! However, I believe that any language, as long as the grip of the regulation rate can find a way, is absolutely rotten to the magic. Work often to carry out the date calculation, the

Summary of common methods for displaying time in PHP

This article illustrates the common method of displaying time in PHP. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: A, PHP function date () Get the current timeThe code is as follows: displayed in the format:

PHP daemon plus linux command nohup Implementation task once per second

The nohup command function in UNIX is to run the command without hanging up, while nohup all output of the program to the current directory Nohup.out file, if the file is not writable, to the /nohup.out file. So with this command, we PHP is written

PHP timestamp function

1.PHP Timestamp function converts a date to a Unix timestamp World End Time Stamp PHP The code is as follows echo "World Doomsday Timestamp:". Strtotime ("2012-12-21") 2. Convert time stamp to system time

PHP Tutorial: strtotime function usage

Strtotime can parse the date-time description of any English text into a Unix timestamp, we use the mktime () or date () format date time to get the specified timestamp to achieve the required DateTime. implementation function : Gets the timestamp

A detailed explanation of the date and time function of PHP date ()

1, year-month-dayecho Date (' y-m-j '); 2007-02-6 echo Date (' y-n-j '); 07-2-6 Capital Y represents a four-digit year, while lowercase y represents a two-digit number for the year; Lowercase m represents the number of months (with leading), while

PHP Generate Dynamic WAP page (turn two)

Dynamic | Page One, setting up a Web server First of all, your Web server to install PHP, that can handle PHP script program. Second, to enable the Web server to recognize and process PHP, WML, and wbmp files at the same time, the MIME table for

Linux using flock file lock crontab conflict resolution

Linux's crontab command, which can be performed on a regular basis, and the minimum cycle is executed once per minute. About Crontab implementation per second can refer to my previous article "Linux Crontab implementation per second" Now there is a

Execute, get remote code return: File

The weather finally cleared up, but the problem came. In the implementation of user data synchronization between two sites, when the use of PHP functions file_get_contents Crawl execution of remote pages, if the connection timeout will output a

Code for connecting mssql2005 under PHP

1. Download the following two files, into the PHP ext directory and System32 Php_sqlsrv_52_ts_vc6.dll (thread safe) Php_sqlsrv_52_nts_vc6.dll (not thread safe) VC6 for APACHE,VC9 for IIS 2. Modify PHP.ini Extension=php_sqlsrv_52_ts_vc6.dll 3.

The realization idea and core program of simulating OICQ (III.)

5 Chat message Send, read and reply program-shortalk.php ? Require ("require.php"); Public programs that determine whether a user is legally online ?> SMS ? if ($action = = "View") { $tmp = Mysql_fetch_array (mysql_query ("Select

PHP Error Handling

What happens if the program does not have an error-handling mechanism? There may be problems at times. Example: A more robust program: if (!file_exists ("Aa.txt")) { echo "file does not exist"; Exit ();}else{ $FP =fopen ("Aa.txt", "R"); echo "

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