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To back up your MySQL database bash script

If you host your own blog or no web-based application running on the stack, should have a backup system Keeping data stored in MySQL databases safe. There are several solutions that can help for you, and but nothing beats a simple Bash script I

CentOS System Management

CentOS System Management _ Basic authority and attribution of the detailed Linux System Management _ Basic permissions and Attribution-redhat Enterprise 5 Files and directories are the most important in Linux systems, often use the root user login

Complete Webmail solution installation based on QMail

Installation platform: Linux,solaris Version: qmail-1.03 Installed machine: Package: qmail-1.03 QMail Basic System ucspi-tcp-0.88 Tcpsever Service Program daemontools-0.70 Monitoring Tools checkpassword-0.81 POP3 Verify user's

FTP Command Encyclopedia

   FTP commands are one of the most frequently used commands for Internet users, and a large number of FTP internal commands are encountered, whether using FTP under a DOS or UNIX operating system. Familiar with and flexible application of FTP

PHP can also be used as a shell script

Installation of PHP execution files General PHP as a web processing language is to be compiled into Apache module, here of course not to do, and therefore compiled very simple, as long as the identity of the root of the following actions: Untie

Linux system Security Shell script second Edition

Use the method to copy it, save it as a shell file, such as Upload it to a Linux server, execute SH, you can use the script! The code is as follows: #!/bin/sh # Desc:setup Linux system security # AUTHOR:CORALZD #

The process of directory establishment, deletion, file uploading and deletion on the server

Process | Upload Extract ($_post); Extract ($_get); ?> View server-side directories and files " > enter directory Name: " > " > enter directory Name: " > " enctype= "Multipart/form-data" > Upload directory Name: " > Please

The use of Linux monitoring platform Nagios (ii) Monitoring-side environment deployment

This is just a function of the monitoring side of the overall script installserver () The specific script is as follows: #!/bin/bash #this is Nagios server or client install Shell #at 2012/10/29 path= ' pwd ' Httppath=/usr/lo Cal/apache2

The way to defend against PHP Trojan attack

1, prevent from jumping out of the web directory First modify httpd.conf, if you only allow your PHP script program to operate in the Web directory, you can also modify the httpd.conf file to restrict the PHP operation path. For example, your web

Ways to have PHP execute system commands with root privileges

Used as a reference for resolving PHP to execute commands or applications with root privileges that some ordinary users cannot perform. In fact, the Popen () function in PHP can solve this problem, but due to some version of Linux (such as I use

Linux file system permissions sequence

Use the program: chmod setfacl getfacl Stat chattr lsattr chmod: Setting File permissions SETFACL: Setting access Control lists (Access controls list) Getfacl: View access Control List Stat: Display inode content (a|m|c) time content Chattr:


Apache|mysql Author: llzqq [Article from:] OPENBSD 3.6 + APACHE + MYSQL + PHP + mod_limitipconn Llzqq Welcome to share this article, but to retain the following copyright information: The purpose of this article

PHP saves pictures as different sizes of pictures

 1. Picture processing class. imagecls.php 2.get_spec_img () calls the picture class, and then saves the picture with a different specification and returns a picture connection in the following way thumb" _path, $width, $height, $gen, true, "",

Questions and answers about file operation in the production of PHP dynamic website

Preface: PHP for various types of database operations have support, the operation of the file also has a very rich way to operate, many friends are now operating or based on file operations but sometimes in the operation of documents there are still

VBox How to access physical disk partitions directly

One of the problems with Win7 as a virtual machine is that there is not enough disk space, and a common way is to use shared folders, and I've encountered two big problems with this approach: 1. You cannot create a file. 2. After mapping to the

Cacti one-click installation Script V1.1

01.#!/bin/bash#function +++++++++++++cacti Auto Install scripts+++++++++++++++++++#author Itnihao#version 1.1#date 2012-08-17 v1.0#date 2012-08-18 v1.1 Update add syslog-ng content#mail

The method of using mail POPs encryption program

E-mail, also known as e-mail, electronic postage, it is-a kind of electronic means of providing information exchange, is the most widely used Internet services, through the network of e-mail systems, users can use very low prices (no matter where

FTP Use command Encyclopedia

If you can be familiar with and flexible application of FTP internal commands, it is really more than half the effort. The command line format for FTP is: Ftp-v-d-i-n-g [host name], where -V Displays all response information for the remote server;

Overview of permissions management for Linux directories and files

The permissions meaning of the file R: Indicates that the contents of the file can be read W: Indicates that you can edit, add, or modify the contents of the file, but do not have permission to delete the file X: Indicates that the file can be

How to deploy a Javaweb project to Linux

The following is a detailed analysis of the method of deploying the Javaweb project to Linux, the need for a friend to come to the reference Typically developed under Windows, now deployed to Linux:1, the project to reach the war package (with

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