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Analysis of the function of pure IP database read in Discuz 5.0

function | data | database Discuz 5.0 do not use their own IP data, but the use of pure IP data format, access to the pure IP database a little trouble, its storage format is more special and interesting, the specific format of the analysis of the

PHP implements SMTP mail delivery classes that support SSL connections

This article mainly introduced the PHP implementation to support SSL connection SMTP mail send class, the example analyzes the PHP implementation SMTP mail sends the class the principle and the technique, as well as the support SSL connection method,

PHP with header () implementation file download, download the file hint is broken can not open the solution

This site has previously shared a file download function, the specific article connection address is as follows: PHP File Download function (code) Recently a customer reflects their site all the pictures can not download, downloaded pictures are

Recommended reading: PHP technology to generate static page implementation

Let's look at some basic concepts first. One, PHP script and dynamic page. PHP script is a server-side scripting, can be embedded and other methods and HTML files mixed, but also class, function encapsulation, such as the form of templates to the

PHP generates a static page method

One, PHP script and dynamic page. PHP script is a server-side scripting, can be embedded and other methods and HTML files mixed, but also class, function encapsulation, such as the form of templates to the user request processing. In any way, the

PHP backstage 5 minutes to send email email

1.5 minutes to send email, and the message content is generated by the HTML Template table while (1)   { //ten minute var_dump ("Check task, please don ' t close");      //send Email Processdbdata ($DB);      //process Inventory State

C language implementation of binary file read and write detailed

To introduce the function first, we will use three functions, Fopen,fread,fwrite. The order of binary reads and writes is to open the read-write file in binary mode with fopen, and then use the fread and fwrite two functions to write the data to the

Caching technology details and code implementation

Cache Ccdot/2006-2-26 3:50:32/324/ /*Author: Old farmerLast modify:2006-2-26Author url:http://www.cjjer.comDes cription: This article about caching, out of the blue ideal his station declined to reprint, otherwise QXDD., passed under the

PHP counter Program: Solve all problems that may be encountered

The general counter program uses the Execute external program function exec (), but many host spaces (including charges) reject this dangerous operation.We have to use Fread (), fwrite () and other files to read and write functions, the key is to

PHP stores data sets directly in shared memory

Shared memory is an efficient way to exchange data between applications in the same machine. A process can create a segment of memory that can be accessed by another process as long as it has the correct permissions assigned to it. Each memory

Linux interprocess communication Learning: How to use anonymous pipes

In front, we introduce a way of communication between processes: Using a signal, we create a notification event and generate a response through it, but the information passed is only a signal value. Here is an introduction to another way of

PHP Tutorials. Application Example 6

Tutorials | Application example PHP implementation file security download The procedure is as follows: $file_name = "Info_check.exe"; $file_dir = "/public/www/download/"; if (!file_exists ($file_dir. $file_name)) {//check whether the file exists

PHP implements the method of converting WAV files into image files and displaying them in the page

This article describes the PHP implementation of the WAV file into the image file and display in the page method. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Requirements: Convert WAV files to PNG files and display

Create a search engine for your website with PHP program

First, design a search form Build a search.htm in the root directory of the site, as follows Search Forms Second, the search program Then build a search.php file in the root directory to handle the data from the Search.htm table conveys. The

PHP's alternative application in security

Safety 1. Remote Files    PHP is a rich language, it provides a large number of functions, so that programmers can easily implement a variety of functions, remote files is a good example:Code$fp = @Fopen ($url, "R") or Die ("Cannot open $url");while

PHP read Pure IP Database usage Example

  This article mainly introduces the PHP read the pure IP database display details of the use of examples, we refer to the use of the bar Code as follows:

PHP Learning Notes-Advanced tutorials-reading files, creating files, writing Files

Open file: Fopen:fopen (Filename,mode);//fopen ("Test.txt", "R"); Open mode: R read-only open, point file pointer to file header r+ read-write mode open, point file pointer to file header W Write, point to file header, If it does not exist, try to

PHP implementation of file security download program

PHP implementation file Security download The procedure is as follows: The following are the referenced contents: $file_name = "Info_check.exe"; $file_dir = "/public/www/download/"; if (!file_exists ($file_dir. $file_name)) {//check

Merge binaries: PHP Large file Storage example, various file segmentation and merging (binary segmentation and merging)

Simple example: split.php$i = 0; Divided block number$fp = fopen ("abc.wmv", "RB"); The file to split$file = fopen ("Split_hash.txt", "a"); A text file that records the split informationwhile (!feof ($FP)){$handle = fopen ("abc.wmv.{ $i}

The basic course of C language (iii) input and output functions and control flow statements (10)

3. Random reading and writing of files Sometimes the user wants to read the information directly in the middle of the file, it is obviously inconvenient to read and write in the file in order to start from the file header until the required file

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