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Ajax synchronization of JavaScript

A XMLHttpRequest The core of Ajax technology is the XMLHttpRequest object (referred to as XHR), a feature introduced by Microsoft in the first place, which later provided the same implementation by other browser providers. Prior to the advent of XHR,

Introduction and rendering of IE for CSS3 compatibility using pie

IE10 the following version of the browser for some CSS3-compatible lead: Pie.js, two ways to achieve Official Website: address: Important Function Realization: You

Use ajax+php to mimic Google function source

Mimic the effect of Google search bar featuresThe source code is as follows: The following is a reference fragment://Original worksOriginal site: www.111cn.cnAuthor: noodles Love rabbit qq:271728967NOTE: Reprint please explain the

An example of AJAX application in PHP

Ajax is undoubtedly one of the hottest web development technologies to fry in the 2005, and of course, this credit cannot be separated from Google. I am just an ordinary developer, the use of Ajax is not very much, I simply put the experience I used

Using PHP JavaScript to make Ajax search engines

first, the introduction One of the most widely used features in the Web world is search. With the development of web technology, in order to better meet customer demand, the regular search engine began to more unconventional way "open the door." In

Now write PHP, you should know these

First of all you should be in PHP 5.3 above version, if PHP version is under this, it is time to upgrade. I suggest that if you have the conditions, you'd better use the latest version. You should have seen PHP right Way, this article contains a

Classes and objects in PHP

The object model has been completely rewritten since PHP 5 for better performance and more features. This is the biggest change since PHP 4.  PHP 5 has a complete object model.  New features in PHP 5 include access control, abstract classes and

Build Your own PHP framework

First, let's say, why do we have to create our own framework? Why create your own framework? If you talk to people around you, everyone will tell you it's a bad thing to reinvent the wheel, you'd better choose an existing frame and forget to

Pure PHP Implementation Timer Task (timer)

Timer task, in the Web application is more common, how to use PHP to implement the timer task, there are roughly two scenarios: 1 Use the crontab command, write a shell script, in the script to call the PHP file, and then execute the script

PHP Web site Common Security vulnerabilities and defense methods

At present, based on PHP web site development has become the mainstream of the current site development, the author focuses on the PHP site from the attack and security aspects of the inquiry, aimed at reducing the vulnerability of the site, I hope

PHP based Super cool HTML5 Interactive chart

Use PHP to implement professional-level web-based charts without the need for in-depth HTML5 and JavaScript knowledge. Introduced Recently, I need to quickly create a chart from a set of PHP data sets. The requirement chart must be interactive,

A summary of custom routing usage in PHP

Brief introduction I have a website written in PHP, similar to the nature of personal testing site, I independently design, in this process made all possible design and programming errors, and I also harvested a lot, which also prompted me to learn

PHP Auto Load Class

Many developers write object-oriented applications, creating a PHP source file for each class definition. A big annoyance is having to write a long list of included files at the beginning of each script (one file per class). In a software

PHP uses the P3P header to implement a cross domain cookie

In the development, we encountered the Cross-domain main or tangled in IE, the page of the IFRAME or frame or JS cross-domain, IE has security policy restrictions page without cookies, but if we add P3P, there is no limit to this strategy. This is

CI Framework source Reading notes 2 all the entrance index.php

In the previous section (CI Framework source Reading note 1-environmental preparation, basic terminology, and framework process), we mentioned the basic process of the CI framework, and here again the flowchart is posted for reference: As a CI

A little experience of MySQL security issues

Two days before helping a friend to organize his home page space, found a bit about MySQL may be overlooked by everyone: we know that after installing MySQL, it will automatically create a root user and an anonymous user, the initial password is

Build Web server green PHP Environment Suite e2php

E2php is the Windows Apache + PHP + MySQL + Zend + eaccelerator + phpmyadmin Green Environment Suite, installation-free, a few seconds to build a Web server. How to use e2php: 1. First click Download e2php extract package, extract to any directory

Solve the 2014 recent WordPress access to open slowly, and has been loading the page problem

The recent visit of WordPress Web site is particularly slow, there is time to load a minute to fully open, initially suspected that the problem of the server, after a lot of testing, or did not find the reason. Later, through the tool to detect the

Z-blog is used under Apache PHP

The Z-blog program is developed based on the iis+asp environment and cannot theoretically be run in apache+php+mysql environment, but sometimes it may be necessary to temporarily migrate Z-blog to the Apache platform in some circumstances, this

CentOS Operating System Installation Tutorial

The CentOS operating system is a free version of the commercial version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the ideal operating system for the architecture lamp, and, unlike Ubuntu, CentOS is used primarily for servers rather than desktop

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