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CSS tips: 10 very good CSS tips

Here, the clever use of CSS skills, you can not modify the HTML to get a good blog or template appearance. I've collected some very useful CSS tricks to make us more cool when designing blogs. When designing templates and blog themes, I often

An example of reading database data using the PHP language

In the course of learning "ten days to learn PHP", when you see the problem of database connection, due to the lack of knowledge, encountered difficulties. So find a friend to help write a PHP applet, posted here, hope for everyone can help. I wrote

The best PHP Introductory tutorial recommended: 100 PHP Tutorial Highlights recommended

My PHP Blog Open Bo also nearly two years, with the support of the vast number of PHP enthusiasts, I have written nearly 100 of the original practice of the PHP tutorial, each PHP tutorial is permeated with my painstaking efforts, as the next 100

PHP Environment Configuration and Debugging configuration method

I'm going to learn PHP today, and I'm using eclipse as I know it. For the configuration of the PHP environment and debugging configuration, I spent a lot of effort to study Kazakhstan, the following is sorted out the method: 1. Install and

Using PHP to call the database storage process

Process | data | database Yesterday, saw a comrade asked if you can use PHP to call the storage process, the feeling should be can, so, immediately carried out the experiment, very successful! It's so unexpected! So, write it out, for everyone's

Tips for improving PHP development efficiency

Recently webmaster I also learn php, so tidy up some of the PHP development of small tips for everyone to learn. 0. It is quicker to use single quotes instead of double quotes to contain strings. Because PHP searches for variables in a string

All the differences between MySQL and SQL Server

The official name of MSSQL is from SQL Server MS Company. The graphics operation interface is better, the performance is also OK. Cannot be interchanged on MSSQL and Oracle. Supports OLE DB connections. asp, MSSAQL only for window MySQL is mysql

Discussion on miniature PHP Trojan in Hacker tutorial series

"Edit hint": This article is only for reference study! There is nothing special about this article, just to find a point. and gave me the same dish of friends wandering around the PHP door. Just learn PHP not a few days, I am eager to work, so

10 days to learn PHP the next day

Learning objectives: Mastering PHP's Process Control 1, If ... else loop has three kinds of structure The first is to use only if conditions, as a simple judgment. Explained as "What to do if something happens". The syntax is as follows: if (expr)

Introduction to PHP programmers must read

1. Summary: Learning any language needs to see more, think more, write more, ask more! Writing programming is a perfect thing! Learning PHP is also the same, because the knowledge is so much, you see more will feel how all the same. Programmers are

Need divergent thinking to learn PHP

Beginner php! Look at this topic, I feel the title demon again! But I think, perhaps my idea may give everybody the study to some ideas! Beginner php!Look at this topic, I feel the title demon again!But I think, perhaps my idea may give everybody

Introduction to PHP

Joe Brockmeier briefly introduces the PHP scripting language, discusses the origin, performance, and application Platform of PHP. A simple example of a PHP script illustrates its basic syntax and usage. If you are working on web-based development,

Several ways to traverse directories and folders in PHP

Traverse the directory or traverse the directory of the specified type of file, this is every child shoe in the writing program will inevitably use. PHP itself also provides a lot of gray useful functions, use them correctly, there is no mistake.

The course of building a learning website

May be destined I like to do the site, but because the home is remote, high school I have not been on the net, remember the first contact computer is high, and a classmate in our middle school that small town shopping, just our small town open a

How to learn PHP array

Definitions and usage Array_diff_ukey () returns an array that contains the values of all the key names that appear in the array1 but do not appear in any other parameter array. Note that the association relationship remains unchanged. Unlike Array_

A summary of custom routing usage in PHP

Brief introduction I have a website written in PHP, similar to the nature of personal testing site, I independently design, in this process made all possible design and programming errors, and I also harvested a lot, which also prompted me to learn

Construction of PHP development environment based on Windows environment

I believe many people and I like, are very fond of learning PHP programming, but also many people because they can not build a Windows environment based on the PHP development environment to build and have to give up their own learning PHP desire.

PHP+MYSQL Website Development Environment Erection (5): Phpstudy

Phpstudy is not the same, it contains iis+php and apache+php, the software recommendation setting is the latter. In the task tray There are also icons, you can open the Panel to see the service running state, but also very concise. One-time

What file is PHP?

What file is PHP? PHP (php:hypertext preprocessor abbreviation, Chinese name: "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") is a general-purpose open source scripting language. The syntax absorbs the features of C, Java, and Perl, and the entry threshold is low,

Class libraries that allow PHP to be programmed with less effort

When developing a Web site in PHP, using an object-oriented approach can actually improve code reuse and reduce code redundancy. And for beginners more friendly is, PHP development site needs most of the class library, online have very good class

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