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Smart selectors and semantic CSS

"The structure is always subject to function, which is the immutable rule," said Louis Sullivan, the architect of skyscraper's father. Because engineers don't want innocent people to be crushed under huge buildings, this thumb-like rule is quite

30 minutes Learning Regular Expression Basics Tutorial

Basic Tutorials | tutorials | regular Expressions | regular Directory Objective of this article How to use this tutorial What exactly is a regular expression? Entry Testing Regular Expressions Metacharacters Word Escape

JSP Web Development environment Configuration and use FCKeditor Editor

FCKeditor is an open source project above, which implements the functions of the Online Web page editor, allowing web programs to have powerful editing capabilities such as MS Word. FCKeditor is an open source project above

Oracle Installation tutorial on Solaris 11

Recently, because of the need, to learn the development of Oracle applications on the Solaris system. The Solaris one for x86 was downloaded from Sun's web site, and the Oracle 10g Realse 2 ( x86 was downloaded from the Oracle Web site for

Redhat installation oracle10g 64-bit Enterprise Edition

Test by extracting Oracle software #gunzip 10201_DATABASE_LINUX_X86_64.CPIO.GZ#CPIO-IDMV 2. 1) Whether the required installation package is complete # rpm-q gcc make binutils openmotif setarch libXp2) Insert the Redhat 5 installation CD, open in

Ajax Introduction to complete mastery of Ajax

Ajax Ajax is made up of HTML, JavaScript™ technology, DHTML, and DOM, an excellent way to translate clumsy WEB interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author of this article is an Ajax expert who demonstrates how these technologies work

See how to cast Ajax magic in struts applications

Ajax Ajax is a recent revolution in the Web development process, which allows for a large number of dynamic effects to be configured in a common web browser. Struts has been a de facto standard in java-web development years ago and has been used in

Using XMLHTTP to implement remote management database in ASP

xml| Data | database A Review of Remote Database administerA few years ago, the Cgi-bin module was used as a remote management database. Now, Cgi-bin is being used more and less because it runs slowly and is difficult to maintain.In recent years,

Uploading files using XMLHTTP blocks

xml| Upload Writing ideas: The local file in the client through the base64 encoding after sending the destination.During the test, the upload file was too large, which caused the timeout to be unsuccessful.It was later improved. Send the code

The principle of Ajax detailed description

Ajax Ajax by HTML, JavaScript? Technology, DHTML, and DOM, an excellent way to translate awkward Web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author of this article is an Ajax expert who demonstrates how these technologies work

Ajax Example: Automatically complete address information based on ZIP code

Ajax Description: In the registration or shopping cart checkout, users need to fill in personal data, this link can be concise, we need only guests fill in the ZIP code, and then according to this zip code, automatically from the database to remove

Div+css Layout Example: various 2 column 3 column layout instance (with download)

css| Download Two Column flexibleBrowsers: "'" (5+)description:probably the easiest page to make. Contains Two layout divs, the main content div is just floated to the left. Very simple! Actions:view | Image Preview | Download[5k] [ZIP] Two Column

Semantic CSS: Smart selectors semantic CSS

Article Introduction: combining the semantic CSS of the intelligent selector. "The structure is always subject to function, which is the immutable rule," said Louis Sullivan, the architect of skyscraper's father. Because engineers don't

Jquery implementation pop-up Layer plugin

Pop-up layer of the application or more, landing, some of the same page operation, others are always others, their own is their own, so has been wanted to write a pop-up layer plug-ins. No more nonsense, just start it! Do not want to see here can

Form validation code instance: Jquery.validate.js Form Validation Plug-in

Article Introduction: easy to use jquery form verification plug-in--jquery.validate.js. Jquery.validate.js is a validation plug-in for jquery, and with the advantage of jquery, we can quickly validate some of the common inputs and

A very powerful complete Web Form validator

web| Form Validation | The validation of the program form has been a headache for web designers, and the form validation class validator is written to address this problem, designed to liberate designers from complex forms validation and focus on

The beginning of XML learning

XML learning XML is the best way to start from the simple development, bold practice, step-by-step. The beauty of XML can only be deeply realized in the process of development, and it is difficult to learn XML without development. So learning XML

Zip Code Query Js+xml version

Js|xml "Original author" Congxing (CNCXZ) []"keywords" javascript xml zip code"Code Download"Http:// These days make a system of ZIP code query function, whim made this js+xml version, because the

Using Jconfig to get configuration information in an XML file

Xml The first step: Download jconfig: Download the latest Jconfig project package in showfiles.php?group_id=38356&package_id=30 463&release_id=272653, download the latest bin package ( I'm

An analysis of XPath string functions and XSLT with examples

Function XPath (XML Path language) is a language that processes XML document segments. XSLT (extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, Extensible Stylesheet Language Conversion) uses XPath description expressions and Address path control node

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