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COM programming model

Overview If you use ASP to do development, you may have used COM in your ASP page. However, before you develop a COM widget yourself or read a book detailing com, you probably don't fully understand COM, so you can't make the most of it to create

Java exception handling and its application

Java exception handling leads to Suppose you want to write a Java program that reads a line of text entered by the user and displays the text in the terminal. The procedure is as follows: 1 import*; 2 public class EchoInput {

Introduction to Lucene 3.6.2 (2) crud for index files

Package com.jadyer.lucene; Import; Import; Import Java.text.SimpleDateFormat; Import Java.util.Date; Import Org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer; Import

Reduce project communication costs and risks: Write interactive design documentation

Article Description: How to write an interactive documentation. It's been a while since we left the circle of interactivity. But because the blog is still, or can occasionally receive some mail, last week, a classmate asked me: I am

. NET Data Access Application Block (application)

access|application| Program | access | Data Digest The data Access Application Block is a. NET component that contains optimized data access code that can help users invoke stored procedures and emit SQL text commands to SQL Server databases. It

Common development tasks for Windows mobile devices

Absrtact: The part of the mobile developer community Development Magazine, "The first season of Windows Phone application development", which I was involved in, "development of common tasks for Windows Mobile devices." This article mainly introduces

Java Mail receipt of HTML mail program

Program in JSP using JavaMail (top) Content: What is JavaMail Part I: HTML tables Dividing components HTML source code to send email Do you want to create a mail delivery collection tool in your JSP? The following is an introduction to

Efficient development and thorough testing

One, "Thousand Road" and "Grind tofu" A long time ago to listen to a story: once there was a young man, a little ambition, grew up without a good life, opened a tofu workshop, daily grind tofu tired waist acid back pain. Every night, the lad

Implement a continuous update and high precision time supply for Windows

This article assumes that you are familiar with the C + + and Win32 APIs Profile The time stamp (Timestamp) obtained from Windows NT has a maximum accuracy of 10 to 15 milliseconds depending on the hardware you are using. However, sometimes when

Xcode Common shortcut key Operation Daquan

New Project Command+shift+n New File Command+n New Empty file Command+control+n Open Command+o Close Window Command+w Save All Files Command+option+s Revert to save State command+u Create snapshot Command+control+s (save a snapshot of the

C # Writing specification

First, naming Naming schemes are the most powerful help for understanding the logical flow of an application. The name should say "what" rather than "how." You can preserve the abstraction layer of simplified complexity by avoiding the name of the

Tips for using Java to develop Facebook web apps

Daniel wrote on July 25, 2007. When you want to write a Facebook application in Java? You download the relevant Java class library by adding a program development module to your Facebook account. Suddenly you find that you have to stop: develop the

SRVCTL Command detailed documentation (original translation)

SRVCTL command detailed documentation (translation) Brief introduction: Srvctl is a tool for oracle9i RAC cluster configuration management. This article is a reference document detailing all the commands for Srvctl. Reader object: oracle9i

Java Archive (JAR) utility

The ZIP format is also used in the Java 1.1 jar (Java ARchive) file format. The purpose of this file format is to merge a series of files into a single compressed file, as in zip. However, like anything else in Java, jar files are cross-platform, so

Learn Java from scratch (i) Hello World Zokung 2005.4

Learn Java from scratch (i) Hello World Zokung 2005.4 From yesterday began to learn Java, their own in the study of some of the problems and experience sent out for everyone to learn from. To write a Java version of the Hello World program and run

. NET Development AutoCAD2006 Guide (ii)

In the last article to you briefly. NET development AutoCAD process, which introduced me to write a simplified program development of the Zhfarx library. Here's a brief introduction to the main functions in the Zhfarx library and how to use it to

Problems with Apache the solution to the problem of APR not found

Checking for APR ... no configure:error:APR not found. Please read the documentation #./configure--prefix ... When you check the editing environment: Checking for APR ... no configure:error:APR not found. Please read the documentation. can

Learn the key 7 steps of Java development

Believe that your answer is to believe that your program to run the results. For different problems in different information may have different answers, like a pony across the river, different people may have different answers, so do not blindly

Overview of the Roadmap for Agile document preparation

Introduce my friend Jane and John. John is a long-time analyst at a large company, responsible for capturing the needs of new software products and existing software products. He uses SRS (software Requirements specification) to record all

Create a dynamic Word document with COM and ASP (turn)

word| Create | Dynamic Most companies have developed a detailed documentation program because they realize that undocumented work can be a stumbling block to progress. Each company defines its own set of document templates for different processes so

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