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Ajax Getting Started Guide (vi)

An introductory guide to Ajax learning is believed to be helpful to Ajax beginners. Prototype frameworkEnumeration object (enumerable object)1.enumerable.each (iterator)The parameter of each method is a JavaScript function that can accept two

Life for designers-design of navigation design summary

First, write in front As designers want to design a good enough work, in addition to have skilled skills, but also need to have outstanding creativity and aesthetic. If there is not enough experience and feeling for all things, there is no

Building emotion and pushing behavior--computer butler small Rockets World Cup

Building emotions, helping push behavior During the World Cup, the streets, the gossip are talking about football related things-today to win the bet, but less; Van Persie diving waist really good, and a dark horse, J star good Demon and so

Resolve Flexbox Cross-browser Compliant bugs

As early as September 2013, when I tested my solved by Flexbox project, I found a bug in IE10 and IE11 that sticky footer actually didn't paste at the bottom of the page. I spent a lot of time to solve the problem, but I never succeeded. At first,

Wrote some words on the occasion of PHP7 's release

Open source also has 4, 5 years of time, from the initial yaf, to today's PHP7, I participate in more and more projects, the use of my Code more and more users, tomorrow will release the PHP7, is definitely my open source since the most important

Unstoppable curiosity: 5 is how to implement Cross-platform through Xre

. NET programmers have their own happiness, too. NET Cross-platform is a kind of happiness. NET open source is also a kind of happiness, and more happy can be through open source. NET understand how. NET is moving toward cross-platform, so happiness

What is Ajax technology?

1. What is Ajax? The full name of Ajax is: Asynchronousjavascript+xml Definition of 2.Ajax: Ajax is not a technology, it is actually several technologies, each of which has its own uniqueness, and together it becomes a powerful new

Study of prototype (prototype) attributes in JavaScript

JavaScript we know the prototype properties of objects in JScript, which are used to return references to object type prototypes. We use the prototype property to provide a set of basic functions for the object's class. And a new instance of the

Debate: Is Ajax technology about to decline?

Ajax In Meng's November 21 blog (, he said he was amazed at Microsoft's newly launched Interface development tool expression, And it predicts that the interface development technology based

Web standards, where are we going?

Web|web Standard Original Author: Veerle Original source: Translator Note: This article is "You should pay attention to the real reason of web standards" after the article published Veerle wrote a sentiment article, the author

Web standardization several instances of defining headings with CSS

Css|web|web Standard Original: What is the best Way to Mark up the Title of a Document? Description: This is a chapter in the book "Web Standards solutions:the Markup and Style Handbook". ISBN: isbn:1590593812. We will continue to translate

Review of the development of Web Standards 2005

Web|web Standard Author: Atzie 2006-1-10 11:35:16 In the 2005, "Web Standards" and "website Refactoring" are also popular keywords in China's IT industry. On the one hand, due to the commercial hype web2.0 (Web standards are also received in its

Learning Web standards is not to defeat IE

Standard | Web page Web standards, this is what I like to be loved. However, in the study, but always have to continue to lambaste ie, of course, I also scolded. It is really incomprehensible to see IE as one of the members of the consortium who

On the hack of CSS

Css I have been accustomed to do a good job after the page to solve the compatibility of different browsers, continuous testing, constantly modify the CSS hack to ensure that most of the browser to get the best results. Light IE need to take into

Web standards, where are we going? Some ideas ...

Web|web Standard Original Author: Veerle Original Original publication date: June 14, 2004 Translator Note: This article is "you should pay attention to the real reason of web standards" after the article

Opera version: Opera to WebKit arms

Article Introduction: on Opera's WebKit embrace. February 13, 2013, when we are celebrating the Spring festival, the browser industry has a surprising news: browser manufacturer Opera announced that from this year will make important

Web Design Tips: Web page utility character icon instead of picture

Article Introduction: last week I presented an overview of the key issues of image processing in ' responsive design ': in particular, how to provide suitable images for various sizes of devices? Today I will seriously consider the "character icon",

Web Interactive Design Tutorial: Product design Choose whether to load or to pagination

Article Introduction: paging or loading, this is a problem. Whether it's on a Web page or a mobile app, the information often doesn't show up on one page, which requires some interactive mode that expands the page's information: Paging

The realization of JS waterfall flow layout

When it comes to waterfall flow layout, let's take a picture to illustrate what waterfall flow is good. This is a screenshot of my graduation (the content is I temporarily climbed down from other sites to test ...). Then we can see from this

jquery Plug-in--Multilevel Linkage menu

Introduction Development, there are many places to use the Linkage menu, each time before the linkage menu to write again, the code reuse rate is very low, a few days ago again encountered the problem of linkage menu, summed up, found that can

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