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Use of AutoCAD Command 01

5.2.1 Example 1 draw the pressure gauge Step 1 Create a new graphics file Start the AutoCAD 2002 system and create a new graphics file for the template "ACADISO.DWT". Step 2 Draw the contour of the pressure gauge (1) First use the "Circle"

Introduction to the difference between require, load, include, and extend in Ruby

This article introduces the difference between require, load, include, and extend in Ruby, require, load for files, such as. RB, and so on, include, load is used to include the module in a file, Need friends can refer to the following Require,load

Flash make good Movie Guide progress bar

We make a nice movie to import the progress bar. First look at the effect. Prepare a Picture: Then import to the stage, select the diagram with the mouse, and then open the Alignment panel, set as follows. Then press F8 to convert to the movie

How to connect to the whois++ network query

In the whois++ structure, the customer is responsible for the network roaming, because each host only informs the customer and its neighboring host is what, this protocol is not complex, the customer opens to a server connection, sends the inquiry

Backbone.js Series Tutorials Seven: Backbone.router

Backbone.router () overview A backbone route is a JavaScript string, similar to the URL path name in traditional knowledge. This string-like pathname is the property name (or reference-named function) of a function that is invoked when a URL in the

Explicit extension rules for iptables

For the difference between an explicit extension and an implicit extension, the following 2 rules are analyzed first Rule 1:iptables-t filter-a input-s udp–dport 53-j DROP Rule 2:iptables-t filter-a input-s 192.168.1

The logo design with biology as the theme of PS production

It has been more than a year since I began to create a logo for the theme of biology. and biology as the theme of the Web site design has finally come to a start, today I will use my logo design to share with you the design process. The theme of

JS Tutorial: Make color gradient and gradient effect

Preface II (09/11/1)Recently saw Dean's "Convert any colour value to hex in MSIE" and finally solved the problem of obtaining the RGB value of the color according to the keyword.By the way, you can rearrange the programs and use the most recently

Asp. NET Hands-on Tutorial 5

Asp.net| Tutorial Apply styles to HTML server controls Web is a flexible user interface environment, different sites in the visual and sensory changes in the way. Cascading styles Table (CSS) is widely used, which greatly enriches the design of the

jquery Plugin Authoring

/*Hello Everybody, let's write a jquery plugin, do not always use jquery, but even plug-ins can not write.Ha ha, joking.When you see this log, you can be sure that you are a fan of jquery.Say JS is very casual language, very casually, want to write

Win7 set two monitor actual operation method

  Win7 set two display methods : If you are using an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, you can set it in the Graphics Control Panel according to the graphics card, and of course the simplest is set in the Windows 7 Control Panel. The specific method as

jquery Tutorial: The use of the jquery core approach

Today we'll delve into the core of jquery. jquery Object access: Each (callback)//According to my understanding, each is a cyclic mechanism in jquery. Typically used with this keyword. Friends who have studied the program know that there are

asp.net 2.0+atlas write mouse drag and drop program

Asp.net| Program | mouse    This article explores in detail the relationship between declarative programming and mandatory programming in Atlas and how to use it to implement drag-and-drop functionality on a Web client. The following figure shows

Schema optimization and indexing

MySQL can create multiple indexes on one column; this does not alert and prevent errors. MySQL must maintain each duplicate index separately, and it will refer to these indexes when the statement optimizer optimizes the statement. This can have an

JavaScript inheritance (next) why Inherit

Quiz1 Does JavaScript really need classes (class)? Let's first look at some of the features of other object-oriented languages (class), such as Java. Parent class and Child class The parent class (superclass) and subclasses (subclass) are not

Using JavaScript implementations to determine the current browser

Wrote a method to determine the current browser type and version, only in IE 8/11, Google, 360 browser (not complete) on the test I hope you will make comments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26-27--28

Overview of XML and JSP

Js|xml XML and JSP are the hottest things in these days. This article describes how to unite these twoTechnology to build dynamic Web sites. You can also look at dom,xpath,xsl at the same time,and other java-xml techniques for example code.Let's

. NET Framework class library (bottom)

System.Runtime.Remoting.Contexts Contains objects that define the context in which all objects reside. A context is an ordered sequence of properties that defines the environment in which an object is contained. Contexts are created during the

Programming Tips PHP Three ways to obtain file extensions

Method One: function Extend_1 ($file _name){$retval = "";$pt =strrpos ($file _name, ".");if ($pt) $retval =substr ($file _name, $pt +1, strlen ($file _name)-$pt);return ($retval);}?> Method Two: function

Migrating from ADO "classic" to Ado.net

Ado This digest is from hitchhiker ' s Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server(7th Edition) William VaughnBeta V Corporation Applicable toMicrosoft ado.netMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 (code name "Yukon")Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Code

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