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Visualization Trend of inventory information

In the Internet industry, the word information visualization should be no stranger. ~ ~ In recent years, people have a number of tedious information through the visualization of the graphical display of the example, the emergence of more and more!

asp.net MVC uses the unity Ioc Container

In MVC, the controller relies on the model to process the data, or it can be said to execute the business logic. We can use Dependency injection (DI) in the control layer to separate the model layer, this way to use the repository mode, in the

Using AJAX to implement no flush binding with the data island

ajax| Data | refresh | No refresh the first thing we're going to use today is Ajax.NET Professional, you can get information about ajax.net from http://www.schwarz-interactive.de/. Second, you need to know the relevant knowledge of XML data island.

CSS combat: Write CSS style sheet reference standard combat

Article Introduction: Point Separation (SoC). He has let us accept expansion, scrap, redundancy, caching or even more. Now, I'm convinced that the only way to do this is to stay away from this principle to improve our author style sheet.

Using ORGANICCSS: The best way to use CSS

Article Introduction: I don't know if I will use ORGANICCSS in the future, but that's not the most important part. What I can learn from it is the most important thing. I knew I had to change our CSS development process and I did it. I think we

A brief analysis of CSS:CSS

The cascading style sheet (cascading style Sheet), referred to as "CSS", is often referred to as "style style sheet (StyleSheet)", which is designed for web styling. The basic understanding is to encapsulate the style into a class that has different

CSS3 layout mode: Telescopic layout box (Flexbox)

Article Introduction: authors have long used tables, floats, inline block elements, and other CSS properties to lay out web site content. However, these are not designed for complex pages and Web applications. Whether the simple vertical center, or

JavaScript Template Method pattern

Template Method Mode description Definition: Defines the skeleton of the method operation, extends some concrete implementations into subclasses, and uses specific implementations that do not affect the skeleton's behavioral steps! Description: A

The agent mode of JavaScript

Agent Mode description Description: As the name implies is to use a class to replace another class to perform the method function, this pattern is somewhat similar to the decoration pattern, not the same, the proxy mode is to initialize the proxy

PS Synthetic abstract Tree head

Abstract synthesis is the same as the usual synthesis method, only when the idea of the leap of thought to a larger point, the combination of some irrelevant things, after the dissolution of the map, polishing and processing details, so that the

Building a front-end DSL

Currently in the traditional software development domain DSL has been more common, especially Martin Fowler's outstanding contributions. But in the front-end area is still less involved, and if the use of DSL in front-end development can also

Zhengchun CSS Notes (6)-on the development of CSS framework

The individual summed up a bit of experience in developing CSS frameworks, shortcoming. I hope everyone's discussion can make us progress together. :) 1. CSS Framework China's internet industry has been developed for 10 years, the browser

Based on the Yui Component Development (1) "Pearl Milk Tea Gang"

Share people: pull out the red Lead: Today's front-end development more and more oo, but also more and more emphasis on reuse, the skilful use of JS-oo front-end code is a front-end engineer one of the basic qualities. At the same time, the

Cultural Elements for fun

A pull on the word culture, total sense of nothingness, rambling, or unbelieving, how to use the Chinese culture of ideas and symbols, combining modern elements, so that it becomes an interesting means of communication, the thinking process of this

XML and JSP interaction technology

js|xml| interaction Both XML and JSP are technologies that have emerged in the last two years and have become a hot topic for many programmers. XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a framework for defining document markup languages, which are used

On the interaction between JSP and XML

js|xml| interaction There are three different ways to work with XML documents using JavaServer pages, each of which helps to improve the level of separation of page code and XML data, simplifies the complexity of developing web pages, and improves

A simple description of an XSD element

one, element:: Declares an element. 1, declaration method: abstract = Boolean:false Block = (#all | List of (Extension | restriction | substitution)) Default = String Final = (#all | List of (Extension | restriction)) Fixed = string Form = (

A news update system with asp.net and XML

Asp.net|xml Read a lot of articles about. NET, and read a lot about XML, I've been deeply attracted by their charm. In the online forums, people are more passionate about. NET, and our colleagues came back from Microsoft and told me that XML is

To sort XML by using the XPathExpression class

express|xml| sort If you've ever used XSLT, when you need to sort strings or numbers in an XML document, you might be used to using xsl:sort elements, looping through Xsl:for-each, or using xsl: The function of this element is convenient and simple

Research on the characteristics and performance of XML document model in Java

xml| Performance XML in Java: Document model, Part I: PerformanceResearch on the characteristics and performance of XML document model in Java

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