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Windows Integrated authentication connects the SQL Server database to create a more secure connection

server|window| Security | data | database Summary: Today, write a Windows service program in C # that connects to a SQL Server 2000 database on a Windows 2003 server, using SQL Server Authentication. Common programs are found to be able to be linked,

Beware of variable sharing caused by anonymous methods

anonymous method The anonymous method is an advanced feature introduced in. NET 2.0, and the word "anonymous" indicates that it can write the implementation inline in a method to form a delegate object without having an explicit method name, such

ASP+SQLSERVER2000 Programming Experience Accumulation Summary

asp+|server|server2000|sql|sqlserver| programming A few days ago to help people debug a asp+sql2000+iis5.1/6.0 Web site program, debugging process encountered in the following questions:   One, SQL Server login There was a backup database, imported

Web version checking and adding sound effects to your application

In a 20,034-month column, you described how to implement a class called Cwebversion, which allows you to access a file on the network to check the version of the software, prompting the user to update the program when the version expires. Your

SQL Server database Security Planning full Introduction

server| Security | introduction | planning | data | database | Database security in the process of improving the security mechanism implemented by the SQL Server 7.0 series, Microsoft has built a flexible and powerful security management mechanism

Build FTP server with VSFTPD under Linux

How to use VSFTPD to build FTP server under Linux, what are the characteristics of the FTP server after construction? This article will be described in detail. VSFTPD is the abbreviation for "very secure FTP daemon", and security is one of its

Win7 and WinXP shared printer and FTP settings

One, Win7 access to WinXP shared printers on many online postings, one is an open guest account, and one is a printer that adds a network port. These two, I have tried, the previous one, the slightest effect, Win7 can see the WinXP machine, but do

ICP Record, website record Animation tutorial Demo

ICP Record | Animation Course | website record 1, what is the Internet Information Service?2, what is the business of Internet Information Services?3. What formalities should be handled by the operating units engaged in operating

Using PHP to connect to an LDAP server

This article demonstrates how to use PHP to connect to an LDAP server. A specific example is to connect to a common LDAP server and search. This example simulates the Netscape Communicator 4.*, which connects to the LDAP resource through its own

C # 2.0 Tutorial Topics

Visual C # 2010 Dynamic type of new features Visual C # 2010 naming and optional parameters and type equivalence support for new features C # 2.0 Tutorial Topics Create a shortcut with Visual C # 2005 parsing text files with multiple formats

PHP7 RC7 Release Contrast PHP5.6 Quick sort 20000 data performance experience and new grammar taste

Recently Zend's PHP7 has been in the final bug fix phase, has been updated RC7, for Zend's official claim PHP7 performance is approximately twice times higher than the PHP5 series version, adding some new syntax, rejecting some of the PHP5 factors

Optimizing Java code with internal and anonymous classes

Optimizing Java 1.1 simplifies the implementation of some practical structures by modifying the Java language Specification. Among those modifications, the most striking is the internal class and the anonymous class. If used properly, they can make

Build company intranet and FTP server

Many organizations have established LANs and WANs and run business processes on the web. In fact, as long as a few simple configuration can provide employees with news, information browsing, transmission files, internal mail, seminars, chat and

Teach you to configure the FreeBSD FTP NFS method

The following prompts are available for FTP settings: User Confirmation requested Do your want to have anonymous FTP access to this machine? Yes [No] selecting the default [No] and pressing the Enter key will still allow access to FTP to users who

Understanding configuration file Web.config|web First, web.config documents The Web.config file is an XML text file that stores configuration information for Web applications (such as the most common settings the way the Web application is authenticated) and can

A little experience of MySQL management

MySQL database is the first choice for the backend database of small and medium sized web sites, because it is free for non-commercial applications. Web developers can build a "linux+apache+php+mysql" platform, which is one of the most

Windows 2003 anti-Trojan, hard drive security settings work slightly

window| Security | Trojan Horse | hard disk Special NOTE: Under the Win2000 of the set of permissions, in Win2003 does not apply, that is why there are so many write about 2000 of the following permission settings, and I am here to be in 2003 again

Repost Oracle Pl/sql Language Basics

Oracle|sql language []oracle pl/sql Language Foundation Oracle Pl/sql Language Basics Pl/sql is Oracle's extension of the standard database language, Oracle has integrated PL/SQL into Oracle servers and other tools, and more developers and DBAs

Use APC caching in PHP to optimize PHP programs

Alternative PHP cache (APC) is a free and publicly optimized code cache for PHP. It is used to provide a free, open and robust architecture to cache and optimize PHP's intermediate code. Under Windows, the APC requires a c:\tmp directory, and the

3 PHP Frameworks with great development prospects

The PHP development Framework is now ubiquitous, the more popular: Zend framwork,codeigniter,cakephp,yii,thinkphp, these development framework of the popular have their unique place, such as ZF (Zend framework), a very comprehensive development

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