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Operating system Daquan

Operating system An operating system is a collection of system software that manages the hardware resources of a computer, controls the operation of other programs, and provides the user with an interactive interface. The operating system is a key

Linux OS kernel initialization process detailed

Overview The guidance and initialization of the system is the first step of the operating system control, and it is also an important part to embody the system. Linux, as a free quasi-Unix operating system, has performed well in many amateur and

Regular expressions and pcre functions in PHP

PCRE There are two different ways to use regular expressions in PHP: PCRE (Perl compatible notation, preg_*) function and POSIX (POSIX extended notation, ereg_*) functions. Luckily, the POSIX family function was deprecated from the PHP 5.3.0.

POSIX message queues and series functions for Linux network programming

First, in the previous introduction of System V Message Queuing knowledge, now to a little look at POSIX Message Queuing. In fact, Message Queuing is a place where you can exchange data between processes, and the biggest difference between two

Installing Oracle 9ir2 on RHEL as 3 step-by-step

Oracle Installing Oracle 9ir2 on RHEL as 3 step-by-step Author: fenng Installing Oracle 9ir2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 (RHEL 3) Red Hat, the world's largest Linux manufacturer, recently released the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.

PHP's opcode cache APC and its installation

First talk about the implementation of the PHP program process, which explains this, just to start our optimization trip. Client (for example, browser) -"Request Get hello.php --The CGI server (for example, Apache) receives a request to find a

POSIX Threading Programming (i) Introduction

Brief introduction In a multiprocessor architecture for shared memory, you can use threads to implement parallelism. For Unix systems, the IEEE POSIX 1003.1c Standard prescribes the standard for the C language Threading programming interface. The

How to implement the POSIX semaphore API using the system V semaphores API

Overview One of the major challenges you will face when porting code to the z/OS platform is the availability of the POSIX semaphore API on z/OS. Typically, many of the programs running on the Linux/unix/windows platform are developed with POSIX

Talking about the development of Java VM

Shallow talking about Java VM discovery Jim Huang In the second half of this article, the author's experience with the Java VM actually, and the bit-sharing, will be focused on several Open Source Java VM dedicated discussion, the pen itself is

POSIX multithreaded Programming: Conditional Variable pthread_cond_t

A condition variable compensates for the lack of a mutex by allowing the thread to block and wait for another thread to send a signal, which is often used in conjunction with a mutex lock. When used, a condition variable is used to block a thread,

Tips for using PHP regular expressions

The definition of the PHP regular expression: A syntax rule used to describe the character arrangement and matching pattern. It is mainly used for pattern segmentation, matching, lookup and substitution operations of strings. Regular functions in

Kernel Learning: The knowledge point of system call

In general, user processes are not able to access kernel space. It can neither access the data in the kernel nor access the functions in the kernel. In the Linux kernel, however, a set of functions for implementing various system functions became a

UNIX Environment Advanced Programming: Thread synchronization of Read and write locks and attributes

Read-Write Locks and mutexes (mutexes) are similar and are another thread synchronization mechanism, but are not POSIX-standard and can be used to synchronize individual threads in the same process. Of course, if a read-write lock is stored in a

How Linux prevents anyone from using the SU command as root

Linux prevents anyone from using the SU command as the root method: 1.vi/etc/pam.d/su Auth sufficient/lib/security/pam_rootok.so Debug Auth required/lib/security/pam_wheel.so Group=wheel 2. The wheel group is defined in the/etc/pam. D/SU

Generics programming: The Representation of Min and Max

In January 1995, Scott Meyers in the C + + magazine that "Min,max is a big challenge for the C + + community", he analyzed the Min,max based on macro-based, and compared min based on the template, Max implementation, he got the following conclusion:

POSIX threads for Linux network programming (i)

Pthread series functions and simple multi-threaded server-side programs First, POSIX thread overview We know that processes are running in separate address spaces, and that sharing data between processes requires interprocess communication, in

PHP is in use

Regular expressions, as a quick and convenient tool for handling strings, are widely used in a variety of programming languages, and some of the techniques used in PHP are documented below. My regular primer is an article originating from the Web [1]

Error resolution due to excessive number of operating files in Linux systems

Linux Open File number too many open files solution Too many open files is prompted because the number of file/socket connections that the program opens exceeds the system setting. To view the maximum allowable number of open files per user The

POSIX thread Programming (ii) thread creation and termination

Creating and terminating Threads The common APIs for threading management are: Pthread_create (Thread,attr,start_routine,arg) pthread_exit (status) pthread_cancel (thread) Pthread_ Attr_init (attr) Pthread_attr_destroy (attr) To create a thread:

Python Os.path.help

Help on module Posixpath in OS:NAMEPosixpath-common operations on Posix pathnames.FILE/usr/lib/python2.6/posixpath.pyMODULE DOCSHttp://docs.python.org/library/posixpathDESCRIPTIONInstead of importing this module directly, import OS and refer toThis

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